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"Magic" animal "freckles" and Jude group in Beijing a whirlwind of magic

2018-10-29 10:39 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday, Beijing blew a gale, and in the view of "magical animal" fans, this is probably the secret signal magicians to beijing. That night, the movie "the magical animal: Grindelwald sin four" starring Eddie Redmayne, Catherine, Watson, Judy Law, Ezra Miller appeared in the premiere in Beijing, so fans excited, a lot of people wearing "Harry Porter" in the Hogwarts clothing highly anticipated, only to see off screen magicians.

In the previous play magic zoologist Newt Eddie Redmayne was China fans nicknamed "freckles". This is the second time he came to Chinese: "I think this is the magical world of the best fans are in China, so very happy once again return to Beijing." His Chinese nickname is love: "the child, only my mother think the freckles look good, but now that the original China fans are so love" freckles "."

For the first time to join a "magical animal" series as the familiar Dumbledore, Judy Law to let fans look forward to more. He also said that in his film and not feel the charm of the magic world, there are a lot of pictures on the late effects to complete, and this time came to see China fans react, really feel special, his play is a magic figure so legendary. He said he played the young version of Dumbledore, so there are a lot of desire, there are a lot of things you want to do, will give fans a different Dumbledore. "Who plays Dumbledore, I have become the" magic "animal world and the connection of" Harry Porter "of the world, this movie can let you see J.K. Ms. Rowling created unbelievable magic in the world, once again opened the door to a new chapter."

Before the release of the notice to see, all kinds of a eye-opening magical animal turns debut in the sequel, sniff, bowtruckle etc. not only adorable Department of animal before in popular movies are retained, also appeared in the animal Chinese Zou Wu, Kelpie etc.. A new animal with strong skills. Eddie Redmayne said, it is the sequel the deepest impression is the animal from Chinese Zou Wu animal is the most lovely, and smell the baby, the baby is really super cute! Some want to see a movie, you can't refuse."

For the movie, several stars are not willing to. The actor Tina Catherine Watson told everyone that Tina and Newt's relationship has experienced many twists and turns in this one, "anyway, never mind, finally they both get married." "Silent play" Clay Dinse Ezra Miller said: "many people think that my character does not exist in a movie, I am here today do not represent the role of alive, may be a ghost, so to see. No matter my character is alive or dead, but I did participate in a circus and a new friend named Nagini."

We saw the confusion face, Eddie Redmayne said, "this movie really has a lot of secrets will be revealed, please include fan friends if you can, when you know these secrets don't talk with others, don't really spoilers, every man is his own experience is the best. The first day of November 16th to see, you can know the secret."

By "Harry Porter" author J.K. Rowling new creation of the "magical animal: the crime of" Grindelwald synchronous North America November 16th National release. As a "new legend of magic world" series, the movie "magical animal where" had swept the world with $814 million, now the sequel then start the adventure story with powerful lineup upgrade will lead the audience to open a new magical journey. In this sequel, powerful Dark Wizard Grindelwald to escape, to set off a new round of crisis in the wizarding world. The magic zoologist Newt of the United States, led by the Ministry of magic proud luodina rightous will embark on a new journey to France, and for the peace of the magic world fight.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Li

Editor: TF017

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