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"Kung Fu embroidery embroidered mother" driven out of poverty income of Inner Mongolia prairie grassland Market Opening Concert

2018-10-29 09:22 beijing evening news TF003

"Hongyan, from a dream of the indissoluble bound embroidery; women's ingenuity, bearing a long ancient hymn." In October 26th, a jointly built by local enterprises in Beijing by group and the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region women's Federation fashion show debut in Beijing, a Inner Mongolia prairie dress culture fashion aesthetic feast for the audience. But the show also will bring more Inner Mongolia embroidered mother out of poverty, increase entrepreneurship.

The event, accompanied by melodious voice, a stunning debut carrying the national traditional culture aesthetic password elements of Inner Mongolia fashion and life. Inner Mongolia national dress is a treasure of the grassland culture. Once the prairie women sing a long tune, boil tea, embroider a piece of fine robes and coat. But now, the women's survival and proud race and crafts not commercial time, just a dozen years, many tribal techniques and processes have been lost. The fashion show, according to the text of the group of the designers, the Inner Mongolia traditional clothing elements from restructuring, integration and innovation will be the form of aesthetic fashion show in prairie costumes, hoping to promote poverty alleviation "embroidery Kung Fu", bring more women in business income.

With the opening of the "fashion show over the mountains bazaar - Inner Mongolia grassland market special" also show from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia clothing, characteristics, delicacy handicrafts and creative products. In the grassland on the market, the reporter interviewed Inner Mongolia Gu Ren Qiqige embroidered mother. Gu Ren Qiqige is 55 years old this year, she came from Inner Mongolia Xingan Meng keyouzhongqi, have two sons, so she is trying to save money. However, Jen and her husband are solid Qiqige laid-off workers, laid-off workers, has been working in the local solid Ren Qiqige, only do cleaners, washing dishes, a month at most 2000 ", so she was very sad this once. From the beginning of last year, they joined the kernel Qiqige solid hand square, began to pick up a needle, in September she received 5000 yuan, very happy.

ASAT Group Chairman Xia Hua said, in this way the hope can let the ancient civilization and traditional handicraft heritage to show and use the most fashionable way. Relying on the grassland market, more people's faces and craft works appear in the most prosperous city shopping center will be the future, they will also go through the order training, all kinds of orders Everfount derivatives of prairie culture to the local women's hands, so as to create more employment opportunities for them, improve the income level of local women.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF003

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