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The 70 year old British "national writer" Ian McEwen first made a bold prediction to China

2018-10-28 19:59 Beijing daily art bloomed TF017

"This campaign finally put my wife and I brought you this great country, I thank you from the bottom of my heart." Because in the "21 international student Literature Festival", a 70 year old British writer Ian Mceuen "national writer" wife first came to Chinese. Today he is in the best of spirits to enjoy the longing for the long the Imperial Palace.

The first volume Roasted Duck Mceuen the rest of life

Mceuen is a suburb of London in writing the wisdom of the old man, has been writing for 50 years, the next few years is likely to be awarded the Nobel prize for literature. He is on the future of the imagination of the world literature, keen observation, and memories of the past, the Chinese peer impressed.

In October 26th, he published speech in the "21 international student literature award ceremony", and received a group of media reporters to visit the house; in October 27th, he spent the afternoon with the readers of literature, and he China writer Ge Fei's dialogue, took us into the "fiction" of mass media era in the world.

Talk about the digital revolution

The future robots or write great fiction

Mceuen did not think so much attention on the digital revolution, on several occasions during his stay in Beijing, talked about this topic. He even said jokingly that the next great novel by the robot may have to go in, novelist. "I'm not live to that age, I am still very happy."

This week, in the Faculty of Arts of Renmin University of China, Tencent news, Oriental Literature International Writing Center Foundation jointly organized the "21 international student Literature Festival", Mceuen sat in the audience to listen to the words, he "because of its charm, style and perceptive narrative art works for the outstanding contribution". The 2018 annual tribute literary figures. Who would have thought in the next speech, Mceuen published in the "digital revolution" as the theme of the speech by the Internet about artificial intelligence, as artificial person.

Mceuen recalled his old days, such as a letter, call in a public telephone booth, often ask for help on the shelf encyclopedia, "we got the news always a day late." But in the face of the digital revolution, like his old man awkwardly transition to a digital universe, "in order to cope with a variety of digital tasks, we often turn to their children, and our grandchildren."

Mceuen is clearly in a positive attitude to face this change, although he is a newspaper addict, like the same drug, not a day without a newspaper, but he is on the outskirts of London's quiet life, but also because the Internet becomes more and more rich and colorful. For him, the Internet and intimate contact feelings are deep, "which covers the human nature with the most beautiful face and the most ugly form, we include. Once for some technical reasons lost network connectivity, we will immediately feel lonely and sad." He emphasized that this strange feeling is entirely of modernity, this represents a transformation of human consciousness.

"Today we are still in the initial stage of the digital revolution. Perhaps history has just completed the first chapter. The next section will be more profound impact on our understanding of its nature, thereby affecting our literature and we all forms of art. At this moment, these new chapters are written." Mceuen believes that a great adventure begins, whether it brings is good or terrible.

Mceuen talked a lot about artificial intelligence development status, and in the future, he thought, perhaps in this century will create a humanoid robot, "if man wrote the first original novel meaning, we will have the opportunity we have created these others' eyes to see our own."

In fact, Mceuen has just completed the creation of the novel is about artificial intelligence, "for me, I am very interested to think about what the robot does not have its own consciousness, this is certainly very old these problems, but it is in our era has become a real problem, is an ethical, with science and technology related issues." He thinks, the novelist, is a great challenge.

Talk about the secret of creation

Joke with friends can also trigger inspiration

"As a writer when creating their own characters alone - that a person is like a ghost; and his story alone - those stories and almost no shadow two." Mceuen described his creation.

He is more secret, required to complete a novel in two or three years or even longer, the novelist can have serious doubts about the project itself, and this is very difficult to doubt and others say the. But along with the writing, he finally reached a critical point by estoppel: he has spent too much time, no turning back. "This process, the writer's harvest except pain and happiness."

About his writing state, McEwen said, when the novel writes smooth hard to stop, this time will be forced myself to keep going in the morning, wrote at night, because the state does not appear, so cherish. He said, these years, in addition to the computer, hand more mobile phone, also inevitably disturbed, see the West look at the East, it wastes a lot of time, often one morning so quietly. Finally, Mrs. Mceuen to her husband's writing career, had to install a software, every day to stop him at least a few hours without the internet.


About the writing inspiration, Mceuen think this problem can always proceed, and there will be no final answer. As everyone knows, some words writing inspiration from others may say, from the news, or from a notebook down a few. In his view, the writer's inspiration may come from their own personality, to the past, to find new sources of inspiration and despair. The writer in the face of different ideas, like the wind from catching a leaf, leaves a lot, actually take which piece? There always seems to be a leaf looks even more urgent need to seize it."

Mceuen also told us many examples of the diversity of its source of inspiration. The original "Amsterdam" from his novels about constantly between him and a friend. He was in his fifties, often with friends hiking, but often absent-minded, two people each other quipped, old stupid, go to Amsterdam, because there can be legal euthanasia. The results of this joke become trigger short story "Amsterdam" inspiration.

Talk about the latest novel

A tribute to Shakespeare "Hamlett"

Mceuen's latest novel "nuts" recently by the Shanghai Translation Publishing House, he has a black modern fable with a new perspective for readers. Editor Song Ling said, "Shanghai is the" nut shell part 16 the works of Mceuen.

Mceuen wrote 17 novels, he is good at delicate, sharp and thin cold drawing style of modern people inherent unease and fear, and actively explore the violence and death, good and evil problem. "Amsterdam" is known as "the black allegory, a moral story", "the cement garden" is a narrative and thinking breakthrough ethical bottom figure, he reveals the human nature in the dark sublime form of literature on irony and black humor to show contemporary readers kaleidoscope of reality.

"From the perspective of" nut shell is very special, the hero is in the womb 9 months before birth of the baby, the baby's mother and his uncle seduce Chenggan from the perspective of the baby hear mother and uncle conspired to kill his father, occupy his patrimony. Familiar with the plot, heard from Shakespeare "Hamlett". Mceuen said, when he and pregnant daughter-in-law happy to chat, suddenly had an inspiration, he said, "I'm glad we speak when your child can already hear it, if he heard the words would be happy." So this word became a writing motivation: tracking "something from the fetal perspective".

Readers have questions, this work is in imitation of Shakespeare. In this regard, Mceuen said, is not the imitation of Shakespeare, but a tribute. When he was studying, every child should learn from Shakespeare, Shakespeare to them is like air and sunshine.

Shanghai Translation Publishing House recently published Mceuen's "atonement". In yesterday's interview activities, writer Ge Fei said that he thought of "atonement" characters in a sentence: "there are two billion people in this world, two billion people are too busy to make their voices heard, we listen to the who?" Gefei thinks this sentence is to some extent today in mass media all readers will encounter trouble, we do not know who to trust.

correct wrong and evil ways

Mceuen responded that the story is about a little girl due to read a lot of novels, causing a lot of confusion in living things, her imagination is enlarged, eventually make foolish judgment. In fact, he is to reflect the life of the power of literature and the power of the imagination, but the power of imagination in the current era of mass media may be abused.

Some critics believe that in the face of the complicated social reality, with the highly developed mass media, the novels reveal the truth and expose confidential, grasp the truth era is over. But Mceuen never believe this one, "in my life, that will end the era of novel, has happened many times." He always believed that novels will continue to survive, is different, the novelist will find a stationary center in this huge information storm, "serious writers will be in the center, to explore the human nature, to study all the truth and lies."


Source: Beijing daily into art

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