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Yan Geling changed screenwriter "you late for many years": it is suitable for people of all ages family viewing

2018-10-29 10:57 beijing evening news TF017

Adapted from Yan Geling "supplement in Yushan" TV drama "you are late for many years" ending in October 31st. The witness of the course of reform and opening up of TV drama, tells the story of the railway soldiers from Mu Jian Feng (Huang Xiaoming ornaments) in obedience to the state's displaced and still do not change the morale, adhere to the "take off the uniform or a soldier" of the faith, with iron will and determination to fight to the sea, and strive for the prosperity of the nation the story of industry. The play also brought together Tao Yin, Hailu Qin, Cao Bingkun and other powerful actors, they use acting solid reproduction of Yan Geling's blood in youth.

Tsung Yeh

Huang Xiaoming played the tiedaobing tiger again and again Mu Jianfeng, is undoubtedly a persistence and perseverance of the jagged tough guy. As the "tiger" commander, he took the lead in everything, the body out of the situation also insisted on slightly fewer than FireWire, leading comrades to fight progress momentum, is full of blood. Before two, Mu Jian Feng led the railway corps unit three all officers and men, in the harsh conditions, overtime rush period. A drill roar can nap, drill a stop on the small details of treatment instantly awakened, show Mu Jian Feng investment. He in order to ensure the railway construction, not afraid of bloodshed, led the team to the human jungle, hard work. Director Lin Keceng said, have made outstanding contributions to railway corps based the construction of our country, a lot of tiedaobing tombstone in the tunnel is established, their spirit of the times by the young people should not forget. Mu Jian Feng jobs in business, set up national industrial form to continue to serve the country. He experienced a series of changes and ups and downs of life, always without losing the firm and unyielding character.

Mu Jian Feng that's still the reform forerunner representative. Youth, he is "the tiedaobing cut paths through mountains, water bridge"; after the change, he spent a few years in the organs of office work, and realized that he was in the army when the wind wind fire work habits do not adapt, at this time he began to actively look for opportunities to improve their own quality, entrepreneurship. He is keen to find business school, after the failure of switches have a brilliant future, suffered a major setback, but in foreign aid 10 years after returning, he again resolutely entrepreneurship torrent.

The army give courage, spirit and spiritual strength to become the cornerstone of the role of entrepreneurial Mu Jian Feng, but his observant and mind characteristics of love thinking, it is the last century in 80s the first batch of business goers who has the common characteristics. All these hard work and struggle, the urgent demand from Mu Jian Feng for their own destiny to change and improve the life of the shares of vitality in his entrepreneurial process show in 80s, is a true portrayal of the last century, we also apply to the current society and young people. From this dimension, Mu Jian Feng not only is the reduction of old time characters, more practical.

The cast has laid a "fine attribute you late for many years", actor Huang Xiaoming as the "iron soldiers" Mu Jian Feng sweat on the railway, struggling in the mall; Tao Yin's "angels" Molly Mu Jian Feng love of his life, in the years she witnessed and built a peak of Mu Road support; Hailu Qin's "atypical woman" Zhao Yiqin love Mu Jian Feng, has been in love and loved by Cao Bingkun as the "worry about personal gains and losses; business man Feng Huan, looks tough but also have weak side. The embodiment of Huang Xiaoming and Tao Yin, Hailu Qin, Cao Bingkun these four both strength and popularity of the Mesozoic actor's rigorous professional attitude is consistent with this drama describes as "soldier spirit". Back in 1980 for a short time Huang Xiaoming feel thin, thin and twenty pounds of muscle shaping.

It can be said, "although you are late for many years" is not a built-in aura of celebrity biography, is a national identity with civilian epic, ordinary heroes in Mu Jian Feng as the representative, stick to their posts, to sing the song praises the blood of youth without regret. As a recent TV drama "high quality, you are late for many years" is a more suitable for a family of three generations of family viewing good play. Huang Xiaoming, Tao Yin, Hailu Qin as the "after 60" who, in their youth, for the great rejuvenation of the motherland, hard sweat. Now, their children "after 80" has become the mainstay of the community, to carry the banner of struggle, and "80" children "00" who is the future hope of the motherland.

By "you are late for many years", the young audience can more deeply understand the parents and grandparents of the hard pioneer period, and be inherited in the new era of the journey, the youth relay, shouldering the mission, no regrets his writing.

(original title: "you are late for many years" hot blooded youth tribute)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Beijing: TF017

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