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The liaison office in Macao Zheng Xiaosong obituary: suffering from the disease still work regret grief

2018-10-28 15:01 The governor of Chang'an Avenue TF008

Comrade Zheng Xiaosong, director of the Liaison Office of the Communist Party member, outstanding Party members China China, nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party Central People's Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, the evening of October 20, 2018 in Macao died at the age of 59.

Comrade Zheng Xiaosong used to work in foreign affairs, finance, Fujian province and Hong Kong and Macao in different areas and places. He has a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, dedication, responsibility, adhere to the principle of honesty, done a lot of fruitful work in different positions. In September 2017 as the Central People's Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region director of the liaison office, he conscientiously implement the "one country two systems" principle and the basic law of Macao, and actively plan for the long-term development of Macao, suffering from the disease is still hard work, make a positive contribution to the cause of "one country two systems". His unfortunate death, make us regret and sorrow.

After the death of Comrade Zheng Xiaosong, the central leaders and the Central Organization Department, Macao Affairs Office of the State Council and other relevant departments of the central authorities, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, expressed condolences for his death, and condolences to his relatives.

According to the relevant provisions of the funeral arrangements is simplified, and respect the wishes of Comrade Zheng Xiaosong relatives, comrade Zheng Xiaosong from simple handling funeral, cremation in the mainland remains will be in the near future, the ashes placed in the Beijing Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery. The community expressed condolences to Comrade Zheng Xiaosong, comrade Zheng Xiaosong can be the joint working group issued a letter of condolence condolences to the funeral in Macao in October 30th.

Hereby obituary

Macao liaison office Comrade Zheng Xiaosong funeral Working Group
2018 years 10 months 28 days


Source: Chang'an Avenue governor

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