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Bi Gan directed literary film "last night" of earth. New Year's file starring Tang Wei said

2018-10-27 14:20 beijing evening news TF015

Directed by Tang Wei, Huang Jue, Bi Gan, Zhang Aijia, Li Hongqi, Chen Yongzhong starred in the "Earth last night" in Beijing yesterday announced that the scheduled December 31st national release. Tang Wei said, to take Bi Jiangxi movie, is a wish of their own, "Bi GaN film director is romantic, round a dream in my heart."

The film tells the story of Luo Hongwu returned to Guizhou after many years (Huang Jueshi) accidentally discovered a mysterious woman (Joey Meng Tang Weishi) traces back and she spent 12 years ago that secret summer, with Luo Hongwu struggling to find Joey Meng, about this mysterious woman more and more clues surfaced.

Tang Wei recalled his first bishop Jiangxi Virgo "roadside picnic" at the scene, the feeling is very fierce!" Then she smiled and said, "I believe all of you have a dream, I thank the director for dream." The actor Huang Jue said with a smile, he is crying out to the "I love" roadside picnic "this movie." Another starring Li Hongqi said his relationship with classmates after Jiangxi cooperation like, "the feeling is in the completion of a student work, like the play in the University, very relaxed."

The Cannes Film Festival this year, "cast the Earth last night" collective debut, the movie has been widely praised, Bi Gan said, after returning from France, he again in the clip made adjustments in the duration increased, "now the complete clip base."

The film lasted for long Bi Gan director love scene, this time, a long shot time up to 60 minutes, and use 3D format. Technically, this is a very challenging attempt. Tang Wei revealed that the 3D lens is to guide the audience into the role of the dream channel, the need to devote the whole group of more than 200 people. This shot shot a total of 5 days, 3 days 2 days of rehearsals, shot. On the fifth day, finally have a can satisfy the demands of the director, through, "I have finally survived the feeling of" a long shot in addition to test the acting skill, as well as a challenge to the photographer, "each finished one, like a cow lying on the photographer immediately on the ground, because it is too tired." But after Jiangxi his nonchalance, "I never care about the length of the lens."

"Last night on earth" before the fifty-fifth Golden Horse Awards for best drama, best director award of the 5 Golden Horse Award nomination, become the popular players, which makes the long shot Golden Horse Award executive Wen Tianxiang as "as the acme of perfection".

For the release date, Bi Jiangxi said, you want to pick a "both despair and hope of the moment", so in 2018 years last day, "I know the new year's day shift is very fierce competition, I hope this film can survive."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF015

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