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On the tip of the tongue "Chinese" director Chen Xiaoqing a new documentary "the world" the delicacy of flavor sowing

2018-10-27 09:20 beijing evening news TF015

On the tip of the tongue "Chinese" first, second season director Chen Xiaoqing with a new documentary "flavor delicacy world" will return tomorrow night at 21:15 in the Tencent video broadcast. In addition, the same "flavor" series of talk show "flavor" delicacy laboratory tonight launched, invited many cultural celebrities sitting around a table for delicacy, McCain anecdotes, comprehensive dialysis "flavor" behind the scenes.

On the tip of the tongue "China"

"Human" flavor shooting throughout the world more than 20 countries and regions, only the first episode "between the mountain", appeared in 13 countries and regions, about 20 kinds of special delicacy. The ultimate notice has been published have been foretold by the diversity theme from "between the mountain" to "the myriad twinkling light in a city with wider views", leading the audience to know the world delicacy. The process of understanding the delicacy as another adventure, by recording the diet in the global scope of the rheology, exploring human cognition of the world through the mystery of diet. For example, miles of the East and the West have many similar delicacy ", China Loess Plateau agree without prior without previous consultation" potato up the group with France falls Mashed Potato. General director Chen Xiaoqing said he was thinking about a problem: "we eat Stinky tofu, they eat Stinky Cheese, what are the Freemasonry between the local people also eat stinky? What are the odds?" A lot of people think, director Chen Xiaoqing keen to shoot for food as a delicacy, media, cultural differences about different regions, giving food to humanistic connotation. He said in the interview: "on the contrary, we are not to give the food culture, but the food itself comes with culture, many people have their life can get answers from food. Such as wheat, West pass, met the fire, into a pizza bread, the East pass, encountered water into Steamed Buns noodles. Western culture is so incompatible, and wheat that 'break' a great relationship. So the food is all human culture starting point". "The world" to explore the flavor of eyes touched subtle changes in food, and the use of micro photography director let a tiger with wings added. For example, how in the extreme cold of the horse under the conditions of rapid freezing, changes under the microscope was so wonderful, let the audience see visually setting that.

With the launch of the "world" flavor and delicacy "and" talk show "flavor laboratory micro documentary flavor of origin". The "flavor" in the laboratory at 21:15 tonight first appearance landing video Tencent. This file talk the delicacy net open up a fresh outlook of cultural celebrities from all walks of life, each invited two people respectively as "delicacy, flavor, flavor, a fellow guest star as" flavor experience ", a chef as" fresh flavor kitchen ", with a dish making time, chat interesting diet the culture of the world, the" world "the flavor of the behind the scenes, tells the story of many cold related knowledge and delicacy"". Famous gourmet Cai Lan, famous host Bai Yansong, comedian Li Dan, actor Fan Tiantian, young comedian Zhang Yunlei and other more than thirty delicacy enthusiasts in the program gathered.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

Editor: TF015

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