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Zhi Qu APP leading Chinese music intelligent original music ecosystem

2018-10-26 21:48 Beijing Evening News - North night vision network TF007

In October 26, 2018, nearly 5 years, the rise of various programs in Chinese music. Including "China new songs for having heard it many times", "I am a singer", "crossover singer", "masked" sing, "Avenue of stars" about 16 show. The show attracted a lot of attention to Chinese music, so as to boost the power of the original folk rise.

Cooperation signing ceremony

The original work is undoubtedly the motivity of sustainable development of the music industry. However, the short board of copyright protection, has become a stumbling block to the first industry growth. Professional music production, because of high demand, from the composer, arranger, lyricist, singer, release, promotion, all links are performed by different professional team. From upstream to downstream to create creative benefits, too many intermediate interval. Located in the upper reaches of the creator, in the actual income through layers of hands, has been profitable. The original power of food and clothing, how to solve? The original dream, and how to protect?

Chi Chi Hongkong music song by App science and technology limited company, together with a number of enterprises at home and abroad, hundreds of people each line star, the country's top school of music, TV, network media, and various distribution channels together to create music. Chi song trying to integrate music killer features, collaboration of the Internet community, and the only block chain record, to create a music creator collaborative creation, the clear, original music ecosystem benefits system clear. Anyone by Zhi song App sing the main melody of the heart, can form a precision in App. App according to the theme, recommend different style for users of smart instruments, composed of accompaniment and special effects.

Cooperation signing ceremony

Music people can turn a song released to the community, let literarily to help strangers lyrics, let other people help singing voice. An ecological circle, will their expertise to link strangers, together to create original music. Every song, word, song, can identification by Zhi song unique its unique fingerprint, uploaded to the block chain, the formation of copyright records can not be tampered with. Complete the work creation and layers of music copyright records at the same time, we in this ecosystem into the economy -- gold unique elements!

Gold is constructed in the block chain, integral set up specifically for App Zhi Qu. It follows the economic model of the music industry, music creators, promoters, consumers, businesses use unified value carrier in 4 groups.

Zhi Qu users as we live operation

The creators released through the creation and new songs, lyrics, singing and get gold. Promotion by attention, praise, and won the gold forward all kinds of work. Consumers can purchase the gold, for their favorite artists to reward, interactive communication, private behavior. The creator can use gold, promote their work, get more fans and audience. Businesses can be named fee to the platform within the artist with smart payment, popular songs and artists fans effect by improving their visibility of brand.

With the rise of Chinese music will Chinese and go to the world. Zhi Qu App took the industry growth to express the unique music technology, collaborative innovation model, economic model of coherence, with an excellent market environment, to provide a safe and efficient environment for the creation of the original.

In the Song Zhi ecosystem, folk artists can use their mobile phone whenever and wherever possible to compose a story. Who is outstanding, can choose works to lyrics. The KTV enthusiasts can find resonate with his own lyrics to sing. With each person's story, the interpretation of this generation!


This article source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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