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The results from the Xu Jiayin and Jia Yueting both say they won! In fact, it is the winner!

2018-10-26 20:28 Chegulu. TF011

In October 25th, Jia Yueting and Xu Jiayin "farce" temporarily come to an end. The Hongkong International Arbitration Centre rejected Jia Yueting submitted 10 Sept. 3 "deprivation Hengda as shareholder's related financing consent" appeal. At the same time, allowing FF to make limited financing, but the price is not lower than the purchase price of shares Hengda, and financing amount not to exceed $500 million.

Jia Yueting data figure Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Chaoqun photo

The results came out, and Jia Yueting claimed that he won the most constant. However, small Kun believes that the biggest winner is the Hongkong International Arbitration Centre, the sum of costs easily into a pocket.

For the results of arbitration, Hengda Jia Yueting and gives a different interpretation. FF said its emergency arbitration and Hengda dispute arbitration award winning overall, Hengda can no longer prevent FF to obtain funds from other financing channels.

Hengda not resigned to playing second fiddle also announced that the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre rejected Jia Yueting proposed completely deprived Ying (i.e., Hengda) consent financing requirements, and rejected Jia Yueting put forward a new application to further temporary deprivation of mortgage assets hengda.

Why should Xu Jiayin Hengda investment Jia Yueting FF? Maybe a lot of people feel unbelievable. But the small Kun think, can China all-powerful in the market for many years, and once boarded the throne of the richest man Xu Jiayin, the risk can not see the hidden investment FF.

But the saying goes, "wealth insurance requirements, the Xu Jiayin is betting that FF not in the contract agreed time mass market. Because according to the contract, Jia Yueting's FF to promises to deliver the first electric car production in the first quarter of 2019, if not complete commitment, Jia Yueting will lose the voting rights at the FF Smart King lost the actual control.

Xu Jiayin's heart, Jia Yueting could not know, eyes can not honor their commitments, then resorted Shazhao, took out already prepared for a long time "tips" - proposed arbitration to the Hongkong international arbitration center. According to informed sources, Jia Yueting initiated arbitration litigation costs over 20 million yuan, while the cost of money all from Hengda investment funds.

FF insiders said at the end of the 25 emergency arbitration, the Arbitration Center sentenced Hengda compensation for FF HK $about 5800000 in legal fees. You know, in principle, but the arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party. In consideration of the arbitration tribunal, the parties to meet the request for arbitration of the division of responsibility and other factors, by the parties sharing the costs of arbitration.

Therefore, from the current disk, if Hengda also want to continue to seek control of FF, the loss of tens of millions of dollars of appeal fee; if you give up the battle for control of FF, then the previous efforts were in vain, is tantamount to Jia Yueting to do the wedding dress, is a lost wife of another soldier.

The world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Jia Yueting sought to oneself want to allow FF limited financing ", in his opinion, as long as good at all, not Xu Jiayin, and Zhang Jiayin, Li Jiayin, Zhao Jiayin......

Say a few words

Like Liu Bei, Jia Yueting is also the most adept at acting, but the difference is that Liu Bei's acting Jia Yueting than too much better, he can play from nothing to three cent world hegemony. In contrast, Jia Yueting, to play now, from an annual income of nearly 10 billion LETV boss reduced to "cheat on routine investment".

It wants to play a good play, is really not easy. On the surface, which is the capital of the game, in fact, it is not a game of human nature!


Source: Che Gulu small Kun

Editor: TF011

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