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Mobile phone system update slow for apple and Samsung

2018-10-26 12:06 beijing evening news TF003

Italy regulators decided on the 24, the Apple Corp and the Samsung Corp were fined 10 million euros (about 79 million 200 thousand yuan) and 5 million euros (39 million 600 thousand yuan) fine, the reason is that the two companies recommend users to update the operating system of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone running speed is slow because this kind of update.

The Xinhua News Agency / EPA

Italy competition and Market Management Bureau said in a statement, apple and Samsung system "induced" users to install their mobile phone cannot fully support the software update, the two companies did not inform consumers of this situation, did not provide a version to the consumer downgrade way.

The statement said, some time leading mobile phone system update "serious problems", including running slow, greatly influence the performance of mobile phone, forcing users to switch to new type mobile phone.

In recent years, the intelligent mobile phone to update the system after running slow It is often seen. worldwide, many consumer complaints intelligent mobile phone manufacturers to increase sales of new products deliberately created a similar situation.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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