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NATO launched the largest military exercise after the cold war, some people say that this is the "anti Russian" exercises

2018-10-26 11:40 beijing evening news TF003

25 North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the Nordic countries of Norway and the surrounding area launched the "Trident contact" military exercise, the scale is the largest since 1991 the end of the cold war. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the exercise sent a clear signal to all potential rivals. ". The Russian Embassy in Norway said this is "anti Russian" exercises.

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Show of force

The largest number of more than 14 thousand U.S.

29 NATO member states and Sweden, Finland two partners began 25 days of exercise will continue until November 7th, involving land sea and air and cyber operations, covering parts of Norway and the North Atlantic, Baltic Sea and Finland and Swedish airspace. The simulation is scheduled for from November 14th to 23rd in the exercise command.

About 50 thousand soldiers and 10 thousand military vehicles, 250 military aircraft and 65 ships participating in the exercise. The maximum number of more than 14 thousand. The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman dispatched. The exercise commander is commander of U.S. forces in Europe, Admiral James G fogo.

Stoltenberg 24 said, "the Trident point" exercises a hypothetical NATO invasion, according to other members of the "North Atlantic Treaty" Article 5 fast into the collective defense, repel the enemy. The German news agency reported, since the exercise will test NATO since 2014 from Ukraine, Crimea incorporated into Russia, for the rapid response ability of new situation to deal with Russia "and the development of.

The former Prime Minister of Norway said, "in recent years, the European security environment has deteriorated significantly, prompting NATO collective defense as well since the end of the cold war" the biggest adjustment and adaptation". Exercise "send a clear signal to all of our countries and potential rivals. NATO does not seek confrontation, but we are ready to protect all allies against all threats".

For who

Who is not clear "potential rivals"

In accordance with the Agence France-Presse's statement, NATO did not say "potential rival" who is, but everyone knows that Russia is. The Russian Embassy in Norway said, "the Trident point" is the "anti Russian" exercises "such activities...... Appear provocative, even if some people say that it is purely defensive in nature, trying to prove it reasonable."

Russia and Norway on the northwest end of the border, 198 kilometers long. In the past few months, Russia and Western countries because of dissatisfaction with increasing military presence in the region. The United States and Britain in Norway increased deployment, to exercise troops in combat ability under the snow climate. Accordingly, Russia in recent years to strengthen its military presence in the Arctic as.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zaharova earlier this month accused NATO of "rattling", said Russia will take retaliatory measures". "NATO countries are mainly in this area, in the vicinity of the Russian border increased military presence," she said, "this kind of irresponsible behavior will lead to the unstable political situation, exacerbating tensions."

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu 24 in Belarus, capital of Minsk said that the current NATO military activity reached a high level of hitherto unknown after the end of the cold war, Russia's growing military threat.

Send the invitation

Russia has accepted the invitation to exercise supervision

The "Trident point" exercise to invite two Russian and two military observers in Belarus. The German news agency reported that Russia has accepted the invitation.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that this exercise show welcome, "transparency". Stoltenberg said: "as long as their behavior to avoid dangerous situations and major move, I think they supervise exercises no problem."

Norway's military spokesman Ivar Moen said 24, all troops have arrived in the exercise and in place. The day before, a military convoy accident in the transportation logistics support exercise supplies, 4 soldiers were wounded. Norway media reports, the accident occurred in the central Norway county and trndelag a mountainous highway, because the ice and snow slippery. The accident involving 7 U.S. military vehicles and 18 soldiers.

Analysts believe that, from the exercise time, place and content, the exercise reflects the strategic focus of NATO since the crisis in Ukraine is established, improve the rapid response and coordination ability, deter and prevent the threat from russia. In addition, the exercise also reflects the NATO strategic considerations for the arctic.

Said the number of military exercises

In 31 countries, including 29 NATO members and partner of Sweden and Finland to participate in exercises.

In the strength of about 50 thousand people, including 20 thousand army, Marines and Naval Air Force 24 thousand people, 3500 people, 1300 people 1000 people and the NATO Logistics Corps headquarters.

65 - 250 military aircraft, ships into exercises, including the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman.

Make use of at least 10 thousand military vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles. Norway's military said, these vehicles if end-to-end row into the single line length of 92 km.

- Norway's military and the Norway Bureau of Surveying and mapping map printed 1 million 600 thousand copies, sent soldiers to participate in military exercises. The map of counties, according to the Norway city and a number of organizations to provide information for drawing, lists the exercise needs to avoid sensitive locations, including schools, hospitals, drinking water sources, fish farms and cultural heritage.

- Norway's military set up 35 thousand beds, prepare 1 million 800 thousand meals and 4 million 600 thousand bottles of drinking water, is expected to nearly 676 tons of cleaning dirty clothes.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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