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Honyaradoh borrow SAP skincare products to Japan

2018-10-26 11:56 News media TF017

In October 24, 2018, a racket Omotesando building in Tokyo, the scene gathered more than 100 Japanese media and hundreds of well-known Asian beauty makeup bloggers. It looks like it is a birch theme art exhibition, in fact, this is a product launch open up a fresh outlook from China cosmetics brand honyaradoh officially landed in the Japanese market.

Conference, 4 natural birch juice products simultaneously available, including moisturizing mask, refreshing moisturizing liquid, moisturizing moisturizing cream and moisturizing liquid.

The conference was held, announced the Chinese cosmetics brand first truly listed for sale in japan. This distance last year before the birth of cosmetics Yangshengtang over 11 months.

At the Japanese market

Birch juice products acclaim

The conference site, invited hundreds of Japanese beauty bloggers for product experience. After the trial, they have on these four products moisturizing recognition.

Conference outfield waiting in line to enter the venue to experience the Red Net

Japan is a popular network red commented: "this series of products is very gentle. My skin is sensitive skin, especially in the last season the skin condition is not very good, but after the use of these products did not feel any stimulation, very nourishing, absorb quickly. The film also cut cloth mask is also very good, very fit."

The other popular bloggers in the experience of moisturizing cream is greatly: "this cream smell light, feel very natural. Smear on the skin is very moist, I do 5 beauty makeup bloggers will try many products every year, but this moisturizing cream or moisturizing makes me very surprised, moist and clear, with a very comfortable."

Ins beauty bloggers have also opened a Amway model, "moisturizing" and "mild" and "suitable for use this season" experience was frequently mentioned.

Japan's mainstream media also reported on the conference.

Thus, a good product will speak. Consumers across borders and language of good products like.
But in the Japanese market is not honyaradoh "initiative", but from the Japanese cosmetics company invited.

High quality products and natural philosophy as a bridge

Good product to become the biggest weapon powder

Compared with the domestic cosmetics market, Japanese cosmetics market is more mature. Therefore, consumers generally believe that the Japanese cosmetics, represents the current top level of the cosmetics industry.

The Japanese operator KIMURA SAE has such a strong interest in honyaradoh cosmetics, a superior moisturizing properties of products. The second is because the natural skin care cosmetics honyaradoh concept and KIMURA SAE agree without prior without previous consultation. Especially the "without a drop of water, the concept of all the use of natural birch juice" deeply moved by the operator.

But Japanese work is quite rigorous. In finalizing the formal cooperation before they flew to the origin of raw materials -- Finland Joensuu honyaradoh mask, made a detailed investigation.

Where the person in charge of KIMURA SAE witnessed the original ecology of the birch forest, in exchange with the Finns, they learned valuable birch sap and acquisition process is not easy. "Every white birch juice are too precious, really hope that Japanese consumers can also enjoy the natural gift."

As a product of loyal fans not only Japanese operators, and film products in the domestic spokesperson Cai Xukun.

In the recently released second honyaradoh ad supported Cai Xukun, all the lines in the film, from Cai Xukun for half a year using the mask true feelings: "natural, nourishing, refreshing, essence of birch juice firmly locked. Out of the very next day, the skin is very comfortable, for three consecutive days, can obviously feel the skin becomes smooth and delicate, easy on the makeup."

Cai Xukun is a super sensitive skin, but mask birch juice but became his daily preferred, because this mask a moderate degree of stunning performance. According to DRC (the human safety test) report shows that only 1.9 of the stimulus honyaradoh mask, much higher than Japan to listing standards (5-15, with smaller values better).

In the international supply chain service for China wisdom creation

The level of R & D highlight the brand strength of China honyaradoh

Omotesando is Tokyo's top fashion street. Conference addressing and in this group do Yangshengtang every area of the top products "concept complement each other.

In fact, since birth, is known for its high quality honyaradoh, formulation research, first proposed the "natural water without water" concept, combined with modern advanced skincare technology, revolutionary use of birch SAP spotting.

On the production side, honyaradoh has always been adhering to the international supply chain to create wisdom Chinese service "concept. The most important birch juice series of birch juice raw materials from the Nordic birch forest country Finland, membrane cloth mask imported from the United States, the pump head moisturizing liquid is made in France, finished by a Japanese have a hundred years of production.

The reason for using the world the best raw materials for production, but also because the formulation of subversion. It is reported that the core technology of the product formula from Yangshengtang group of powerful scientific research system, namely Xiamen University joint laboratory, honyaradoh honyaradoh Research Institute of natural drugs and cosmetics research and development center Yangshengtang research institutions joint research and development, is behind the 10 years in the field of medicine molecular honyaradoh deep accumulation.

The international outstanding production assembly honyaradoh wisdom, formula for the service of its own, which highlights the brand as Chinese Yangshengtang international vision, also represents the China brand with "China creation" of the brand to the world.

The press conference, announced the sale of products will be listed in honyaradoh Tokyo Isetan on November 1st, the follow-up will also landed in Japan's well-known cosmetic chain system. It is reported that birch juice moisturizing mask liquid in the Japanese market pricing for the 2800 yen, equivalent to RMB 177 yuan / box. The price has been higher than the domestic price of the same product, also higher than 70% of Japan's mask product. In the domestic market fast honyaradoh cosmetics, how performance in the Japanese market, let us wait and see.


Source: Beijing News Media

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