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"Iron Man 3" directed by "Predator" today released the "Alien Hunter" version upgrade

2018-10-26 11:17 beijing evening news TF017

By "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black's sixth film "Predator" Predator "sequel" new national release today.

The predator is the most brutal "Alien Hunter for science fiction universe". In 1987, Schwarzenegger starred in the first "Predator" popular. 30 years, has also produced the "Predator 2", "Predator", also produced the same frame with special interpretation of "alien vs. Predator" series episode two.

The new version of "Predator" producer said: "30 years later, the predator or the original predator, but his equipment is a comprehensive upgrade. This film is a remake of remodeling or not. The film is made after the story happened before. This is what happened in the past thirty years. They (predator) become more and more powerful evil -- they evolved. This is not the older fans seen predator."

The new version of "Predator" add more conflict, tells the story of snipers and alien predator away after fierce fighting, will pick up the alien secret advanced equipment to send home. The son of Quinn (Jacob Potter ruibu Levin ornaments) thought it was a gift from his father play, but from the accident predator companion. Quinn led a group of soldiers and biologists (Olivia Munn ornaments) to brave to fight an alien invasion. At the same time, DNA upgraded the ultimate predator debut. The interaction between the human and the natural enemies of blood running, people struggle, the ultimate predator hidden reason behind similar executions in the film, one by one.

Screenwriter Dekker said: "early in the movie predator is one of the greatest monster movie history. We are very want to move ahead two "Predator" film tribute to us at the time line and the story also made reference to the first two films. But we want to do is to expand this legend, on this basis, we want to show more and more suspense scenes."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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