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"Stray earth" according to Liu Cixin's novel of the same name of the Wu Jing to save the earth?

2018-10-26 11:56 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday afternoon, directed by Guo Fan, Wu special star, Chu Xiao, Li Guangjie, Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai starred in the domestic science fiction film "stray earth" in Beijing, China Aerospace Museum held fixed gear conference, 2019 announced on New Year's Day National release. Based on the works of science fiction writer Liu Cixin's novel of the same name as Wu Jing, said at the press conference, "stray earth" can be regarded as a domestic science fiction film for the mountains, he was honored to participate in them, "this is a unique challenge thing, if I don't do that, not that I am stupid ah!"

Liu Cixin: let the creative team free play

In 1999, Liu Cixin published Chinese first science fiction short stories "stray earth", the book won the Milky Way award special award for science fiction Chinese Liu Cixin. Director Guo Fan led the team after 4 years of preparation, and began filming in May 2017. The film tells the story of "stray earth" the sun is going to be destroyed, humans are unable to survive. In the face of despair, all mankind to open a "wandering earth" plan, trying to escape the earth with the solar system, looking for new human homes. In the trailer, several storm scene has sketched the thick snow covered by a doomsday atmosphere, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Olympic building are also in the trailer a. Composed of Chu Xiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man Tat, Zhao et al this wheat adventure squad, despite the brutal deep snow planet engine, at the same time, Wu Jing plays the navigator also take a rocket into space. At the moment they are of vital importance, save people in distress.

This is Liu Cixin's first true sense from text to image works. Liu Cixin said at the press conference: "movies and novels are very different, they follow the laws of art is completely different, I think the film is the main creators should director, writer and producer, as the original author should give them great trust and freedom, let the creative team free play. I am looking forward to the "stray earth" from the visual screen showing a great science fiction, the earth became a spacecraft that is set the picture, very grand, put it in the movie screen appears, this is our common expectations."

Director Guo Fan: This is a story of courage and hope in the movie

As the first domestic science fiction film director Guo Fan, for it is a big challenge, but also a difficult exploration, "4 years, we have tried a lot of things, feeling the stones." Before the shooting, the team produced more than 8000 lattice storyboard, more than 30 minute PreViz (preview). In addition, the director Guo Fan specially invited four Chinese scientists to discuss, and finally establish a perfect view of the world.

Guo Fan said, the original Chupin provides three novel by Liu Cixin to make their choice, and ultimately he chose the "stray earth", "I think this is a story of the most easy to implement, in the novel for land and earth love is a kind of thinking Chinese unique style, it is almost impossible in the western countries."

Originally, in the film, in order not to destroy the earth, in the earth a adventuring party will try to ship with the earth leave, turn Earth into a spaceship, this is a very creative and crazy ideas, I hope our film can show the grand scenes in the novel in the visual and painting on the surface."

Contribute to childhood love of science fiction movies Guo Fan aspires to domestic science fiction, "this is a story of hope and courage of the film, the film has a word," if we have the courage to leave the solar system ", that is a kind of exploration spirit, this is our shooting this movie the original intention, we hope to Chinese science fiction film first step."

Wu Jing: the film's father moved me

"Wow, select the conference held here, too big on!" Yesterday, the film side in Chinese space specially selected is also the birthplace of China Aerospace Museum of Beijing China Academy of launch vehicle technology in holding fixed gear conference. Around the conference site is a huge space rocket, the "long 4" rocket is quietly lying on the right side. See all this, almost all the reporters and star are full of praise.

Wu Jing yesterday morning just from the "battle in Horqin poverty -- star action" back, he played astronaut Liu Peiqiang in the film, is a special father of humanity, "the identity is very appealing to me, when I read the script, see the film father to their children brave to pay, without hesitation, I was very moved. I am going to play a father, for fear of a lack of sense of the father of their children."

Wu Jing remembered his son Wu called premature, "he was dying and issued in ICU ten days in those days, I want to use my life in exchange for the son of peace. So when I saw the script, let me feel special".

Wu Jing claimed to be a fan of Liu Cixin, "China science fiction has not been taken, when I saw the director Guo Fan, I think of the" wolf 1 "shot, all the people are not optimistic about, I was broken, use two words to describe their status is a kind of disease, called" hyperthyroidism "Guo Fan, the director told me that time as like as two peas. I was saying, if I do not shoot, Chinese will never shoot, we will fall behind others for five years, ten years, someone will have to take now, science fiction finally stood out the first person, I do not support, who support?"

Ng Man Tat: incumbent, also have no regret

After his heart surgery, Hong Kong actor Wu Mengda rarely appeared in public, yesterday, he appeared in the "stray earth" of the conference site, people seem a lot thinner, but the spirit is very good.

Claiming to have never hung Avia Ng Man Tat said, they play "adventure team" parents in the film, this is the first time wearing a space suit, lift the wire. The light is the spacesuit is nearly 100 pounds, each finished all out of breath, the need for immediate oxygen." The more one called the ambulance, "feeling with the line separated by death."

Although very hard, but uncle very excited, "this is our first shot Chinese young director of science fiction blockbuster, is not easy, not too simple, I can take part in it, and also have no regret."

In addition, the film stars, the young actor Qu Chuxiao believes in "stray earth" is round the long-standing "science fiction dream". Childhood love of science fiction movies in Chu Xiao, that can participate in the national team produced a production of excellent science fiction movies, is a childhood dream. And for another movie starring Li Guangjie, to participate in the "stray earth" is a strong "sense of mission", in such a Chinese itself in the science fiction film, deep sleep "responsibility, must be 100 percent attention in the role, to reach have succeeded in carrying out an assignment". "After 00" actor Zhao Jinmai in the film brisk, while still a young man, but for her to have rich experience in the film, "stray earth" plays an important role in a breakthrough is a journey of learning.

Wu Jing endorsement "horse" to help out of poverty

The day before yesterday, Wu Jing appeared Inner Mongolia Keyouzhong poverty research, the practice of "poverty - battle action star".

The "horse town" reputation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Keyouzhong belongs to Inner Mongolia Xingan Meng, located in Greater Khingan Range to the Songnen Plain transition zone, the current flag participatory poverty population is 6954 people, the poverty rate was 3.9%.

The Wu Jing team arrived at keyouzhongqi Wu Longbao Gacha horse and rider horse industry cooperatives in-depth investigation. According to reports, follow the local pasture, animal husbandry ecological green horse policy, at the same time, Keyouzhong banner through the fine breeding of local Mongolia Ma and Yanmar, to cultivate higher economic value of half blood horse, driven by poor households out of poverty.

Although my knees just had surgery, Wu Jing still led by the local people to visit the scenic spots of ecotourism in the nature reserve of five maple. There, the local people are now singing, now dancing Damu event to celebrate. During the discussion, the Wu Jing team and the Keyouzhong banner government and business representatives agreed by the government led and led to the development of leading enterprises, "horse", to promote the tourism industry, driven out of poverty, the establishment is not limited to the Mongolia horse breeding "horse plan", and ultimately achieve the goal of the construction of the beautiful countryside. Wu Jing first positive response, publicly announced that he will speak for "horse": "I now officially announced, I will speak to Wu Jing," the horse plan for Inner Mongolia Keyouzhong "".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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