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Beijiexiaoxiang taking photos at hand "reported multiple points chaos warn other uncivilized phenomenon were solved!

2018-10-26 13:43 beijing evening news TF001

Since March this year, the newspaper launched the Beijiexiaoxiang taking photos at hand ", is arbitrary institution stalls, parking vehicles, debris and other uncivilized phenomenon, were reported by subsequent auction form. The report was released that caused widespread public concern, but also attaches great importance to the Beijing District, street, urban management and other related departments. The reporter combing found that as of now, "the report has been taking photos at hand" the relevant departments one hundred percent feedback, most of the problems in the timely rectification has established long-term mechanism. "Beautiful city by everyone, everyone is supervisor, with the majority of the public to participate fully in the relevant departments under the foot" embroidery Kung Fu ", Beijiexiaoxiang governance this problem is to find the way of solving.

Once the chengshousi road environmental mess, on April 2018. Data figure Sun Ying photo

Report: April 9th, the Beijing Evening News published "chengshousi road" legacy "frequent" one article, reported to both sides of Shou Si Lu was full of parked vehicles, there are vendors jeeves.

Feedback: Chaoyang urban management law enforcement team in conjunction with Xiaohongmen comprehensive management, food and medicine, police station, patrol and other functional departments, to chengshousi subway surrounding illegal conduct special enforcement action rectification. Team communication and business patience, to explain the laws and regulations, strengthen the investigation and punishment, to ensure that the environmental order controlled area. The next step, the law enforcement team will continue on the subway surrounding multiple problems area thoroughly investigation, set up accounts, timely find problems, timely disposal.

Report: April 16th, "Beijing Evening News" reported the 3 edition of the Lugou Bridge street Liuliqiao Road, piles of garbage problem.

Feedback: Lugou Bridge Street attaches great importance to the investigation, the land property rights transfer times, the property has been transferred to Beijing in 2002 reached the world real estate Co., Ltd. Beijing reached the world belongs to the beautiful group. In April 16th, the Lugou Bridge Street interviews the vacant property unit is responsible for people, the removal of clearing garbage muck, land leveling. 4 17 April, workers entering the construction. 4 month 25 day, clearing all rectification is completed, and comprehensively covered with green. Since then, Lugou Bridge Street repeatedly organized "look back" action, to ensure the rectification in place.

Report: April 20th, the Beijing Evening News published the 6 edition of the "intersection" road vehicles and sundries pointed out a draft, Chaoyang Road and Guanzhuang Road intersection on the south side of the roads, the vehicle parked lane, sidewalk filled with trash.

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, with the traffic department to take possession, posted this book, away from the vehicle and other measures to focus on remediation. Guanzhuang Xiang "whistle sounded, the city public traffic company, District Committee, Shuangqiaoshan Chaoyang traffic detachment unit and other relevant departments of joint law enforcement, clean up the bridge under the parking situation. Guanzhuang township is hard isolation facilities in the regulation has been the end of the road, to avoid the recurrence of vehicle parking here. The next step plan to build a parking lot near the village to solve the parking problem.

Report: May 14th, the Beijing Evening News published the 4 edition of the "! "The bike sharing occupy the sidewalk, reported high street in Xicheng District Metro Line 7 station outside the camp, the sidewalks have been bicycle" welcome".

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, the community, street urban management division, shared bicycle enterprise repeatedly communication and consultation, developed a solution: the urban management department in the region to delimit the non motor vehicle parking area, parking and clear identification, coordinating and sharing during the peak period of bicycle enterprises strengthen the sharing of bicycle management and counseling, avoid car Lane residents Huarun travel; land property (Street property) security according to the designated parking spaces to guide residents to park the bike.

In May 30th, the Beijing Evening News reported: 4 edition to "sidewalk ye become business parking lot? "Reported Donggaodi street around the road on both sides of the sidewalk occupied the problem.

Feedback: Fengtai District Donggaodi street and market management department contact, requiring merchants Lane vehicles and goods timely removal. Market arrangements for staff in the morning and evening peak inspections, and guide consumers to make orderly parking, sidewalks. Widely posted release "of a letter to Donggaodi area residents, residents of the area to guide businesses to form a good atmosphere, create a harmonious living environment.

Report: June 1st, the Beijing Evening News reported the 3 edition of the "non motor Lane becomes very muddy road roadside parking lot", pointed out that the automobile occupy non motorized vehicles, mixed vehicles, cyclists and motorists hidden safety problems.

Feedback: Fengtai District Transportation Committee arrange research, coordination of territorial streets, law enforcement departments of non motorized vehicles Luantingluanfang vehicles for illegal stickers, after the section of law enforcement, has been improved. The next step, the Fengtai District Transportation Commission to continue to coordinate the relevant law enforcement departments, increase inspections, by illegally parked vehicles posted, installed on both sides of the road guardrail facilities, guide the surrounding vehicles to regulate parking order, improve the management of parking area.

Report: June 6th, the Beijing Evening News published 3 edition of "sharing" bicycle car sea "people without feet" one article, pointed out that the roads in Chaoyang District Ciyunsi bridge on the eastern side, a large number of bicycles piled up sharing.

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, the Management Committee of Chaoyang District and the village in eight offices to strengthen the docking office continued to carry out this area sharing bicycle parking order rectification. Eight in the village streets interviewed shared bicycle enterprises, more than 9000 vehicles bike sharing specification. The morning of October 24th, Chaoyang District village in eight Street and Mobell, drops small blue car and ofo share signed an undertaking bicycle enterprises, three enterprises will pledge and possession Street bicycle parking problems such as shared governance.

Report: June 13th, the Beijing Evening News published the 3 edition of the "old residential front sidewalk" too busy "is reported, Chaoyang District District Wanghua Road, building two, full of shops Deshang, Jeeves, a serious nuisance.

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, the streets of Wangjing in conjunction with the sanitation department will have the detention area garbage cleared. In June 25th, the streets of Wangjing to review the District of debris was cleared again. The road with odor problems, requirements of residential property companies to strengthen the surrounding garbage management, ensure daily wash water, no smell.

Report: July 16th, "Beijing Evening News" published the 3 edition of "no parking spaces occupied rental" of a text, reflecting the "Puhuangyu subway station A parking bike sharing" problem.

Feedback: East Street attaches great importance to the report, the office has repeatedly interviewed shared bicycle operators, sharing bicycle operators to find parking posts and responsibilities, and establish timely control, east street bike sharing management group, streets, community cadres to strengthen patrols. And sharing this point fixed bicycle enterprise staff, be responsible for daily management of bicycle sharing point.

Report: July 18th, "Beijing Evening News" published the 7 edition of the "building garbage in front of the building, dirty and dangerous" one article, pointed out that in the Fengtai District Yulin District, more than the emergence of a residential building in front of the building construction waste disposal situation.

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, the Fengtai District you'anmen Street attaches great importance to the investigation, Yulin District No. 17 Xuanwu housing management company three branch (hereinafter referred to as nobufusa) Zhiguangongfang, because 4 people upstairs is being renovated, resulting in front of the building the construction waste disposal situation. The first time someone to clean up the streets of accumulated renovation muck, and comprehensive clean-up of residential environment. Next, the streets will be established on the decoration garbage transfer station in the area, to ensure that the first time to the public area decoration garbage storage; contact with qualified recycling companies, waste materials recycling residents work well.

Report: July 23rd, "Beijing Evening News" published the fourth edition of "on the road". The waste furniture home "" a draft, reports the Changping District small town Liang Zhuang West and Tongcheng street intersection near the discarded waste furniture no clear problem.

Feedback: the reports published in the paper, Haidian District small town government immediately on issues related to the verification process. On the same day, the small town sanitation center deployed vehicles and sanitation workers to clean up, clean up the old furniture and all kinds of debris and garbage 18 tons, at present here has been restored to clean the town, the next step will be to strengthen inspection efforts, once found environmental problems, timely treatment.

8 reports: June 6, Beijing Evening News published a "small space for a meal? "The mayor of Dongcheng Lane three clearing vegetables incident was reported, the residents feel long-term occupation of space is a kind of vegetables, the occupation of public resources.

Feedback: the relevant departments of Dongcheng District, told reporters after the verification, the space for the demolition project, not residential space, this project according to the area to enhance the overall planning, no construction. Before clearing muck piles, overgrown with weeds, then open area planting vegetables, curing land, but also the surrounding environment has been improved, garbage disappeared. At present, the space by the front door of the street and property management, benefit the ripe vegetables to the residents of surrounding communities, obtained the support and recognition of the majority of residents of the area.

8 reports: June 8, 23 version of the Beijing Evening News published "interesting museums make people eat" cold-shoulder treatment ", pointed out that the Daxing town of Yizhuang Science Museum often closed.

Feedback: the town of Yizhuang science museum was built in October 2017, is in the service area residents safety science knowledge training base, is a non open museum. The surrounding residents, enterprises and institutions, schools can make an appointment to sign up to participate in the experience of science, at the same time, the town of Yizhuang is also combined with the working arrangements for the town residents and students recruited participants.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Ying Ye Xiaoyan Zhang Ao Zhang Nan

Finishing / Yang Xiaodan Xiang Xuyang

Editor: TF001

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