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Wu Yifan's first album officially launched 1.5 hours with iTunes dual list first

2018-10-26 10:31 beijing evening news TF017

Singer Wu Yifan in recent years by virtue of the "new" China rap show as heady, his singles also pick a song to come out, well received, fans have been looking forward to have a Wu Yifan album complete. In November 2nd, a collection of 14 songs of Wu Yifan's first album "Antares" officially launched the issue. Yesterday, Wu Yifan invited the media people, critics came to the studio, the album has not been disclosed, five new songs.

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In May 18th this year, Wu Yifan released the album's first single "Like That", which is the official Wu Yifan and Universal Music Group signed exclusive music contract after the launch of the first music. Has caused strong concern in the global scope of the song after the release, on-line less than 1.5 hours, successfully won the United States and the United States iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes overall standings standings list the first two, also won the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in seventy-third place, a Chinese singer in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart of the highest score. Subsequently, the first single "heaven and earth" Chinese network on-line, on-line the first weekend of 13 list champion position.

Audition, Wu Yifan as we put the album's five English songs, including the title track "Antares" described by Wu Yifan as "the entry song", in which everyone into his world of music, for the quiet atmosphere to listen. The title song "November Rain" (November rain) from the memory of his childhood. Wu Yifan said that he was born in November, grew up when living in Guangzhou, on November the rainy season impressive. "Often a person at home, love lying windows look out of the window of the rain, feeling a bit lonely." Then go to Vancouver, found in November is still the rainy season, the life experience and emotion together with this song. "Coupe" is a clear rhythm melody rap songs, Wu Yifan said: "this song is written mainly want to tell you my life is what I love, what kind of things."

From the current disclosure of the song, Wu Yifan still followed his own rap fusion of electronic music, with a strong identity and pioneering, also highlights the full international range of children. Wu Yifan admitted that his music style is not suitable for all audiences, but they still want to adhere to the existing direction. "My music has actually been less care market, I have been looking for balance, but not this off." The first album "Antares" after two and a half years of creation, including the 3 month retreat, he said, do the album from the beginning, did not consider the so-called epidemic. This album was released after it comes to look, Wu Yifan said: "I am afraid you said, don't know what you like or what style, style, I want to make music for me to explain."


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