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A diffuse change of domestic animated film film: "yesterday" with the audience "return to the blue sky of youth"

2018-10-26 10:16 beijing evening news TF017

The domestic animated film "green space" will be released today yesterday. The premiere, the film director Xi Chao said that the adaptation of the comic's pocket chocolate intention is very simple, just want to put our own experience, those small glittering youth retained in the cartoon, we Chinese lived in the town retained in the animated cartoon."

The movie "blue sky" yesterday is Guoneishoubu youth animation film, and lasted for three years, 100% pure domestic team creation, 100% real reduction film. Although it's just a 90 minute film, but for the team partner "is a lifetime dream". Producer Liu Min said, "yesterday" green space is a small cost, small production, but has been the 70% two-dimensional animation and the support of the team and hope for the rise of domestic animation dream tomorrow.

The author of the original pocket chocolate sincerely thank you recognition of "green space" of yesterday. He said that his creative mind is actually very simple, it is hoped to share each youth in the small beautiful, clean and pure but shining youth to stay in the picture. "My first feeling is that it is not easy to get this animation small and beautiful temperament preserved. As a cartoonist, see the characters move, have so many good actors for its voice, and there are so many sweet music and song, I feel very lucky."

Many viewers have said that the film is "the most touching part of empathy". The youth film is different from the very dramatic tension, "green space" selection yesterday will focus on the real youth. The audience said excitedly, the hero of the film, the story, the elements have found their own youth shadow, especially in the "master", Pu Shu dunk and ice cream, candy and other nostalgic elements, let oneself "a second return to the youth".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Li

Editor: TF017

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