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Jean Reno starred in "chasing Eagle diary" This release following the "killer" after the Encore "warm heart uncle"

2018-10-26 10:15 beijing evening news TF017

To join the French star Jean Reno movie star starring Manuel Kamako reputation masterpiece "chasing Eagle diary" today (10 26) National release.

Chinese audience is no stranger to Jean Reno, he in the "The Professional", "mission impossible", "Godzilla" and other works has a wonderful performance. This time in "chasing Eagle diary", Jean Reno following the "The Professional" after the plastic "warm heart uncle" image, all the way to witness the growth of Lucas as a child. But as Lucas Manuel Kamako although not yet 20 years old, has outstanding performance in 2011 with "dances with Wolves" in Spain was the twenty-fifth Goya Award for best new actor nomination.

The film begins with Jean Reno's meanders, a picture of the company and growth picture also appears in front of the audience, ineloquent lonely teenager Lucas accidentally discovered the injured young eagle Abel and bring it home care, two young life so tightly linked to each other to become the most an important partner in life. Lucas for its fishing foraging, and teach it how to fly not to mind taking the trouble. In a step by step to Abel transformation process of powerful air king, Lucas slowly untied his heart, and to the world. While Jean Reno played the Ranger Denzel Lucas is on the road of life in the light, tense relationship with his father Lucas difficult communication situations, Denzel repeatedly in his confusion and difficulty helping, not only patience to listen to his troubles, but also a step by step guide him to understand the true meaning of love and life. Two people with superb acting the mentor, trust and rely on the most incisive interpretation of emotion.

Prior to the film released in the overseas harvest "the most beautiful film" evaluation. It is reported that "chasing Eagle diary" creative team adhere to the "shoot first" principle, which lasted for 6 years deep in the mountains, whether it is shocking stunning scenery or pleasant state of adorable animal, by photographing. There are a lot of the audience in the concept of the movie "the film praised the visual shock, texture comparable to BBC documentary."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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