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"Smoke free Beijing" exposure stage tracking reports: the number of exposure in public places tobacco control strict rectification

2018-10-26 09:47 beijing evening news TF0328

People in the restaurant or office to see someone smoking illegal, can require managers to dissuade, also can take pictures using a mobile phone to WeChat smoke Beijing complaints.

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The "healthy Beijing" magazine and Beijing City Tobacco Control Association column "smokeless Beijing exposure" publish a weekly report, has been released hundreds of complaints, expand social supervision function. There is the rectification of these complaints of illegal smoking in public places? There are people illegal smoking? This print will be published in a public place to rectify the situation, strict control correction.

Published in June 8th in the Beijing smokeless exposure in Taichung, Peking Restaurant glorious road shop, shop, shop Fangzhuang Yangqiao customer complaints, the reason is the hall with the guest service personnel failed to discourage smoking. Fengtai District Wei Planning Commission led District Management Committee, District Commission of Commerce, Dahongmen street, Nanyuan Township in 3 Peking Restaurant stores immediately held a good restaurant in Peking tobacco control work coordination, and put forward the relevant requirements of tobacco control. Beijing Road, Fangzhuang brilliance restaurant shop responsible person Tian Xing said that the restaurant arranged tour to persuade members of smoke, security personnel and quality inspection personnel on-site evidence, making smoking, smoking, broadcast recording's poster posted no smoking, formulate the internal reward system, quality inspection personnel on-site evidence uninterrupted inspections in the restaurant. Through the above corrective actions to effectively eliminate the phenomenon of smoking in the restaurant guests. In June 11th, 12, on-site inspection of the 3 restaurants were not found to have people smoking.

June 15th Beijing smokeless exposure table exposure's blueprint for building individual office staff in the elevator hall, floor corridor, fire channel, toilet, office area and other area within the building (seven floors of smoking is particularly serious, causing part of the floor public area) air pollution. After being exposed, road building blueprint to make a rectification, in the building of public areas, lobby, corridor, walking inside no smoking sign setting ladder and toilet. The tobacco control system issued various business floors, and signed the "security, fire safety responsibility". Take the full supervision system, personnel arrangement fixed on each floor of daily supervision and inspection, such as smoking, smoking and discourage timely publicity and education work of the dissuasion of the person in charge of communication to prevent smoking phenomenon from happening again, and to inspect the situation every day, make a detailed record for the record.

At the beginning of the new year 9 month, smoke Beijing WeChat public platform a few days later received the Beijing Youth Politics College 54 illegal smoking complaints, a smoke Beijing WeChat public platform complaints the month. Which mainly reflects the problems in the student dormitory management and School of tobacco smoking seriously.

Beijing Youth Politics College after that take immediate measures, in accordance with the "overall change, zero tolerance, rigorous pragmatic requirements, strengthen tobacco control inspection, the establishment of the list of issues ledger, tobacco control advocacy, education, combining punishment, strict control of dormitory smoking, at the same time in September of 11 illegal smoking students carried out a serious warning the punishment, illegal smoking complaints decreased. At present, the school is actively creating a smoke-free classroom and dormitory, and do some modification of the system, such as illegal smoking students can not enjoy the financial aid.

Beijing smoke exposure table

From October 15th to October 21st, smoke Beijing WeChat platform received the violation of "Beijing Smoking Control Ordinance" report a total of 459 places. The respondent places in the top five are: office building (165), restaurants (108) and office (65), (43), shopping malls (23 pieces). A week by the unit of complaints:

In the future when the building is 42 times - complaints

The complaint: 3 male toilet smoking problem, property cleaning unattended stop.

- in - Inspection Building complaints were 9 times

The complaint: underground 2 layer has the property of smoking, cigarette butts, arrogant attitude.

The Milky Way - soho- was 8 times of complaints

Complaint: people smoking, no management.

Gold - Mall- was 8 times Yujia product complaints

The complaint: some people smoking in shopping malls, no one to discourage or improve.

- Shenzhen - complaint 7 Crystal Palace

The complaint: the leadership of the company all day, as well as pregnant women, smoking, choking can not stand.

- China University of Political Science and Law - complaint 6

The complaint: 7 Juyuan dormitory building on the west side of the stairs was smoking, said there is a punishment regulations, the Security Department of education, counselor education, but did not carry out fine, never seen. Hope can be installed monitoring, smoke.

- Peking University - complaint 5

The complaint: changchunyuan 65 floor, one in the 5 layer men's restroom smoke.

Beijing - Beijing Office Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. - complaint 5

The complaint: the company every day many people smoking in the corridor and toilet, the whole floor is full of smoke, seriously affect the health.

- International - complaint 5 Botai

The complaint: different floors in the corridor were smoking.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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