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"We" today released a ginger color called "Tibetan version" thief family ""

2018-10-26 10:04 beijing evening news TF017

By adding too loosely directed, starring Tibetan singer Rongzhong'Erjia and song song of the movie "fuck, ginger" today visit the national cinema. The harvest in this year's Shanghai International Film Awards and best screenplay award, there are a lot of evaluation will loose too plus and the Japanese director Hirokazu Kore Eda together, also said the film is "Tibetan version of the" thief "family".

The main emotional changes between the film "Allah" by ginger people for the story, tells the story of a promise, love, affection and the growth of the heroine in the story: to very ill, insisted on embarking on a long tour of Lhasa. The husband and son have to follow to join the family company, in the difficult journey to gradually eliminate the estrangement, reconciliation.

One of the old man and the little donkey story ideas of the story comes from Rongzhong'Erjia to speak too loose, too loose and it is very moved, he wrote the script, also invited to Rongzhong'Erjia as actor. Although this is the singer Rongzhong'Erjia first appeared in the big screen works, but his performance is quite natural, and the characters. Director Matsuta Ka revealed that a particular habit of this and his creation, "every time I write the script, are used to find an actor to write, to enrich the character according to the actor's characteristics, so that the two more fit." Rongzhong'Erjia is modest yet humorously said, "I am not confident about his acting, because I MV is the highest level in the past, the director also often said that in the film, the child ass than I do a good job, I have been with the donkey rivalry, later found that it is indeed better than the body, take place I'm good."

Different from the previous film on the Tibetan belief and landscape elements such as emphasis, "Allah" is exploring ginger more universal relationship, the lens at the film in the lives of ordinary people, showing a sincere character style. Producer Liao Xi said: "this movie has a rare vitality, is grown out from the land of Tibet, with its smell, but also have a sincere."

As the "color" of Allah ginger producer filmmaker Du Qingchun worked with Tibetan director Van Mar Caidan worked quietly "Mani stone", he admitted to participate in the first scene, Tibetan theme works some resistance: "I think I'm not ready to do a very strange with their ethnic, cultural and religious film. But to see too loose when the director of the "River", I have a lot of relaxation. His movies can let me forget the specific cultural background, is not to say that in the background, there is no movie but I can say, like other movies, from the point of view of human nature it." Du Qingchun said, has produced three movies too loose with has entered a mature state, and "Allah" Ginger he is by far the most mature works.

Before the roadshow, many viewers also mentioned that the combination of film with Oriental realism and minority culture, overturn the Tibetan film left the stereotype: "Allah" Ginger color "finished Tibetan movies from the scenery to the humanities documentary transition, also has brought a revolutionary change as the Tibetan theme." Producer Du Qingchun said, hope in the future, people can get rid of "Tibet" attribute when it comes to Tibetan film, but the film as a Chinese movie to see: "we do not have to be a pure Tibetan film, we do is a movie, a Chinese film creation, in the hope that it is only such a concept and definition."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Li

Editor: TF017

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