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Beijing November 7th test run 15 heating ignition at room temperature to ensure compliance

2018-10-26 08:34 Beijing daily TF011

In October 25th, the deployment of Beijing city this winter heating and snow and ice, before the end of the month, the city's heating unit with the heating conditions. The heating season, the heating area will reach 870 million square meters, central heating area basically clean.

The heating season average temperature slightly higher than normal plain

According to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau of the overall temperature heating season from November 2018 to March 2019, preliminary estimates, the average temperature in plain area of the city for the 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, slightly higher than normal. According to the regulations, if there is no sudden drop in temperature, snow and other extreme weather, the heating unit is scheduled to 11 7 April unified ignition test run, 11 15, to ensure that the residents of the home room temperature standard.

According to the City Administration Committee of the relevant person in charge, the heating season, the heating area of the city's urban area is expected to reach 870 million square meters, more than a quarter of the new heating is about 30 million square meters. At present the city heating units the renovation and maintenance work has been basically completed before October 31st, all with the heating conditions. Since the last heating season, November 7th heating, the heating units changed after ignition mode, instead of uniform ignition trial operation, strengthen regulation, timely treatment of leaking and other issues, to ensure that the November 15th official residents of the home heating, room temperature standard.

The central heating basic clean

This year, the city continue to promote clean energy transformation, Yanqing, Pinggu and Miyun District of clean energy transformation of 6 coal-fired heating boiler, a total transformation of coal-fired steam boilers 1660 tons, involving residential heating area of about 9 million square meters. So far, in addition to individual boiler room mountain, the city's coal-fired boiler clean energy transformation completed.

City Gas Group has signed a gas purchase contract with PetroChina north company, implement the annual consumption and the heating season, including natural gas, coal gas and other new year users of gas demand.

According to reports, the city of boiler coal to clean energy transformation, adhere to the "first break after", the original coal-fired heating facilities reserved for emergency standby heat source.

Complaint handling is not timely deductible subsidies

The city also carried out heating facilities safety and social disputes.

After the start of heating and heating test and evaluation system of heating Department construction operation, safety, energy saving service, all of the city's heating units for quantitative assessment. The "service" assessment of the main reference user complaints, evaluation etc..

According to the city heating Management Committee Office of the relevant person in charge, the 12345 hotline will start accepting complaints from the 11 month 7 days of heating, heating units to improve the complaints supervision orders and feedback rate for prevarication, complaint handling is not timely, poor service attitude of the heating unit, according to the circumstances of the deduction of financial subsidies.

It is understood that the city district (inclusive) above the emergency rescue team a total of 28, more than 800 people, part of the heating unit is established inside the emergency rescue team, in November 1st officially entered the standby state, a comprehensive response to emergencies.

The city's designation of 173 snow melting agents banned areas

This winter, the city will continue to strictly control the scope and quantity of use of deicing and snow melting agent designating the 173 disabled area, a total area of 37 million 200 thousand square meters.

The city's districts, the operating units have set up the snow and ice command, ensure road 19 thousand and 400, the total length of 16 thousand and 200 kilometers, the total area of 256 million square meters, an increase of 4.5%.

The preparation of various types of snow removal vehicles 6179 sets of equipment, including snow removal of 3504 units of vehicles, machinery and equipment 2675 Taiwan; equipped with artificial snow tool 265 thousand, snow set consumptive field 70. At present, the city zone and the operating units of emergency support team to complete the formation of the city, the snow is ready.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Wang Tianqi

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