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The 49 year old still dare to play more than 20 year old girl, what gave Jiang Wenli the "willful" capital?

2018-10-25 17:46 Yi Zhan TF015

Is the hit TV series "little woman" Zhengyang door buddies in the chase?

49 years old and 53 years old Jiang Wenli Ni Dahong love drama, actually not embarrassed not to jump the play, and occasionally take pink bubble ~ ~

The audience said, there is a beginning point to this group of fifty years old actors pretending, excessive dermabrasion and filters to catch up with the mosaic, but the actors are really wonderful performance so that they ignore the age and color value.

The play time span of more than 20 years, is about a tavern in Beijing Hutong the groundless talk, Jiang Wenli's boss Xu Huizhen is undoubtedly the soul, her courageous intelligent, gentle appearance, strong heart, after all the hardships finally become a successful businesswoman. Jiang Wenli's performance is as in the past to steady accurate, strong and gentle women are just perfect interpretation of her so inspiring.

Jiang Wenli was born in an intellectual family, from childhood to learn gymnastics, dance, all kinds of world masterpiece wetted her on now is a standard female Wen qing. After the failure of the college entrance examination, she was working in a factory but tap water, the burning flames of the heart how can be dousing the reality? When she learned that there are movie world, this place, they decided to Beijing exam, are not ready.

There is a famous joke about her exam: the exam was the topic of "Tangshan earthquake", when the other candidates are sisters play grief, Jiang Wenli slumped on the ground looking at the sky, secretly tears, the pattern of performance was struck by the examiner, she also successfully admitted to Beijing Film Academy.

About the Chinese film "God" Farewell to My Concubine, more and more people will mention one component is small but people can not ignore the role of Cheng Dieyi's mother, she was played by Jiang Wenli.

She plays the film is the bottom of a miserable fate of prostitutes, wearing two flowers, a graceful, just turn her eyes, feeling on the hook in the soul. Even when she knelt down request of theater troupe take when she is not the kind of clothing, bitternessplay in plop kowtow, but like a snake, softly down on his knees, kneeling to skilled and style, with half is begged half the charm of the eyes, look just like a human taste bitter romantic woman.

This period of less than seven minutes of play, is regarded by many as acting and textbooks, people even think that the interpretation of Jiang Wenli, to color than the film Gong Li. While filming the movie, Jiang Wenli is a sophomore.

Jiang Wenli's facial features are not that stunning hanging, her elegant and gentle appearance temperament makes people feel very close, as in our daily life can come into contact with those ordinary and lovely sister, mother, aunt, so many of her famous roles are the family theme works, she plays are often shuttle images of common women in the workplace and in the family.

For example, this let her first harvest national profile TV series "hand in hand".

The "hand" is the 99 year of the TV series, and may be the first to focus on domestic affairs series, was also unprecedented.

Jiang Wenli and Wu Ruofu in the film, as a family to give up the cause of the intellectuals of Xia Xiaoxue. She was a glamorous dancer, but now in the library doing idle work, become small household affairs also let her husband feel womanishly fussy, two people have a common language, so, under the young Faye Yu's husband derailed, seems to be the inevitable.

This story is not to make you think about "my former life? But in fact, in the analysis of marriage and divorced women to show independence, nearly twenty years ago the "hand" to deep and much better.

For the middle-aged couples and marriage difficulties portray the, cruel and bitter, but also from time to time with warmth, can show the true marital status. But Xia Xiaoxue finally re position themselves, out of the predicament of marriage, not only to win the success of people of all ages, but also ushered in the opportunity to ex composite. The ending of the play the last open, but also convey a destiny in their own hands means women.

In the TV series "China Style Divorce", Jiang Wenli's performance is a marriage of women and feather by showing the most incisive, played by actress Jiang Wenli Lin Xiaofeng for marriage and family completely lost self, almost hysterical, but ultimately failed to save her husband.

In this drama publicity banner is played Jiang Wenli makeup appearance, young art Zhan Jun see her unkempt yellow face like stills on TV, my heart does not address him: This is my mother and every housewife? With a force of people performing national family women's dilemma, this skill is really terrible.

Next is this she and Guoli Zhang starred in the "golden". A period of time, turn on the TV almost every channel in the play, everyone relish.

The marriage is like a chronicle, a total of 50 sets, a set of one year, Jiang Wenli completed a cross from a girl to grandma ages show at the age of 50, a pair of ordinary couples from youth to old age, from acquaintance to acquaintance to spend fuel, Xiangruyimo marriage, interpretation of both simple and touching. His "golden" when Jiang Wenli, in fact, has been nearly forty years.

She also and old handsome Sun Chun, contributed two "love baodianpian" works "Haoxianghaoxiang love" and "pursuit of happiness".

"Love" is known as the China Haoxianghaoxiang version of "sex and the city", is about four different character of the urban women's emotional life, respectively by Jiang Wenli, Na Ying (yes, you are not wrong, who is singing), Luo Haiqiong and starring Liang Jing, one of Jiang Wenli's most important scenes.

In the film, she played the female boss Tan Ailin beautiful elegant book, there was a glimmer of fantasy of love. When she met with all the charm men set but is do not want to marry Wu Yuefeng, Liao Liao and anti both inevitably all you come to me to move the glint and flash of cold steel "".

If at that time, young Jiang Wenli and Sun Chun is still playing the game of love, two people once again after so many years of cooperation "pursuit of happiness", is about how to effectively grasp the relationship and smoothly into marriage.

This drama, Jiang Wenli plays a older young women, beautiful and generous, good work life, because did not meet the right person, rather than compromise has been single. You know, this drama background is the last century in 80s and 90s, a more than 30 year old girl was not an object not married, but rather bold.

In the play she and Sun Chun ogle the, see people love to be.

In these works, Jiang Wenli's image is good, but then referred to a movie, she has to be ugly fat devoted a touching Mandarin, The imprint is engraved on my heart. masterpiece, the film is directed by Gu Changwei's "spring".

Jiang Wenli played in the film is a music teacher Wang Cailing, she is fat ugly, but were born with a good voice. She lives in a small town but pretentious, wanted to go to the Central Opera singing in the film, she made various attempts and efforts, but finally failed. In life many times hit, she can only accept the fate, become the ordinary common people.

Jiang Wenli said, in order to Wang Cailing in the role of the doctrine of the Baotou dialect, the practice of Bel, also gain 30 pounds, due to excessive weight gain too much, the body unable to adapt to lose the balance, walk often falls down. Under eyes and gossip, she realized the Wang Cailing pride and inferiority, dreams and lost, again in the show, a classic characters that Wang Cailing is an unforgettable contribution for Chinese film.

"Spring" has been eleven years ago, when it did not get what impressive box office, but in 11 years, more and more people find the value of this film, Wang Cailing found the precious, this is probably the classic charm. Every spring to this day, there are young artists in drying out the charm long lines, a tribute to all the ordinary people are unwilling and mediocre dream. Today's article, we also take these two lines as the node.

"Spring is over, there is no sign what spring actually in the city, but the wind really is not the same, it seems overnight in warm and humid, when this wind blows, it makes me want to cry."

"Every one spring, actually does not mean what, but I always feel to what happened. My heart is always ready to, but the spring is over, what did not happen at all. I am very disappointed, seems to miss what like."

Source: Yi Zhan

Editor: TF015

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