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"The wolf" after Wu Jing this time to "save the planet" - after reading the script bawler

2018-10-25 16:00 beijing evening news TF011

By Wu Jing in particular, adapted from Liu Cixin's novel the movie "wandering earth" this afternoon just in the Space Museum held fixed gear conference, announced the 2019 release of the Lunar New Year's day, Wu Jing played a pilot in the film, in the moment of vital importance to save mankind, in distress, Wu Jing said, watching their after the script, was struck by a hitherto unknown adventure film, his cry splinters, then also determined the science fiction blockbuster.

In 1990, Liu Cixin published the novel of the same name, Guo Fan's team took 3 years of preparation, the light is shot in 2017 shooting, drew more than 8000 lattice, dynamic preview 30 minutes. In addition, there are four Chinese Academy of scientists to join together to discuss, in order to establish a precise view of the world.

Wu Jing in the film as a child astronaut, Wu Jing said, the script reminds him of his own children Wu called due to premature birth in the delivery room when the rescue scene, "I feel for the children are willing to give their lives!" This experience of life like in the movie the astronaut, "I'm not doing this movie how stupid ah!"

The press conference announced the first concept poster and departure Edition Trailer, in Shanghai Oriental Pearl and the Olympic building was covered with snow and ice, the sun will destroy the moment, by Qu Chusu, Li Guangjie, Ng Man Tat, Zhao Jinmai etc. the adventure team into the planetary engine, a race against the human battle started.

Starring Qu Chusu said the film circle own sci-fi dream, because of his childhood love of science fiction movies.

To tell the truth, China science fiction film is still in the initial stage, "the wandering earth" can be a hit, or an unknown, but no matter how, science fiction is a national film industry standard highest expression, let us bless "stray earth"!



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Yuewen.

Editor: TF011

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