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[walk sixteen area feel forty years of reform and opening up: Huairou] green shade Science City

2018-10-25 11:32 beijing evening news TF008

At the foot of the Great Wall, Yanqi lake, just more than 50 km from the Beijing area where Huairou Science City is developing at the speed of change rapidly. The reporter in the science city of Yanqi Main Street, lined with the United States about Mars, Bohr, Asahi and a number of enterprises, the building body gray is particularly conspicuous in the plants under the shade. Between the buildings, food stores, basketball courts, benches and leisure space for the garden every person at any time to stop, a cup of coffee, sit in the garden to rest. In the area of more than 100 square kilometers, has a large scientific facilities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huairou campus, the new campus in the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers below is very beautiful.

Only a short while ago, Huairou's food, beverage, and packaging industry in China, but high technology and scientific research, etc. key words do not seem to do. In 1992, Yanqi Development Zone started construction, after 20 years of development. Yanqi Development Zone has more than 300. 6 2009 12, China Science Institute of Beijing science and Technology Industrial Park Huairou Yanqi Economic Development Zone was established, and then science became indissoluble bound, embarked on a rapid development. The next 10 years, Huairou science and Technology Industrial Park research and transformation base 22 has a project put into operation.

In Huairou today, a target of world-class science city, continue to accelerate the pace of construction. The comprehensive experimental device for extreme conditions such as a large number of scientific equipment and cross science research platform construction has been started to provide core support for Huairou science city. High starting point positioning, the kernel has sophisticated Huairou Science City, the planning layout affects long-term development. Huairou Science City in accordance with the "construction of the science city of hundred years, target to build a world-class original innovation bearing area, accelerate the construction of the Beijing Huairou comprehensive national science center, make it become the core support of science and technology innovation center with global influence of the construction of Beijing.

Our wild bitter no such thing

2017 years and 2 month 7 days, Huairou Science City officially announced the "four nuclear" construction planning, the planning area of 41.2 square kilometers, Huairou Science City blueprint for the initial draw. More than a year ago, located in the "world class original innovation bearing area" of Beijing Huairou Science City construction planning has been from the original 41.2 square kilometers, adjusted to 100.9 square kilometers. Study on the spatial layout, infrastructure construction, system security design is orderly.

The original palm place only three real wood

Yang Xiaoou is a Science City veteran character, from 1992 to the present, she experienced a science city from scratch, from small to large changes: "at that time, the science city of this piece of land called the Huairou Wild West, the soil is not good, is full of bunker, the science city is growing up from the bunker."

Yang Xiaoou and her contemporaries "Science City" known as the "pioneer", at that time, Yang Xiaoou from the local science city now A location is five miles, the listing is called "Yanqi Industrial Development zone". "Now, with an area of more than 100 square kilometers, the time will be two hundred or three hundred square meters." Yang Xiaoou said, in the "slap" of the place, only three real wood, six workers, as well as a surveyor and a chef. "I run the business tube reception of foreign businesses, almost every month from the county to the run several times, because of traffic inconvenience, can only ride his bike, on the way to see what people."

From 1987 to participate in the work, to be sent to the "pioneer", Yang Xiaoou clearly remember the first time the reception is a group of Hongkong businessmen, in order to improve the reception work, she was riding fifteen miles to the county, county government at the time on the west side of the hotel to Shang Jiaan Longshan lined room. "At that time the town two hotels, basically all investors are arranged here." Since then, the county to the "wild west" 15 miles, Yang Xiaoou's bike passed over and over again.

3 years finally upstairs office hard pioneer

Welcome investors to let Yang Xiaoou and colleagues then opened the eyes of a car, wearing suits and foreign businessmen surprised Yang Xiaoou. "We really want to come, but when this condition is really not good nest."

Yang Xiaoou once and the workers together from a height overlooking the land, see is big and small bunkers and weeds, then there is uneven vegetable. Perennial villagers and outsiders to steal soil so that the road here is very difficult for foreign investors, the car often stuck in the pit, the bicycle also spared, brought no small trouble to investment: "in some places there is no road, we bought a new good soil fertility, a pit a pit, filled with a tractor push, launched a line to put pebbles." Yang Xiaoou said, sometimes the bunker is too big, filling when accidentally fall into, when the workers were pulled out of the lower part of the body is full of mud, there is grass cut leg hole. "Every time we fill after the shoes, the shoes shoes can stand up, is standing there."

In this way, more than half a year, by the end of 1992, it finally fill out a 1.5 kilometers, cobbled road, has been extended to now Yanqi east two road, including now part of Yanqi street. From 1992 to now, Yanqi street is always there, always runs through the city of science." Yang Xiaoou said.

1995, in order to improve the office environment, expand investment, Yang Xiaoou they came away from the site to the east of 1500 meters around the place, waiting for them, 8 is a two-story conjoined small villa, after coordination, the SAM became Yanqi Industrial Development Zone of the new site. "More than three years we finally went upstairs to the office, but when I arrived are blank room, iron windows, motionless sand falling from above." Yang Xiaoou said, in addition to a general manager and deputy general manager two special rooms and meeting rooms, others have no place to rest, although each villa area of more than 200 square meters, the dining room and reception area removed, office area of dozens of people is closely baba. "We will contact the customer in this environment, give to Huairou factories, businesses take root location, put down the phone and pen, everyone became a pioneer."

Every weekend, Yang Xiaoou and dozens of engineers together with the general manager to cut the grass, trees, fill the pit, sand: "the place is too remote, people are not particularly willing to come, in order to create a good business environment, then we now learn how to get students engineers a sickle of weeds, the car fell into the business the dry river, they helped push us down." Yang Xiaoou said.

"Good day wild west" has finally come

In June 12, 2009, Chinese Science Academy of Beijing science and Technology Industrial Park Huairou Yanqi Economic Development Zone was established, and then the scientific indissoluble bound with. Yang Xiaoou and colleagues after the third move, finally came to the tall office building beautiful today. Yang Xiaoou's love, is the office where the large French window. "Look happy, bright, finally do not have everybody crowded together."

In September 2016, the Huairou Science City and Zhongguancun Science City, the future of science with the city by the State Council as the capital construction of the national science and technology innovation center of the three big science city, rising as an important part of the national innovation strategy. Working here for more than 20 years, Yang Xiaoou has been labeled the "Science City" label, looking at the park and a number of young master and doctor become their colleagues. "Look at them, though he also became younger, once the wild west could attract so much knowledge and skills of young people to work, our wild bitter no such thing."

At midday, Yang Xiaoou will call a few colleagues in the park around, especially love walking in the streets of yanqi. "I'll look when we open the place where, where was the bunker, where is the vegetable, then put the matter before speaking to the young colleagues."

Look at the park family covers the basic necessities of life of domestic and foreign enterprises and the location of the project, Yang Xiaoou bluntly that they wish for many years finally realized. "That is to find people, people do not want to come to the industrial park, we can sit in the selected business, now is the Golden Phoenix to come to a good day, the wild west, finally came." Yang Xiaoou sighed.

The two generation of 80 "science city"
Wang Yuhan hopes to develop a "Three Generation Science city"

Wang Yuhan is a 80, after 2015 years with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing comprehensive research center came to Huairou, has been working in the science city of more than three years. "When a lot of people came to my side particularly strange, however, because my family lived for three generations in Huairou, my father began to work in Yanqi Industrial Development Zone in 1994." Wang Yuhan said.

A conciliatory person and dealing with the "Science City, the second generation" label, Wang Yu Han said his childhood, not on what memory almost here. "My family lives in the county, except for the occasional family visit with Dad, almost never been here."

One year the Spring Festival, the new year's Eve that his father in the hospital, Wang Shu Han's mother took her to the CMC was "where small villa" office area, to accompany his father to eat family reunion dinner. "I asked the father, here for wheat a year after year, a group of a group of sheep away, what time can be completed?" Wang Yuhan said, in her little memory, his father's office on duty the dim light, the surrounding environment is not good, feel father a person too hard, in the future must be in the county, even inside the city work.

After graduating from high school, Wang Yu Han successfully admitted to the City University, after graduation, went to work in Zhongguancun Industrial Park, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, live every day from five in the morning to go out, night at nine days. "Too tired, every morning from Huairou sit 866 to Zhongguan Village, the road back and forth for hours." Wang Yuhan also tried to rent in the vicinity of the unit, with rising rents, the short North drift of life has ended.

When is Wang Yuhan worry about 2013, because the Zhongguancun regional space is narrow, can not meet the demand of the CAS project covers an area of, and some project institute - Huairou science and Technology Industrial Park began to migrate to the predecessor of the Huairou science city. Even so, I started still very hesitant, Science City side many facilities have not been built, my husband and I buy a house in the county, living facilities, the future of school children how to solve the problems, there was no answer."

Learned of her daughter's father Wang Bingshu specially for the confusion, Wang Yuhan had a talk, hope the daughter can take the opportunity of "women to follow in his footsteps". "My father said to me, here 20 years ago, a growing number of high-tech enterprises to Science City, the future will be one of the landmarks in Huairou, Beijing and China." My father's words let Wang Yuhan wide thinking a lot, "I was a child in Huairou, certainly looking forward to the development of Huairou is getting better, he can contribute to the development of the Science City, and continue to work in my father work place, more meaningful."

Home to work more than three years, Wang Yuhan witnessed, including electronic mechanics, space center, a Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and the air plant in the Science City project. "It is not only my father and I, I also work in the park, we are a family of two generations, three people are the Science City people." Looking around at the Science City District built more better, various living facilities have gradually improved, Wang Yu Han glad that they listened to my father's advice was, "it's unexpected, once the wild west to develop in such a way."

Not long ago, Wang Yuhan when his mother, his children, Wang Yuhan admitted that she and her husband are hoping to develop a "Science City three generation". "The 101 Middle School of international department here, kindergarten, primary school are complete, we have nothing to worry about." Wang Yuhan looking forward, one family "Science City" label to pass, continue to Science City, contributing to the development of Huairou.


The construction of Yanqi Industrial Development Zone

The township industrial area in mountainous area

In 1983, Huairou county Party committee and government put forward the "mountain plain enterprises do", set aside 2 square kilometers of land for township industrial area in mountainous areas, accumulated some practical experience for the establishment of industrial development zone.

The economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee

In September 24, 1992, Huairou county government set up economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, the unified leadership and Coordination Development Zone work.

The name "Beijing Yanqi Industrial Development zone"

In December 8, 2000, the municipal government approved the Yanqi Industrial Development Zone as a Municipal Industrial Development Zone, the name was changed to "Beijing Yanqi Industrial Development zone".

Yanqi Industrial Development Zone Management Committee

Yanqi Economic Development Zone Management Committee

Zhongguancun - Huairou garden Award

In March 7, 2013, Zhongguancun Huairou Park award. Huairou park is included in the scope of the Zhongguancun demonstration zone, docking in the institutional mechanisms, policies, information resources, make full use of Zhongguancun "1+6" series of pilot policy and standard system, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of Yanqi Development Zone, Huairou park become a new growth pole of economic development in Huairou.

Three scientific city planning and construction of the overall

In September 2016, the State Council issued the "Beijing overall plan" to strengthen the construction of the national science and technology innovation center, put forward the overall planning and construction of the Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City and future science and technology city". In November of the same year, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the "Huairou Science City Construction Development Plan (2016-2020 years)". In May 2017, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology jointly approved the "Beijing Huairou comprehensive national science center construction plan", agreed to build Beijing Huairou comprehensive national science center.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Ao

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