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[walking sixteen districts, experiencing reform and opening up for forty years] Huairou: new green covering Science City

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At the foot of the Great Wall, Yan Qi lake is just more than 50 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing. Huairou Science City is developing at a rapid pace. Reporters roam in the main street of the Science City, Yan Qi street, around the United States Marshall, Bohr, Asahi, Japan and other enterprises, the gray building in the green plant under the screen is particularly conspicuous. Buildings, food stores, basketball courts, leisure benches and spaces allow everyone in the park to stop at any time, order a cup of coffee and sit in the garden. In this more than 100 square kilometer area, there are large scientific installations, various institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and new campus of the Huairou campus of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is especially beautiful under the background of blue sky, white clouds and green hills and green waters.

Once upon a time, the food, beverage and packaging industries in Huairou were well known all over the country, but they did not seem to be related to scientific research, high technology and other key words. In 1992, the development of Yan Qi development area was officially started, and after 20 years of development. There are more than 300 enterprises in Yan Qi development area. In June 12, 2009, the Beijing science and Education Industrial Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established, and the wild goose economic development zone was indissoluble with science and embarked on the fast development of Huairou. Over the past 10 years, 22 projects of scientific research and transformation base in Huairou science and Education Industrial Park have been put into operation.

In today's Huairou, a scientific city aiming at the world is developing rapidly. A large number of scientific installations and cross scientific research platforms have been launched under the comprehensive extreme conditions experimental facility, providing core support for Huairou Science City. Huairou Science City, with a high starting point and a sophisticated core, has a long-term impact on its layout. Huairou Science City, in accordance with the goal of "building a centennial Science City and building a world-class original innovation bearing area", has accelerated the construction of the comprehensive national science center of Huairou, Beijing, making it the core support for Beijing to build a technological innovation center with global influence.

We had no trouble in pioneering.

In February 7, 2017, Huairou Science City officially announced the construction plan of "one core and four zones", and proposed the planning area of 41.2 square kilometers. The blueprint of Huairou Science City was preliminarily drawn. Over the past year, the construction plan of Beijing Huairou Science City has been adjusted from the original 41.2 square kilometers to 100.9 square kilometers. Spatial layout research, infrastructure construction and system guarantee design are advancing in an orderly way.

There were only three wooden houses in the palm of the hand.

Yang Xiaoou is the "elder statesman" of the science city. From 1992 to the present, she has gone through the vicissitudes of Science City from scratch, from small to big: "at that time, the land of Science City was called Huairou western wilderness, the soil was not good, all were sand bunkers, and the science city grew up from the sand pit."

Yang Xiaoou referred to her "science city people" as her "pioneers" at that time. At that time, Yang Xiaoou worked five miles away from the location of A in the Science City, and was listed as the "Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone Management Committee". "Compared with the area of more than 100 square kilometers now, it was two hundred or three hundred square meters at that time." Yang Xiaoou said that there were only three wooden planks, six workers, and a surveyor and a cook in this "big palm" area. "At that time, I was in charge of dealing with foreign merchants, almost every month running from the county seat to the city. Because of the inconvenience of transportation, I could only ride on my own and I couldn't see anyone on the road."

From 1987 to work, to be sent to the CMC "pioneer", Yang Xiaoou clearly remembered that the first reception was a group of businessmen from Hongkong. In order to do a good job in the reception work, she came to the county seat by bike fifteen Li. At that time, Longshan Hotel on the west side of the county government arranged Shang Jiaan's room. "At that time, there were two guesthouses in the county town, and basically all the investment companies were arranged here." From then on, the county town went to the 15 mile road of West wilderness, and Yang Xiaoou's bicycle went through and over again.

Three years of hard work finally went upstairs.

Yang Xiaoou was surprised by the fact that the investors were invited to open their eyes with their colleagues, who drove cars and dressed in Hong Kong businessmen and foreign businessmen. "We really want to attract Phoenix, but the nesting conditions were really bad at that time."

Yang Xiaoou once overlooked the land from his height with his fellow workers. He saw large and small bunkers and barren grass, and in the distance there was a ragged vegetable plot. Perennial villagers and outsiders steal the soil and make the roads very difficult. Foreign investment vehicles often get stuck in the pits, and bicycles are hard to escape, which has brought a lot of trouble to attracting investment: "there are no roads in some places. We bought a new soil with good fertility, a hole in a pit, filled up with a tractor and pushed out a line to shop pebbles." Yang Xiaoou said, sometimes the sand pit is too big. When it fills up, it will fall into it carelessly. When it is dragged out by the workmen, the lower part of the body is full of mud, and there is still a cut on the leg. "Every time we fill the soil, we take off our shoes and put up our shoes. We can stand there."

In this way, more than half a year has passed. By the end of 1992, a road of 1.5 km or so paved with cobblestones has been finally extended to the two road of Yan Qi Dong, including today's part of Yan Qi street. "From 1992 to now, Yan Qi street is always there, running through the science city." Yang Xiaoou said.

In 1995, in order to improve the office environment and expand investment, Yang Xiaoou arrived at about 1500 meters from the original site, waiting for them. It was eight two story conjoined villas. After coordination, three of them became the new site of the Management Committee of Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone. "More than three years, we finally went upstairs to work, but when we first came, they were all rough houses, iron windows, falling down from above. Yang Xiaoou said that in addition to a general manager and two deputy general managers, there are specialized rooms and conference rooms, where no rest is available. Although each villa has an area of more than 200 square meters, the office area of dozens of people is also very tight except the dining hall and reception area. "We are in such an environment to contact customers, to deliberately take root in Huairou factory, business location, put down the phone and pen, everyone has become a pioneer."

Every weekend, Yang Xiaoou and dozens of engineers along with the general manager cut the grass, planted trees, filled holes and fixed sand: "the place is too remote, and people are not particularly willing to come. In order to create a good business environment, our college engineers were learning how to cut the grass with sickle, and the merchant's car fell into the dry river, and we went down to help them push." Yang Xiaoou said frankly.

Finally, a good day for "West wilderness" has come.

In June 12, 2009, the Beijing science and Education Industrial Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established, and the wild goose Economic Development Zone has been indissoluble with science since then. After third moves, Yang Xiaoou and his colleagues finally came to today's tall and beautiful office buildings. What Yang Xiaoou likes best is the big window in the office area. "Look at it. It's so bright that it doesn't need to be crowded together."

In September 2016, the Huairou Science City, together with the Zhongguancun Science City and the future science city, was listed as the three major science city by the State Council as the capital to build the national science and technology innovation center, and it has become an important part of the national innovation and development strategy. Yang Xiaoou, who has worked here for more than 20 years, has been labeled as a "science city man". He watched a group of young masters and doctorates in the park becoming his colleagues. "Looking at them, as if they are young, once the West wilderness can attract so many young people with knowledge and skills to work, our pioneering experience was not wasted."

Every noon, during the lunch break, Yang Xiaoou will call a few colleagues, in the park to a lap, especially like walking on the Yan Qi street. "I will find out where we opened the road, where it used to be a bunker, where vegetable fields are, and then talk about the past to young colleagues."

Looking at the location of one of the domestic and foreign famous enterprises located in the park and covering the clothing, food and shelter, Yang Xiaoou declared that his wishes for many years were finally realized. "When we were looking for someone else to come, people didn't want to come. When we went to the industrial park, we could already sit there and choose the business. Now it's a good day for these golden phoenix to come to the west, and finally come." Yang Xiaoou sighed.

The two generation of "Science City" after 1980s
Wang Yuhan hopes to cultivate a "three generation of Science City".

Wang Yuhan, a post-80 generation, has worked in the science city for more than three years since he came to Huairou with the Beijing comprehensive research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015. "Many people are very strange to this place when they first came, but I am not, because my family has lived in Huairou for three generations, and my father has been working in the Management Committee of Yan Qi Industrial Development since 1994." Wang Yuhan said.

The native Huairou people are also tagging the "two generations of the scientific city". Wang Yu Han said that his childhood had little memory of it. "My family lives in the county town, and I hardly ever visit my family except my father and his family occasionally."

One year's Spring Festival learned that thirty of the father's new year's work was on duty. Wang Yu Han followed his mother to the seat of the "small villa" office area of the administrative committee, and accompanied his father to have a reunion dinner. "I asked my father," the wheat has been growing year after year, and the cattle and sheep have gone through a group and a group. When will they be built? " Wang Yuhan said, in her young memory, the office of father's duty is dim and the surrounding environment is not good. He feels that his father is too bitter. He must work in the county or even in the city in the future.

After graduating from high school, Wang Yu Han successfully went to the city's University. After graduation, he came to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhongguancun's industrial park. He lived five days out of the morning and arrived home at nine o'clock in the evening. "Too tired to take 866 from Huairou to Zhongguancun every morning and go back and forth on the road for several hours." Wang Yuhan also tried to rent in the vicinity of the unit. As the rent rose, the short "North drift" life also ended.

When Wang Yuhan was worried, in 2013, due to the small space in Zhongguancun, it was unable to meet the needs of the Chinese Academy of sciences related projects. Some projects and hospitals began to migrate to Huairou science and Education Industrial Park, the predecessor of Huairou Science City. "Even so, I was still hesitant at the beginning. Many facilities in the science city haven't been built yet. My husband and I buy a house and live in the county seat. The problem of how to solve the problem of children's schooling in the future is not answered at that time."

Knowing his daughter's confusion, his father Wang bun Shu talked to Wang Yuhan for a while, hoping that his daughter would take this opportunity to "take her father's career". "Dad told me that this is different from 20 years ago, and more and more hi-tech enterprises are coming to science city. The future of this city will be one of the landmarks of Huairou, Beijing and even China." His father's words widened Wang Yuhan's thinking. "I am a native Huairou kid. I am looking forward to the better and better development of Huairou. I can contribute to the development of Science City and continue to work in the place where my father has worked."

After more than three years of work, Wang Yuhan witnessed the establishment of another Academy of Chinese Academy of sciences including the Institute of electronics, mechanics and Space Center. "Now I am not only my father, but my husband is also working in the park. Our family of two generations and three people are all science city people." Looking at the surrounding area of Science City, the better the construction, the better the various life services facilities. Wang Yu Han congratulated himself on listening to his father's advice.

Not long ago, Wang Yuhan became a mother, speaking of children, Wang Yuhan admitted that he and her husband all hoped to cultivate a "scientific city three generation". "101 secondary schools have international departments here, kindergartens and primary schools have been matched, and we are not worried at all." Wang Yuhan looked forward to the continuation of the label of "scientific city people" of the family, and continued to contribute to the development of Huairou as a science city.

Chronicle of events

Construction of Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone

Setting up villages and towns industrial districts in Mountainous Areas

In 1983, the Huairou county Party committee and the county government put forward the "mountain enterprise plain management", set aside 2 square kilometers of sandy wasteland to set up Township and township industrial districts, and accumulated some practical experience for the establishment of industrial development zones.

Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee

In September 24, 1992, the Huairou county Party committee and county government established the Management Committee of the economic and Technological Development Zone, and unified leadership in coordinating the work of the development zone.

Renamed "Beijing Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone"

In December 8, 2000, the municipal government approved the Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone as a Municipal Industrial Development Zone. The name was changed to "Beijing Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone".

Management Committee of Yan Qi Industrial Development Zone

Management Committee of Yan Qi Economic Development Zone

Zhongguancun Huairou garden licensing

In March 7, 2013, the Zhongguancun Huairou garden was awarded. Huairou park is included in the Zhongguancun demonstration area, docking in terms of system and mechanism, policies and information resources, making full use of Zhongguancun's "1+6" series of pilot policy and standard system to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Yan Qi development zone, so that Huairou park will become a new growth pole for Huairou's economic development.

Co ordinate the planning and construction of the three major scientific cities

In September 2016, the State Council issued the general plan for strengthening the national science and technology innovation center in Beijing, and put forward "overall planning and construction of Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City and future technology city". In November of the same year, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the "Huairou Science City Construction and development plan (2016-2020 years)". In May 2017, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology jointly approved the construction plan of the comprehensive national science center of Huairou, Beijing, and agreed to build Beijing Huairou comprehensive national science center.


Source: Zhang Ao, Beijing evening news reporter

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