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She is hiding in the back of Li Jian's voice playing magic bayan! She is Wu Qiong.

2018-10-25 15:10 Yi Zhan TF015

A lot of people to listen to Li Jian's masterpiece "Lake Baikal River", at the beginning of a beautiful piano, Russian national musical instrument Bayan played the main melody. The voice of the exotic flavor, the thoughts of the distant Lake Baikal. However, you play this piece of music is probably not so familiar, she is China Oriental Song and dance Bayan virtuoso Wu Qiong.

Wu Qiong is known as the most photographed Bayan virtuoso, continuous seasons "I am a singer" on the stage to have her figure. She also participated in the "The Voice of China" "I want you to sing" and "the most beautiful" and "the masked singer" and other variety shows.

Wu Qiong in "I am a singer" frequently photographed

See the figure of instruments in the Bayan, many people will think of the accordion. The two tone is similar, is actually two different musical instruments. From the point of view, one side is the side buttons on the accordion, keyboard, but both sides are arranged in serpentine Bayan is key. "Looks like a typewriter and Bayan, playing only by touch, don't need to see the button is not allowed." Wu Qiong joked, "we often say Bayan is especially suitable for the blind persons to play off the lights at night, the other players can not find the keyboard, we can continue to perform."

Don't look at Wu Qiong young, she is the professional after the first batch of students in music schools. Because playing Bayan, in her Li Jian album "still" when I met him, to the "Lake Baikal" by the accompaniment. Later, "I am a singer" on the stage, she also served as a musician. In her interpretation, the tone has shown the minstrels sing, and bring out the mysterious and exotic, so many viewers remember this unique instrument.

Li Jian said Wu Qiong is "very knowledgeable about his impression". In March this year, held in Beijing the first "indoor life festival, Wu Qiong, Li Jian and Liang Wendao are invited to" sing - Dialogue "Bayan accordion and Latin American literature theme activities between fantasy and reality. Li Jian and Liang Wendao as a literary representative, and Wu Qiong with the interpretation of Bayan Latin music, music and literature interpretation of wonderful and delicate touch.

"Before the start of the event Li Jian and teacher Liang Wendao into the background, they are responsible for the first opening, and then I came to power." Wu Qiong said that the activity is entirely without it, both of them don't know what to say to each other, at the urging of the host two people go out the opening, "they go out I have to prepare the stage, the two of them said that half an hour is not down, very learned, knowledge is really wide."

In fact, Wu Qiong has worked with artist Li Jian more than one person, including Gigi Leung, Yoga Lin, Lala Hsu, Jolin, Jane Zhang, Yang Kun, wolf, Luo Dayou, Dai Yuqiang, Mo Hualun, Shuimunianhua, dozens of.

"The music TV programs in recent years focus on playing with live musicians, unlike in the past is a large number of karaoke accompaniment, so the emergence of musicians." Wu Qiong said, now the director and music director also requires a new music show, not only the common guitar, Beth, drums and accordion or strings, Bayan can bring a unique sound, can also accompany, solo, but also when the characteristics of musical instruments.

Also can control the accordion playing Wu Qiong, also for the movie "Youth" with accordion music recording. Originally, Wu Qiong wanted to use Bayan playing, but the director said in the film's no more sense in Bayan, or an accordion. "So I took a more expensive accordion in the past, did not think the director said sounds too good, nor appropriate." Wu Qiong said, later she found a leak leakage "breaking the accordion, accordion music recorded" Youth "in the movie.

As a Chinese Oriental Song and dance performers, Wu Qiong also participated in the commemoration of Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war victory 70th anniversary to build a large-scale global classical concert "Oriental" the sound of Xiamen, the BRICs leaders meeting theatrical performances and other state task performance. Putin has had heard her play "Moscow window".

Wu Qiong has been buried behind the singer or the screen. In November 9th, she finally in the Chinese boost and went to the stage, will hold its own Bayan concert: "the charm of Wu Qiong" -- Wu Qiong and her Bayan concert.

At that time, she will show the charm of the concert repertoire both concert of the "one step" "rose life", and the very South American style "flamenco", "classic" is of course essential to Lake Baikal. And the song "Moscow window", let you enjoy the same treatment greatly and Putin ~

Wu Qiong also said: "the music teacher also put the" mission impossible "and" wild bee "mix together, it sounds not molimen, very clever."

What are you waiting for, go to the scene to see Wu Qiong playing the style!

Source: Yi Zhan

Editor: TF015

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