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Beijing Dongcheng first double enforcement convenience service station running a half tour basically disappeared

2018-10-25 14:30 beijing evening news TF017

Within the jurisdiction of a law enforcement team to patrol the booth is dynamic, enthusiastic residents volunteer service point. The first two Dongcheng law enforcement convenience service station is set up to run in Tiantan East Gate subway has a half, not only to the gate of the park, the streets within the jurisdiction of the undocumented sale basically disappeared, provide considerate help more visitors. The reporter visited the service station, to experience the tremendous energy radiated by the small booth.

Residents volunteer Li Hongling (right) warm reception for pedestrians

Record the painting "is" the word, half an hour 15 times to help

"Hello, excuse me is there nearby selling breakfast?" A passerby asked, let Li Hongling and Zhao Jinping immediately stood up. "Breakfast ah, you went to the front to, over the bridge, Wumart supermarkets have to sell food." Standing on the roadside, Li Hongling leaned toward the distant. Behind them, a small blue and white painted a neat new pavilion, "convenience service station" several characters is very eye-catching. Kiosk window still hung a sign, the specific "business" are illustrated here can provide: the path of love to help you, I love small emergency kits, supermarket direct par water......

See Li Hongling and Zhao Jinping move, stadium street cultural center side and their common duty staff Guo Xinchen hurriedly opened the book, on the day of the date column of a row again. From two aunts just half an hour this morning post, a log book has been marked "three" word, it means that they at this time for the tourists in the past, the pedestrian provides 15 times to help.

"Our streets from September 10th this year, the establishment of the station, will arrange two volunteer residents on duty every day, on the afternoon of the two hours." Guo Xinchen, today is the Nangang community, 65 years old and 55 year old Zhao Jinping Li Hongling because he actively participate in community activities, and the old tenants, a better understanding of the neighborhood, has been selected as a volunteer. "After the turn of Nangang sub community on duty, or we'll." Li Hongling said cheerfully, his early in the morning ready to start, feel very proud to provide help for everybody.

From the previous situation, all kinds of volunteers to answer the questions, the most is the. For example, ask what the mall near the supermarket, where and how the car and so on." Guo Xinchen walked into the small pavilion, opened the drawer, "here we have a sewing kit, a small medicine box, paper towels, pens and notebooks. Like a band aid before we run out and added some new." In addition, the table also stood free for visitors guide card, marked above the Beijing main attractions and transport routes. "But the name is a little small, may need to be improved."

Dynamic patrol on line twenty thousand, tour operators basically disappeared

In two volunteers enthusiasm for visitors to the "FAQ" at the same time, tens of meters outside the fence, Dongcheng District Stadium Road law enforcement team and management personnel are Qi red sword, bicycles, electric vehicles will be parked neatly. "Stop too much chaos, beyond the scope of the fence, blocking access to the park." Qi said, "red will escape out of the inclined car" in the "team", and put some more dense.

Accomplish the car, Qi Hongjian turned north onto the bridge, began in the morning patrol. He said that every two residents and volunteers in service stations and posts, including himself about 10 law enforcement team. Booth left in general two or three people on duty, the rest of the team are dynamic patrols in the area.

Previously, the players do not work. "Usually in the office building, there are tasks to call to action, is the 'waiting mode'." Standing on the bridge, Qi Hongjian is pointing East, then at the east gate of Tiantan and Hongqiao area, the direction of the market, especially in front of the park without traders, is a long-standing problem. "Selling more, 1.5 yuan ordinary mineral water sold to 3 yuan, 5 yuan. Are selling now cut fruit, cheap toys. Even before the morning selling dates, selling wild herbs, on the ground in a large. At least five or six vendors, the subway out to the park roads are blocked, often attracted the public discontent."

Service station set up after the inspectors "cat and mouse" initiative. Compared with the volunteers, they are on the earlier time, less than 7 days before dawn, no other tasks on the day of the team was already in place. A day in addition to post dinner, most of the time many patrols in the area. "There will be the focus of attention of the market such as Hongqiao Road, north gate, many before the mount, blocking traffic. We recently on patrol, coupled with cold weather, has been relatively less. Park, the gate of the subway station traffic, and no special care, attract more traders......" Qi Hong sword road pointing, along with reporters Hokkeji street, Stadium Road, Stadium Road, Longtan Road and turn two circles. "For us, every day take a twenty thousand step is the unusual thing."

Cheap water machine popular screen scan code to be improved

Two laps down, Qi Hongjian did not meet the abnormal situation. Near noon, Li Hongling and Zhao Jinping will soon "work". At this time Guo Xinchen's book, their service record has reached 27 times. Getting up and clearing off the bench, and a silver haired aunt to ask where is the bus station south of ciqikou. "I went to the son of the morning, just a stroll around the park, to find out from the park, all of a sudden you see this post." Asking the way, aunt with interest to understand function of service station to Li Hongling, said repeatedly.

Tourists use water machine to buy water

As residents and volunteers popularity rising, and placed in service station on the side of the water vending machine. With the surge in the number of parks, people gathered around to buy water in a continuous line. Guo Xinchen, a water machine is installed and service station set together. "In fact, near the park can buy a lot of store, but if visitors are not familiar with the selling price of water at the same time we tour hawkers cleaning, in order to facilitate the installation of this machine."

Reporter observed that the sale of water green and white, a glass window with a "supermarket direct par water". Compared with other common beverage vending machine of the commodity seems to have a single inside a superb collection of beautiful things, and only a tea beverage and a mineral water, as well as Hearttex wipes. But the price is very cheap, tea drinks mineral water 2.5 yuan, 1.5 yuan, 0.6 yuan per pack of paper towels.

The use of methods, water dispensers and other machines are slightly different, need to enter a two digit number on the keypad, and then scan two-dimensional code payment screen. Tourists generally reflected in here to buy water is very affordable, high screen location and easy reflection, strong sunshine when the two-dimensional code is not clear, with a variety of hand cover. "This is more perfect, we are also considering after the change of two-dimensional code into the post." Comes around a relevant person in charge said after listen to your views.

Take pride in "not been taken down", "happy for nothing"

The clock to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun has begun to decline slightly, Li Hongling and Zhao Jinping are busy a sweat. "Just sit down!" Li Hongling's hand to his fan wind, "and asked if he could save the package, for banks, the stadium, Restroom......" From the beginning of the afternoon volunteer service record book Posts again, re calculated it and rowed 42 times, an average of every two or three minutes someone for help.

"Very happy, that we can play a role here." Zhao Jinping smile with pride, "but we are not familiar with," got 'near the line, ask where all know."

In contrast, Qi Hong sword times a day patrol is not what "harvest", he expressed optimism that in his surprise. "More pipe, we will lose the meaning of existence! Before the old man know we will basically go tube. If we can meet you, general is new vendors." He recalls, such as a few days ago, someone set West Stadium, the sale of packaging vacuum seed, a said "space seed". Then at noon today, other colleagues in Beijiexiaoxiang, seized two stacks of insurance leaflets. "They think the inspectors will eat at noon, it took the opportunity to distribute leaflets. Also give us a warning, to keep the corresponding efforts."

Stadium Street Office Deputy Director Chen Siqing introduced, the service station was originally just post law enforcement inspectors, the streets of the transformation, added convenience services. "Law enforcement + service" not only to improve the environment surrounding the park, also closer relations between law enforcement agencies and the public. "The next step will continue to strengthen the construction of street service station, to reflect the problems, such as the card number, the sale of water machine is improved by two-dimensional code. At the same time, in the volunteer service, establish the mechanism and management methods, to attract more members to report back to the community and the surrounding enterprises and institutions of workers joined together to protect our environment."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wei Jingwen.

Editor: TF017

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