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China sports tourism camping conference in Xinjiang ended the thousands of fans to show the sea sand

2018-10-25 11:44 beijing evening news TF017

2018 Chinese sports tourism camping conference just ended. Rob Yuli County of Xinjiang village, two days of activities include sports, culture and leisure, thousands of camping enthusiasts around the country show in the desert desert Riding Challenge, Half Marathon Challenge, the drag race, the competition on the arrow camp attack skill, theatrical performances, film screenings, bonfire let the sand and a party.

Ai Jinde from Urumqi with its own 9, open off-road vehicles to enjoy family camping camping here, happy time. All kinds of tents in the Taklimakan Desert, Populus euphratica and Tarim River, spectacular scenes.

The desert half marathon, is carried out in a natural environment of mountains in the desert running exercise performance. This game requires players to cross the rob village located in the Taklimakan Desert, running in the boundless desert, not only to endure dry heat, but also because of the flow of sand, the process of running foot deep shallow kick, is a test of endurance athletes.

The desert marathon requires players to rob village located across the Taklimakan desert.
Camping conference attracted hundreds of families, they sat on the edge of the tent can enjoy the autumn of Populus euphratica forest.

"One family feel out of outdoor beauty, very good." Ai Jinde from Urumqi with their nine people, drove two off-road vehicles to enjoy family camping happy time. The camping conference attracted hundreds of families, they drove here and put up the tent, a sand camping life. All kinds of tents in the Taklimakan Desert, Populus euphratica and Tarim River, spectacular scenes.

People ride on camels into the Taklimakan Desert, a vast desert.

Rob village, located in Xinjiang Yuli County southwest 35 kilometers, from 85 kilometers south of Korla city. The village has a total area of 72 square kilometers, more than twenty people, is the largest area of the western region China village of. Getter Han village area the Taklimakan Desert, wandering lake, Tarim River, primitive forest, grassland and Lopnur people. The largest desert, the longest inland river, the largest green corridor and the Silk Road intersection here, the formation of the rare natural landscape.

Rob Abdon Abdou descendants of one family is still living in the old old rob Curie, the production and sales of ancient fish is an important source of them.

The camping tourism conference held in rob Yuli County of Xinjiang village, tourists in the beautiful natural landscape, to participate in the sports fitness activities, in-depth local life, also led the local people's income increased year by year, life begins to happen gradually improve.

Late autumn season, people in Xinjiang many famous landscape around the poplar in autumn to share the beauty of nature.

"Camping conference is closest to the outdoor type mass, the technical level is relatively low. Xinjiang has a vast expanse of the desert, and the snow capped mountains, there are many inland rivers, lakes, grasslands, is one of China's most abundant resources to carry out outdoor sports area. Chinese mountaineering association long put forward here and Xinjiang jointly build camping conference brand, to show the beauty of Xinjiang, let participants and more people can understand and feel the charm of Xinjiang." The director of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center mountaineering Li Zhi said.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Liu Ping reported: Photography

Editor: TF017

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