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Beijing high-tech industry fund subscribed a total size of up to 18 billion 700 million and 29 Beijing enterprises listed in Hong Kong

2018-10-25 11:11 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing will be the introduction of "innovation oriented enterprises, fostering the growth of the three-year action plan", and Hongkong has become an important platform for supporting the development of Beijing high-tech enterprises. As the negotiations one of the special events, held this morning "Beijing to build new heights of sophisticated industrial activities revealed this information, and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in the field of development of two important high-tech industries. The event sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Commission by letter, by the office of the Government Chief Information Officer - Hongkong.

Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and Information Technology Standards Department Director Tong Haiwei said at the meeting, since the start of Beijing city science and technology innovation fund, currently has initially selected 26 funds first project, for total size of about 5 billion, the total size of the fund is about 25 billion 400 million, more than 5 times magnification. Beijing City high-tech industry fund mainly including buyout funds, equity funds, regional funds and project funds, as of September 2018, the fund industry has confirmed the cooperation of sophisticated public sub fund 17, the fund subscribed to the total size of 18 billion 700 million yuan, more than 40 investment projects, investment of more than 2 billion 600 million yuan.

He said the next step, Beijing will continue to increase government funding to strengthen the precision, co-ordinate the use of funds of various types of industry. At the same time, the introduction of "innovation oriented enterprises, fostering the growth of the three year action plan", as the industry leading enterprises, the unicorn enterprises and invisible champion enterprises to provide one to one service, to solve the core problem of restricting the development of enterprises, support key enterprises bigger and stronger.

Beijing City Economic and Information Technology Commission assistant director Wang Lan said at the meeting, practice has proved that the Beijing industry has a good basis for cooperation and great potential for development. Especially in the Beijing high-tech enterprises listed in Hong Kong, as of now, I just the software and information services company, has 29 listed in Hong kong. Hongkong has become an important platform for supporting the development of Beijing high-tech enterprises. At the same time, software and information service enterprises in Beijing has also become an important support of Hongkong science and technology financial services industry.

At the meeting, the Hongkong Software Industry Association, Beijing software and Information Service Industry Association jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation between Beijing and software industry association; Beijing soft Association and Beijing commercial cipher Industry Association, Beijing digital certification Limited by Share Ltd, Asia PKI alliance, the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hongkong jointly signed to promote Hong Kong non face electronic contract cooperation memo. The event also invited representatives of entrepreneurs and experts in Beijing and Hong Kong, together with the communication and discussion.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF011

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