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Beijing Tongzhou canal culture art festival curtain public can participate grab votes through Museum Public No.

2018-10-25 11:12 beijing evening news TF017

Open the tank section pull up, the moonlight tells singing; the blossoming flower umbrella jasmine fragrance, on the canal every bright dialogue...... The evening of October 23rd, accompanied by playing a "canal millennium city" video, the theme of "charm Center - Dream New Era" of the 2018 Beijing Tongzhou canal culture art festival at the national theatre stage Taiwan Lake Art Center Taiwan Lake theater curtain.

Data for photo: Cai Daizheng

The canal culture art festival organized by the Tongzhou district government, the district Party Committee Propaganda Department, District Culture Commission contractors, will continue to 12 month end. In the "Millennium canal echo Millennium", "brilliant forty years flying songs on earth" and "encourage pilot dream" three sections, 12 cultural activities will expand.

As the "Millennium canal echo Millennium" section of the opening ceremony activities, to "dream" and "dream Tongzhou canal" "dream" center three chapters about the history of Tongzhou and Beijing play group under the China pinju courtyard, Beijing opera and dance theatre, Beijing National Orchestra, Beijing children's Theatre and other professional troupes to Tongzhou District cultural center and the area of local university Beijing Wuzi University, singing and dancing, acrobatics, opera, folk music, recitation, drama and other forms of the show opened the festival: selected by the Tongzhou District Museum of the song "lamp lamp" reproduction of the Tongzhou District people in the daily life of the civilization literacy; poetry "dialogue" on the canal, Yu Jing exhibit out an important advantage of Tongzhou District since ancient times the adventure difficult acrobatic dance; "Ji Yang" and "winter percussion and drum language", is passed to the Tongzhou heart of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics sincere enthusiasm...... After the opening ceremony, other activities of the Tongzhou Canal Culture Festival will transfer station of Tongzhou District Museum, the public can participate in activities to grab votes through cultural museum public no..

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Gao Qian

Editor: TF017

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