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Concourse fair signed $3 billion 530 million includes 15 key projects

2018-10-25 11:06 beijing evening news TF011

Morning, the twenty-second Beijing Hongkong Economic Cooperation Symposium on Hong Kong two-way investment project signing ceremony was held in Beijing, a total of 15 key projects signed, the contract amount of $3 billion 530 million. Key projects including the establishment of a top investment credit Rating firm, Beijing and Hong Kong Rail Transit in Beijing to deepen cooperation, set up in Beijing Hongkong Eye Hospital, the establishment of the financial center of investment in Tongzhou.

Concourse Fair opening ceremony map Yao Huilong photo

Compared with the previous function of this concourse will focus on capital projects signed the "four centers", in science and technology, cultural and creative aspects of prominent high-end leads, the full release of the two opening up, city infrastructure construction and other areas of potential cooperation in the service industry, to boost capital industrial transformation and upgrading.

Focus on contracted projects, one of the world's three major rating agencies, Fitch Rating firm headquarters in Hongkong signed a contract with the Chaoyang District people's Government of Beijing City, will invest in the establishment of credit Rating firm in Beijing, in order to absorb the advanced experience from the Beijing Hongkong financial services. Hongkong Xima international medical group and the Chaoyang District people's Government of Beijing city signed, will invest in the establishment of eye hospital in beijing. The reporter noted that the contract in this year's key projects, a project involving Tongzhou, Hongkong and Beijing R & F Bank of China Group Investment Ltd Tongda Real Estate Development Company Limited signed investment to set up a financial center headquarters economy project. In addition, there are Hongkong R & D Investment Co. Ltd., the Milky Way space to world fusion communication network, Shimao Group Investment - the Beijing Tianjin Hebei innovation Phoenix Valley Ecological Business District, investment properties limited investment in the Phoenix International Creative Fashion Art Center project. The signing of the project involves the headquarters economy, high-tech industry, the high value of cultural and creative industries and other sophisticated industries, help to accelerate the construction of the capital of sophisticated economic structure.

It is reported that 15 key projects in the signing of a cooperation agreement, and 2, of which Beijing Kuang Technology Co. Ltd and Hong Kong University Science & Technology joint laboratory, increase the use of their own advantages in the forefront of technology and R & D resources and other aspects of the investment, and promote the research of artificial intelligence and scientific and technological achievements in the field of computer vision and transformation. Beijing Rail Transit also signed a memorandum of cooperation to improve the service, the cooperation agreement to absorb Hongkong and international experiences, explore humanized service and improve the level of track facilities.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF011

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