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Mixed vehicle of the South Street, residential garbage everywhere...... These problems are improving in Beijing

2018-10-25 12:00 beijing evening news TF001

Recently, the reporter found that in return for the public to reflect the issue, relates to the specific point of the problem have been solved properly. There is a problem, in fact, is a common phenomenon in society, the relevant departments are also giving top priority in solving such problems, and make feasible plan.

At present, Dongzhimen South Street is the rectification

Mixed vehicle of South Street is saved

The sidewalk is expanding outside shops occupy non motorized road facilities, a parking lot, motor vehicles, non motor vehicles, pedestrians can only be mixed in the motor vehicle lane. Dongzhimen South Street West of the chaos, "we hear in the night" column has repeatedly reported. In September 11th this year, this column reported another vehicle and pedestrian Lane mixed problems. Recently, through the joint efforts of the Dongcheng District urban management department with the streets of Beixinqiao, many years finally look forward to solve the problem.


Before the rectification of the Dongzhimen South Street mixed vehicle

Reporters saw the day before the visit, Dongzhimen South Street on the west side of the sidewalk has pulled the enclosure, illegal building, plugging holes open the wall is going on.

According to law enforcement personnel, the sidewalk shops are concentrated, about eighty seven, with daily necessities, restaurants, home improvement stores, a number of shops with expanding steps such as various types of illegally built on the sidewalk, is one of the main reasons the sidewalk is crowded. Electric vehicle and motor vehicle with shops plus parked at the gate, occupy non motorized vehicles, exacerbated by the mixed degree of lanes.

After the early mobilization, the majority of Street merchants and residents on the remediation work expressed understanding and support. On Friday, Weidang officially put up on the sidewalk. It is understood that the open hole wall treatment, removal of illegal construction work will be completed at the end of this month. Since then, the south side of the sidewalk will be re laid, then the steps of businesses will be removed at the same time, residents of the home, in front of the gate will also build Wheelchair Access, non motorized vehicles will also be re planning, to solve the problem for many years.

Farewell to the "dark street home"

In June 17th, "we in the night listening" column reported the Dadu Ruins Park in front of a road without lights, the residents in the evening travel risks greatly. The report published in the paper, the territorial streets verify the north road because of Dadu Ruins Park leases, no implementation of planning, leading to road narrowing and no street lights. At present, the street has been coordinating the city council Transportation Committee Road and the city public companies, the implementation of the road reconstruction according to the planning, installation and street lighting facilities.

In September 18th, this column reports the Shaoyaoju subway station A near the mouth of a section of the road, because the canopy cover street, the road leading to the dim light. At present, Landscaping Department pruned the Crown Street block. The canopy cover cap has been processed. In the report, this column also no lights on the Purdue Temple alley, residents travel at night to the difficult problem of concern. To understand the reporter's visit, the alley street light installation plan has been approved, scheduled to be completed next year.

10 10, "we listen to a night of damage in the" Primary School of Chaoyang District Lize West column reported in front of the traffic lights, the road is the only way which must be passed for the children to school, have brought great danger to traffic to the students and their parents. Reported the same day, Chaoyang District traffic detachment, district management committee, East Lake street to the maintenance of the traffic lights, now the service is completed, and the normal use.

The children's School Road Safety

In September 4th, we reported the Xicheng District night before the Maojiawan alley potholed roads in the listening section, bring hidden dangers on school children. After the report, Xicheng District City Management Committee to coordinate the best foundation construction units, the Xicheng District Municipal Engineering Administration Department in September 10th, ahead of the completion of all restoration projects, road conditions have been greatly improved.

In September 5 Japan column reported that Jingshan Hill school Daxing Experimental School of the road outside the poor road conditions. The report was published after the territorial Street quickly arrange construction team on the road on both sides of the green belt of brick paving hardening, demolition of the tripping teeth, the project has been completed. In the report, this column of Peixin primary school in front of the lock problem of concern, the report published in the paper, the problem of Longtan Street immediately point area to carry out law enforcement activities. At present, the staff will have training of primary school in front of the cone, scrap bicycles, iron piles, tires and other obstacles removed. The street said, the next step will be to continue to do a good job in front of the school daily inspection and maintenance work environment.

The residential environment more clean and tidy

In July this year, this column reported a group of senior tenants to raise littering problem, which involves the north and north two cicada flyover district. Reporters recently in the two district for a visit, found in the garbage problem has greatly improved. The local streets, residential property in the report were organized manpower to refuse to clean up, and according to the actual situation of District, formulated the propaganda plan of the next step, measures to prevent a rebound.

In July 29th, this column reports the machine identification is not high because of drinking water the Olympic Park Station, causing passengers as the sink, causing people to question on their health status. The report was published, the SASAC supervise the Metro Rapid response, on the point of rectification, and investigation of the city's similar problems. Specific measures include: the requirements of station staff to strengthen inspections of direct drinking water machine, requirements of station cleaners daily operation before the start of direct drinking water machine clean operation period timely cleaning, uncivilized use in time to stop, personnel in accordance with the requirements of equipment equipment maintenance implementing operation, the station staff patrol found timely repair, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, continue to optimize information, set up publicity civilized fashion sign that passengers use method and matters needing attention to drinking water.

In August 6th, the Daxing District column reported in the first half of the two Xihongmen Hongsheng home piled up a mountain of garbage, residents said the environment unbearable, especially the strong smell of summer, that did not dare open the window. In this regard, residential property has to thoroughly clean the area of garbage, and said it would strengthen the property management, residential environment protection.

These problems are solved

In August 16th, "we listen to reports in the night of" Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong and Fuwai Street No. 7 "flying line" charging chaos.

In August 8th, we reported the night of a strange thing in Chaoyang District East Ring North Garden Road 6 homes in the listening section. Moved to the new residents are mostly elderly, elderly people to apply for installation of the telephone, but outside of the telephone line was cut off. After the incident, the City District Management Committee for the telecommunications sector and operators make the line maintenance of the owners. At present, China Unicom has to repair the damaged telephone line. Gaobeidian township property to strengthen patrols, to ensure the safety of residential area, the local police station has been handed over the case of Chaoyang Criminal Investigation Detachment treatment.

In August 16th, this column reports the Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong and Fuwai Street No. 7 "flying line" charging, the surrounding residents believe that charging great security risks. After reports of the joint inspection, the relevant streets, to persuade residents recycling "flying line", and explains the dangers to the residents. The street said, will strengthen the illegal charging of electric vehicle safety inspections and unsafe rectification, to strengthen publicity and guidance of community education, and speed up the progress of the installation of electric vehicle centralized charging facilities, charging facilities provide residents with more and more convenient and more secure.

In August 29th, this column reports, Fengtai District west of Majiabao, in recent years, household poultry, noise and smell of the neighborhood is miserable. Second days after reports, local urban management unit has captive poultry fence were removed, and the demolition of the enclosure, the surrounding debris was cleared.

In September 12th, this column reports, the city appears more people who pick wild fruit to the environmental damage caused by problems, including the specific point of the Ming City Wall Ruins Park, near the subway station and six crossing the sidewalk. In the face of a common phenomenon in the society, the Landscaping Department, the landscape practice, set up a total of 124 pieces of civilization signs, and will strengthen inspection efforts to increase the frequency of civilization at the same time for publicity and guidance, found people uncivilized behavior to discourage and deter, provide a good environment for people to watch.

In September 13th, this column reports the electronic parking problems, including the form of management is not uniform, black fees, customer service phone difficult issues such as reports, the reporter learned from relevant departments, according to the Beijing City roadside parking management reform work requirements, in July 2019 Chaoyang District will be completed before the electronic toll full coverage, during the transition period, using portable PDA charge and management mode. At the same time, Chaoyang Traffic Commission will strengthen the system construction, accelerate the construction of roadside front-end equipment, increase Beijing City Roadside Parking policies and regulations propaganda.

In September 21st, this column reports the Beijing Jinyu South Lake Park let the surrounding residents feel several problems in life is not convenient, visit the reporter learned that, at present these problems or have been resolved or solutions residents satisfaction. Among them, the park in front of the bridge was completed in October 3rd. The southeast corner of the park, the park surrounding the primary school children's parents were guardrail gaping, temporarily not blocked in the southeast corner of the park to park the new personnel exit, convenient for people to travel around the park, at the same time strengthen inspections, ensure the safety of visitors.

In September 29th, this column reports, some drivers in order to save the parking fee, the airport expressway as a parking lot, waiting for road, bring great danger to traffic. After the report, the relevant departments quickly issued a rectification measures, local departments to carry out special rectification work in the airport expressway toll station to China Yiqiao set the "emergency Lane illegal parking" special posts, strict penalties for illegal parking behavior. Territorial Chaoyang, Shunyi traffic detachment, to increase on-site law enforcement at the same time, with the help of the existing road monitoring equipment the first group to carry out illegal parking manual capture, to ensure road safety and orderly.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Zhang Qunchen Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF001

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