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Zhao Baogang appeared in the Beijing Music Hall: the director is "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon chorus command variable"

2018-10-25 11:16 beijing evening news TF017

The evening of October 22nd, the famous director Zhao Baogang appeared in the music hall in Beijing, but this time, he is not on the identity of the director. Dressed in a black gown he went to the Taiqian Railway Station, hands down, he directed the TV series "desire" the theme song "the good life of peace" and "the story of editorial department" song "small world is a family" Melody "Forbidden City and workshop" softly chant sing. Most of the people in the choir, and Zhao Baogang age, decades ago, they lived in the Beijing people's Cultural Palace workers chorus. Today, the former youth has now become an old friend, a reunion concert chorus, is the best gift given to each other and a new era of reform and opening.

"Pastoral", "Youth Dance" and "Ala Muhan"...... The Concert Choir singing songs have frequently staged a series of memories, quietly go back. 1978 years of reform and opening up, swept across the China, its long cultural life also recovery. In the same year, a group of young people entering the Forbidden City is located in the Beijing people's Cultural Palace gate. They come from all walks of life, but a dream of music. In countries such as the Central Philharmonic troupes artists under the guidance of the "Beijing people's Cultural Palace workers chorus" rapid growth, and ultimately their performances everywhere Festival figure. Li Jicheng works at the time of the working people's Cultural Palace of art for five years, in his mind, then the three Hall of the palace of culture is Beijing mass cultural activities center, "many musicians are here counseling chorus, hold various lectures, the effect is very good."

Yan Liangkun, Hu Zengrong, conductor is a frequent visitor to the palace of culture, the most memorable is that Li Jicheng, the famous conductor the Central Philharmonic orchestra. Every Monday and Thursday, the more than 60 year old will be riding a bicycle from Hepingli to the Cultural Palace command rehearsal, sometimes, he will put some sound Minister of the Central Philharmonic Chorus all bring. In 1985, Maestro Maazel's visit to China, the workers also strive to cooperate with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Beethoven "Ninth Symphony" opportunity. "The teacher popular chorus, he is the speaker, workers do demonstration choir, we followed him to more than 20 universities and factories," Li Jicheng said, "the older generation of artists really came to the people, they are all examples of music workers now."

The workers can be described as "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", in addition to Zhao Baogang, the famous playwright Zou Jingzhi was also a member of the choir, there are many people in the Cultural Palace opened his own real music, now China Film Orchestra tenor Dai Jianming is one. In 1978, he and Zhao Baogang are also Shougang factory workers, was still the violin Dai Jianming and not much vocal foundation, but in the Cultural Palace of the teacher under the guidance of Dai Jianming, the remarkable progress, 1979 was admitted to the new film Philharmonic (Chinese film band), into the group after the recording of the first works that is the movie "Shaolin Temple" theme song "Shaolin Shaolin". Later, Dai Jianming began to try writing in this concert, he tells everyone sang their songs and music from "Nansha blue wind" and "doors" - Taoranting Park scenic spot. Baritone Gui Hongbin, Central Opera soprano Ruan two Oi Kwan came out from the palace of culture of professional singers also came to the concert scene, were singing the "GADA Meilin" and "Carmen" from the opera "Habanera".

Just two hours of the concert end soon. The young conductor under the leadership of Li Moran, the "Forbidden City choral workshop" sing they had each performance repertoire, "let the workers have the power", the audience applause beat warmly. Although the song no longer young, old friends of the passion is still bujiandangnian. Afterwards, everyone holding flowers in the stage and the audience at a photo, a forty year musical feelings never break.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Gao Qian

Editor: TF017

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