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Taiwan entertainment "big sister" Fang Fang is expected to talk again on the Spring Festival Gala Evening Entertainment status has the feeling

2018-10-25 11:56 beijing evening news TF017

With 80 grew up in the "blue sky", "chasing" wife three of us are walking together, "Beijing four less" three classic TV series in Taiwan, 18 year old Fang Fang's fiancee Ding Yuehua from the exhibition Zhao woman, to "chase wife three of us are walking together in the" matchmaker Lin Mei, and then to the "Beijing four" all the flowers in the dance floor Class Nine aunt, three character image changeable character is impressive. After 2000, Taiwan TV drama is no longer brilliant, Fang Fang was on stage continued her career peak in Taiwan, she was known as the world Quinn variety show and the legendary founder, television actor king.

Last year, the new year's Eve, the first time she boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and Morni Chang, Wang Ji performed sketches "home" real emotion, touching. In the just concluded "the first Chinese comic essay contest", Fang Fang appeared again to sketch group the identity of the judges she said, his heart felt joy, because see so many talented good prospects, "see the children love to learn, I really wanted to tell them everything I will tell. They are all I see. Really, we have decades of how much bitterness how many tears, how much effort to stand here today, not a bit of luck, not a little background, every little bit to go today, today I see these children in Taiwan, I envy you."

Can go today, is the year of the people up the stairs

"Blue sky" let Fang Fang rage, in that year she was only 18 years old. Fang Fangjin entertainment, but also 16 years old, Taiwan entered the Federal Film Company as an actor, in the studio from the hair, makeup school, from early 8 to the studio every day, do not have their own scenes in the studio watching and learning from the lens, was practicing kung fu, learn a skill, not an important role round they married early because of family tragedies. Fang Fang's husband is a middle school teacher, married life hard, in order to contribute to the family, she learned a pair of knitting gloves, sell a few cents. Soon there were two children, living on less money. One day, she was holding the child to visit friends, driving Shanghua drama as the "blue sky", originally a number of female ciyan due to pregnancy, will fight Fang Fang was accidentally selected. "At that time as several BeautyLeg is not acceptable. We can't play ah, you have to find someone else to play. Looking for an outsider to play it out, or a mother of two children, can not accept." Remember that year, Fang Fang quite a bit of pride, "when I go to play, draw good makeup, the director said come on, talk about the script. In fact, not the book, is the oral teaching that inspires true understanding within. Just sit down, the corner was a person looked at me several artistes stand in a row. I think this is what? Oh, someone looking at a joke. The spirit of a horse, very carefully listening to the guide speech. I told myself today if the lines do not back down, go home, we do not. The director again, I told the director said a word, clapping said a pass, but also take a martial arts drama, I have no NG. Finish after one to my side actress said, "good."." She did not expect that, after the show aired in Southeast asia.

However, Fang Fang did not continue the way artistes keep acting, drama, her acting career to broaden theater show, variety show host, still in the stage drama that comic, showbiz days and months multiplying Taiwan has become a respected "big sister". "Blue sky", Fang Fang has experienced several ups and downs, popular audience to see the waiting room on the big screen, she hosted the TV show to the train, the highest record of 8 days and 7 nights without sleep coupling filming; leisure leisure from the variety show to the television show absolutely no notice on, stay with at home. Time and experience in her body to precipitate a detached, she said: "for me, 'Red' and 'Red' difference is a little busy work or leisure." Because of the above, at the end of 90s, when the Taiwan variety show vulgar feel after Fang Fang declined with deep hatred and resentment, all invitations to the United States and their reunion, lived a retired life. Until the director Lai Shengchuan invited her to play "this night," women said the comic, 55 year old Fang Fang first appeared on the stage that comic, with great success, "the night" said the more than 90, from Taiwan to the mainland to play, then also took a lot of TV drama in Mainland china. Fang Fang felt that his claim to be in each period of Taiwan TV witness the development of. Looking back to when the road, she is a self than take the stairs up, "I see how to take the elevator up, but when I take the stairs to the corner, a stop and go up, I saw a lot in the above so down. I also saw a lot of people very proud and go up. But until today, when we are together to climb stairs."

In awe of the comic

Across so many fields, Fang Fang's most feared or crosstalk. The sketch group was invited to serve as judges, she has a double joy, can help newcomers to comedy, in the background with the crosstalk masters to learn from. Although "this night," women said in the comic monologues, said 90, but Fang Fang said in awe: "today I dare not say that I is a comic actor, because it is far too." "The first Chinese comic essay contest" in the comic group than the group of judges judges pieces are more stringent, criticism, Fang Fang also feel less encouraging, although new needs to be encouraged, but she fully understood comic masters a painstaking. She explained: "because the crosstalk requirements are very strict, the judges have been in the transmission environment, accept the strict teaching to master a go today, so they are not easy, not easy. Because they know, just relax, what are the consequences. You look at us now performing arts, and folk art community ethics? How do they see? No one to reflect on this problem. That is because there is no teaching, if anyone is acting. Before a couple, we ask you will not play, now is to ask, do you dare to play? The actor can't act, as long as the red will be touted, the director did not dare to offend the jorum, nobody will also fear the studio director." Fang Fang believes that the entertainment industry to enter a vicious spiral today, only to learn to stop music arts, learn the rules, ethics, learning heritage.

Although, in the public opinion, comedy and have already gone through the brilliant, new media era is declining and declining along with the television, but Fang Fang is not pessimistic. She heard about from the comic master Wei Wenliang there in the background of the episode, in order to prove that the enduring charm of crosstalk. "Wei Wenliang and I the teacher came nearer, his comic childhood school, was sent to the master home, six year old child, no entertainment, only new year can put firecrackers. So, a year when he heard put firecracker, absent-minded, usually a master will be taught to learn several times will not only master, beat him, he also twisted. The parents beside mother crying, Dad stopped just teacher gaotu, this time can not control. After the kick, the master holding him and said: "ah, not being cruel, I don't like you don't go, you want to play tomorrow, boss regardless of meal. That kind of pressure in life, that he later said the comic when little known, met a robber. The robbers head let him say a comic, then laughed and let him go. Was about to go out, the head said, actually dig a money reward he. You think, under the circumstances, he can use the performance art, let the robbers suddenly be affected, this is what power? This is the charm of the comic."

In Fang Fang's view, is now popular in the network scripts is not clever but less than comic creation, nor bear burden, entertaining responsibility, free and easy. But in a television show party of the dialogue, as in-depth family programs, neither can, to shoulder the responsibility of cultural heritage. "I told you for example. In the early years of education of the local people, in addition to tutor, many so-called filial piety and integrity are from the theatre to learn, why today the spread of education, our integrity is not as valued, filial piety seems indifferent, why? I've seen the Taiwanese TV from the brilliant now come to the line between the whole process of vital importance, a way of development and growth to the peak, there is a problem, how do we maintain? Really good works is to let the audience laugh or cry after some reflection, so the cultural needs of business support, need more cultural inheritance." Fang Fang regrets.

Look forward to the Spring Festival stage

The comic sketch contest in the background, a lot of comments by Fang Fang players will knock on the door to find her, please with advice, which makes Fang Fang happy. "I see a lot of good prospects, the most important thing is, I only see them on the stage of talent, also saw their efforts and attitude, they fear their business. See the children love to learn, I wish to tell them everything I can, to tell them all I really see, our decades of how much bitterness, how many tears, to stand here today, not a bit of luck." Fang Fang said. She admits to envy those young people from infancy to CCTV this platform emerge, also encouraged the players, winning not proud, because there is a long way to go, not winning but don't be lost, because the finalists to participate in the final is to get a lot of people's affirmation, so-called "never too old to learn absolutely is not an empty word, coming after you know what you need to do? No stage, but you are very talented, this may be a lifetime of regret for you. But if one day gives you a stage, you don't know how to step down, it will be a lifetime of sorrow."

Fang Fang's career is a way to practice how to live and learn, at the age of 16, film and TV program, said in the restaurant talk show, the retirement age, learning that comic, plays, 65 year old boarded Gala first play pieces. She is always full of enthusiasm in learning. Last year for the first time in the spring, Fang Fang before and after half a year for the last three months to halt all work, concentrate on live CCTV television home to polish the script and performances. Although the present stage is only just ten minutes, but as long as the audience laughed once, touch the soul, she feels worthy. She said his pieces really is not simple to imagine, "do not underestimate the sketch, I am also an award-winning actor, comedy is much more difficult than acting. As an actress, drama played very well, but his pieces not only have the conditions of Tsing Yi can be, she must have egg exaggeration, have Huadan charm, so I'm going to sketch for half a year, I am also the sketch of the director, each review, how late I must keep in there, you know how. I think it is worth, the show is a global concern in the program, like the American Christmas gift, I think is a glory. As long as I can make a good show, I can come back more happy, even if none of my 3 months, it is worth it, because I was a service to audiences."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jin Liwei

Editor: TF017

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