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Beijing, Tiantongyuan, Dingfuzhuang new Jianxiang Park: base rent and open hole wall are clear

2018-10-25 10:21 beijing evening news TF001

Added nearly 700 meters rent space, in the newspaper reported in July 24th and the rise of "rent" basement second days off all. Jianxiang Park basement rental group the same report mentioned that the report within one week after being completely removed, the streets are now building "actual population management station", will be on duty 24 hours, more effectively prevent the rebound.

In July, Jianxiang Park 4 building two floor underground 20 rooms rent or rent underground gathering, now, have been cleaned up, 24 hours of police room under construction.

In October 23rd, the reporter saw in the West in a layer of businesses, and open the wall hole windows has been blocked, has been disturbing the operating businesses have moved. Jia Garden 7 building a layer of non-compliance businesses were shut down, the wall and plaque are landscaping, once occupied the sidewalk vehicles are gone. These changes from the September 12th "open hole wall" how to "Changzhi" reported in only more than January.

Xiyuan day underground rent up

The entrance to the Xiyuan day two District 9 building basement, a gate was shut, the frequent someone out of the scene has ceased to exist. The basement of the building in the partition has been removed, once the more than 40 partition room cleared a space, now open space only remnants of the partition between the traces.

In July 24th, the newspaper had reported "basement rent rise", then there was a nearly 700 square meters in the basement dwelling place. Here was the Tiantongyuan North Street, the largest underground space rent, some young tenants have just graduated is often intermediary personnel here.

Day three Xiyuan District No. 11, there is also a phenomenon of rent. Originally rented 32 rooms, covering an area of 400 square meters, 32 people live, on the second day after the newspaper reported, the basement rent off all. In addition to rent, clean up the object also includes a private bathroom and kitchen, secretly add to connect the wires.

The reporter saw in the District, a door leading to the basement door is closed. Building 11, a resident said, the regulation of the underground dwelling, improved from the aspects of safety, environment etc.. "People out not so much before, to connect the wires downstairs too."

In response to Tiantongyuan North Street office in the cleaning, Tiantongyuan North Street office to clean the basement 1730 rental group, involving 450 loumen. Issue within the jurisdiction of the basement clean-up remediation completed. Underground space special rectification action to upgrade to problems of comprehensive management of street special action against regulation, to ensure that the crackdown is not as a mere formality, to achieve tangible results, to the jurisdiction of the masses have obtained and sense of security. At the same time, also set up a supervision by the street property security, maintaining the order of the brigade, loumen long composition of the inspection team, every day to patrol check way, from time to time to control all the basement, once found signs of live, stop immediately.

Jianxiang Park 24 hours to prevent the rebound

The basement of Jianxiang Park District Building 4

In Jianxiang Park Building 4, floor mounted on the inside the gates, sealed the entrance. The two layer underground, the original small room iron door panel is removed, leaving only the steel wire bed inside the empty bed.

In July 24th, the newspaper reported "basement rent rise", gathering Jianxiang Park Building 4, two floor underground 20 rooms or dwelling. At that time, Jianxiang Park District rent has been dismantling Street comprehensive management office to clean up, but the emergence of a "rebound" phenomenon: the room walls were smashed thin wood to fill, they will give operators secretly low rent near the school to work the crowd.

In a week after the newspaper reported, the basement was completely removed. Who lives in building 4, Ms. Sun told the Beijing evening news reporter, "from the end of July, before the basement of the rent will be repaying, until now no one in the basement. Because before people rent miscellaneous, residents are very worried about security issues. Now, the district has become quiet and clean, live more comfortable."

In response to Haidian District Xueyuan Road Street comprehensive management office rent: treatment of basement, never stopped. But there are tenants hanging on, or after a rebound situation governance. The management of the underground dwelling Jianxiang park is the district government determined, civil air defense secretary personally supervise, street office director, director of the police station personally to the scene, several joint law enforcement, it is a group of thoroughly governance, all sealed. Now, in the basement of Jianxiang Park Building No. 4 entrance, you will see a bungalow under construction, this place will be used as the actual population management station, referred to as the "real tube station, police office will also move in the past. After completion, each station will be equipped with 5 to 6 staff members, 24 hours a day, more reliably prevent rent rebound.

In the West Dingfuzhuang opens the wall hole window blocked

Ding Fu Zhuang Xi Li East outer rings, a ring fence built a layer of the outer wall of gray. Lock the iron fence, stair business has a layer of self-made was moved to the side.

In September 12th, the newspaper reported "the wall hole how to" Changzhi "", the first floor window by some merchants opened a gap. Homemade steps before the window. When people are in need of import shop, bent drill about one meter high, only one person through the window.

In October 23rd, reporters once again came to the West in a layer of Dingfuzhuang, businesses have to stop operating. Originally placed in front of the building of the plaque disappeared, hit the gap iron fence is also sealed. The glass paste a piece of A4 paper, inform the hardware store has moved to the buildings on the eastern side of the shops.

A resident said, originally a layer of business noise has plagued the residents upstairs. "This is completely shut down, not just shut the window, but also allow businesses have moved out, finally can clean day."

In response Chaoyang District city management administrative law enforcement and Supervision Bureau: Hardware building materials sales shop, shop in the west 3 gear sales Dingfuzhuang Hospital No. 3 building, belong to unlicensed behavior. After the report, the District Law Enforcement Bureau, Chaoyang Branch Trade and industry, Sanjianfang joint law enforcement department, on-site modification of private businesses window door sealing, restore the fence dismantled and withheld advertising plaque 5 pieces, the withdrawal of homemade steps, and has asked the merchant to stop operating. According to the relevant departments remediation rebound problem, will intensify law enforcement inspections, regular inspections.

Jia Garden Building 7 shops shut down non-compliance

Jia Garden Building 7 layer were loaded on uniform silver plaque, once in this business car maintenance shop has been shut down. The pavement clean, once filled with here for repairs of vehicles has disappeared.

9 12, the newspaper reported "the wall hole" Changzhi "," how to reflect the surrounding residents 7 No. was seized and streets with a blue enclosure surrounded by a wall hole. But after the Spring Festival this year, several businesses were closed down the fence back in business and build adult road congestion, sewers and other issues.

In October 23rd, the reporters came to see Jia Garden Building 7, again, not only the plaque are unified into the gray, 11 door bottom of the building are also put on a new glass door. Car maintenance shop has been shut down, the courier company also reduced the scale of operation. On the sidewalk crowded with vehicles are not, and added a "No Parking" sign. Gravel and garbage have been cleaned, clean and smooth road. With a crutch uncle told the Beijing evening news reporter, "from the 9 end of the month, there has been improvement, gradually into what it is today. Here before you can't go cart, full stop. Go inside, front and rear around several bends. Now the roads clean, the walls are decorated."

In response Fengtai District city management administrative law enforcement and Supervision Bureau, office of the streets: Jia Garden Building 7, involving a total of 11 merchant door 3, belong to District State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the municipal supply and Marketing Cooperatives Association during the period of planned economy supporting commercial outlets, commercial housing housing property. Because after the renovation, so use the blue enclosure to shop around, because the block and wall holes with Wai, so the surrounding residents misunderstanding. After the report, the end of September, the plaque unified pavement restoration, shutting down non-compliance car car wash, also will be the appearance of the wall, and in two days can be removed a blue enclosure. On the 7 floor of the shops, the latter will introduce community public service facilities, including vegetables, fruits and barber etc.. Because residents express collection needs, so keep a courier company, but now is mainly used as office space, not as a transportation hub, is no longer the tricycle truck and occupy the sidewalk.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Xibin Xie Yuhangwen

Editor: TF001

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