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Beijing Tiantongyuan, Jian Xiang Garden, and Ding Fu village have changed their faces.

2018-10-25 10:21. beijing evening news TF001

Tian Tong Yuan nearly 700 meters of group rent space, in July 24th this newspaper reported that "basement group rent rise again" second days were completely retreated. In the same report, the rent of the basement of the Jian Xiang Garden was completely retreated within a week after the report. Now the street is building a "real population management station", which will be on duty for 24 hours, and more effectively prevent group rent rebounding.

In July, more than 20 rooms on the two floor of the 4 floor of Jian Xiang Garden were still rented up by groups. Now, the underground group rent has been cleared up, and the 24 hour police room is under construction.

In October 23rd, the reporter saw in the West Village of Ding Fu, a window opened by a businessman to open a wall and hole was blocked up. The merchants who had operated in this area had been removed. On the 7 floor of Jia Jia garden, a layer of disorderly traders was shut down, the walls and plaque were beautified, and the vehicles occupying the sidewalk were gone. These changes are more than a month away from the September 12th report on how to open the wall and play holes in Changzhi.

Xiyuan underground group rent cleared.

The entrance to the basement of Building 9, Xiyuan two district, was blocked by an iron gate. Scenes of frequent entry and exit were no longer there. The partition in the basement of the building has been demolished, and the more than 40 partition rooms have been emptied. The open space now only leaves traces left by the partition.

In July 24th, this newspaper made a report on the rise of basement rent. At that time, it used to be a nearly 700 square meter basement rental group. This is the largest underground rental space in the North Street of Tiantongyuan. Some young tenants who have just graduated are often brought here by intermediary personnel.

There is also group rent phenomenon in the 11 building of Xiyuan District three. Originally there were 32 rental rooms, with an area of 400 square meters and 32 people living in it. After second days of this report, the basement group rent was completely retreated. In addition to group renting, the cleaning objects include private kitchens, private toilets and private wires.

Reporters saw in the community, several doors to the basement door was closed. A resident of building 11 said that after the renovation of underground group rents, it has been improved from many aspects such as safety and environment. "There are not so many people coming in and out, and the private wires before downstairs are gone."

In response to Tiantongyuan North Street office: in this clean-up and renovation, the North Street Office of Tiantongyuan cleaned up 1730 basement renting rooms, involving 450 building doors. The phenomenon of group rent in basement area is cleaned up and completed. The special rectification action for underground space has been upgraded to the comprehensive management of the streets, and the special problems in the fight against rectification have been ensured, so as to ensure that the rectification action is not going through the motions, achieving tangible results, and enabling the masses in the area to gain a sense of security and a sense of security. At the same time, a supervision and inspection team composed of street security, property order maintenance team and building gate gate was set up. Every day, the daily patrol night inspection method was adopted to control all the basement. Once the signs of the residents were found, they should be stopped immediately.

Jian Xiang 24 hours to prevent group rent rebounding

Basement of building 4, Jian Xiang Garden.

In the 4 floor of Jian Xiang Garden, a large iron door was installed inside the basement floor, and the entrance was sealed. Two floors underground, the original small room iron door plank was unloaded, the steel bed in the room only left empty beds.

In July 24th, when the newspaper reported that the basement rent was rising again, more than 20 rooms on the two floor of the 4 floor of the Jian Xiang Garden were still a gathering place for group rents. At that time, although the group rent of Jian Xiang Garden had been demolished and cleaned up by the comprehensive management office of the street, the phenomenon of "rebound" appeared again: the broken room walls were filled by thin planks, and the operators rented them to the people nearby to work.

Within a week after this newspaper's report, the basement group rent was completely retreated. Ms. sun, who lives in building 4, told the Beijing evening news reporter: "since the end of July, the basement rent has been retreated. Until now, no one has ever checked in the basement. People used to be very worried about security because of the group rent. Now, all right, the neighborhood is quiet and tidy, and it is more comfortable to live. "

In response to Haidian District Xueyuan Road Street comprehensive management office: basement group rent management has never stopped. It is only a situation where tenants are reluctant to go, or when they are finished. The underground group rent of the Jian Xiang Garden was determined by the district government. The director of the civil air defense Bureau personally supervised the work of the district office director and the chief of the police station. The joint law enforcement of several parties actually managed the group rent thoroughly and was completely sealed off. Now, at the entrance to the basement of Building No. 4, we will see a bungalow under construction. This place will be used as a real population management station, or "real management station", and the police office will move over. After completion, each station will be equipped with 5 to 6 staff members, 24 hours on duty, to more effectively prevent group rent rebounding.

The windows in the west wall of the village are blocked up.

Outside the East Fifth Ring Road, there is a circle of iron fence outside the gray wall on the first floor. The door of the iron fence was locked, and the steps that one of the merchants had made were moved to one side.

In September 12th, this newspaper reported that "how to open a wall and hole" "Changzhi", a layer of windows was opened by some businesses. The self-made steps were placed under the window. Whenever someone enters or shops, they need to bend over for about one meter and only allow one person to pass through the window.

In October 23rd, the reporter once again came to the West Village of Ding Fu Zhuang, and a layer of merchants had stopped operating. The plaque that was originally placed in front of the building was missing, and the iron fence that had been struck was sealed. A piece of A4 paper was placed on the glass, telling the hardware store to move to the east side of the building.

One resident said that the noise of a previous business had deeply disturbed residents upstairs. "This time it has been completely shut down. It has not only blocked the windows, but also made the merchants move away. Finally, they can live a clean life."

In response to the comprehensive administrative law enforcement supervision bureau of Chaoyang District urban management, the 3 building of No. 3 hospital of Xili, Ding Fu Village, has hardware sales shop and fishing gear sales shop. After the report, the District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, Chaoyang Branch of Chaoyang industrial and commercial bureau, and San Fang Fang Township jointly implemented the law enforcement. The site was closed to the window doors which were privately modified, and the protective barriers were restored. 5 pieces of advertising plaque were dismantled and withdrawn, and the homemade steps were removed, and businesses were ordered to stop operating. In response to the problem of rebounding, the relevant departments will step up inspections and enforce laws and conduct regular inspections.

Shop No. 7 of Jia Jia garden closed down.

The first floor of Building No. 7 of Jia Jia garden is all equipped with a uniform silver gray plaque. The car maintenance shop that was once operated here has been shut down. The pavement is clean and tidy, and the vehicles that have been filled up here are gone.

In September 12th, this newspaper reported that when the wall opened a hole to "Changzhi", the surrounding residents reflected that the 7 floor despot was sealed up by the streets and surrounded by blue fence. But after the Spring Festival this year, several businesses that had been shut down reopened their fences and rebuilt their businesses, causing problems such as congestion and cross flow of sewage.

In October 23rd, when the reporter came to the 7 Building of Jia Jia garden again, he saw that not only the tablets were all gray, but also the 11 doors at the bottom of the building were replaced by new glass doors. The automobile maintenance shop has been shut down, and the express company has also reduced the scale of operation. There were no vehicles on the sidewalk, and a "No Parking" sign was added. Crushed stones and rubbish were also cleaned up, and the roads were clean and smooth. A grandfather on crutches told the Beijing evening news reporter, "from the end of September, the renovation began here and gradually became what it looks like today. There was no way to go before. The cart was full. Inside, there are several curves around the rear of the car. Now the road is clean and the walls are well decorated. "

In response to the comprehensive administrative law enforcement supervision bureau of the Fengtai District municipal administration, Dong Tie Ying sub district office: the 7 Building of Jia Jia garden involves 3 houses and 11 gates, which belong to the state-owned assets supervision and Administration Committee of the district and the commercial matching network of the municipal supply and Marketing Cooperative Union during the planned economy period. The house is a commercial property house. Previously, because of the decoration, the blue fence was used to encircle the shops, because the walls used for opening holes in the walls were the same, causing the misunderstanding of the surrounding residents. After the report, the plaque was unified at the end of September, the road surface was restored, the unauthorized car repair shop was shut down, and the wall was beautiful. In two days, the blue fence could be removed. For the shops in building 7, the community convenience facilities will be introduced later, including vegetables, fruits and haircuts. Because there is a demand for express delivery, a courier company is retained, but now it is mainly used as an office space, not as a transport hub, and there will be no more tricycles and lorries occupying sidewalks.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Xibin Xie Yuhangwen

Editor: TF001

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