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Beijing to promote clean energy transformation to the Winter Olympics in surrounding areas of World Horticultural Exposition basically no coal

2018-10-25 09:00 Beijing daily TF0328

A new round of millions of acres of afforestation, urban transformation, coal-fired boilers to improve urban greening landscape plants update...... In the ecological area of Yanqing, in World Horticultural Exposition and the Winter Olympics organizing service, also did not fall under the protection of the ecological environment and promoting green landscape steps.

This year the city heating no coal

In order to promote the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, the site of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Yanqing District, air quality, and actively promote the coal-fired boiler clean energy transformation, has completed a city in East, south two central heating center of all coal-fired boilers, 1178.2 tons of coal-fired boiler renovation. East, south through both central heating coal-fired boilers at the end of the year, to achieve urban heating without coal. It is expected that two boiler room transformation can reduce 120 thousand tons of coal, 980 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 300 tons of nitrogen oxides. In addition, in the rural areas of coal to clean energy, at 46 village 1 million coal to clean energy work is orderly, and strive to achieve the Olympic venues, World Horticultural Exposition park surrounding areas basically no coal.

It is understood that this year 1-9 month in Yanqing District PM2.5 average concentration of 47 micrograms / cubic meter, down 7.8%. SO2 and NO2 was 6 and the average concentration of 29 micrograms / cubic meter, down 33.3% and 19.4% respectively. The region's total standard days for 173 days, the standard rate of 63.3%, 10 heavy air pollution days, down 8 days.

At the same time, Yanqing in the urban water pollution control is also a lot of effort. Up to now, has completed the construction of sewage pipeline 36 kilometers, completed 7 million 10 thousand and 400 cubic meters of recycled water. In the management of rural water pollution in agriculture, livestock and poultry farms to carry out large-scale sewage treatment work, complete the large-scale livestock manure treatment projects declared admissible, and formulate the district ban on raising business farming retail exit plan, complete ban on raising retail 216 operating culture area evaluation.

A new round of millions of acres of afforestation projects completed more than half

This year a new round of Yanqing million acres of afforestation projects a total area of 26 thousand and 500 acres, the new afforestation 15524 acres, 10976 acres of upgrade. The project has a total of 6 construction projects, including 3 new projects, to enhance the landscape renovation project of 3, involving a total of Badaling Town, elm Town, town wells, Shenjiaying Town, Yongning Town, town, Yanqing Town, Zhang Shan Ying Town, the old county town of 9, more than 800 plots. According to the Yanqing District Landscaping Bureau plain office director Zhang Kedong introduction, the afforestation dominated by native plants, different species will be mixed with the original ecological forest planting, simulation, create biodiversity, provide living space for small animal.

At present, a new round of the 2018 new million acres of reforestation projects have been completed 66% of the total area, landscape upgrade project in Beijing Tibet Expressway Yanqing section along the landscape upgrade project and Beijing new high-speed Yanqing section along the landscape upgrade project has completed construction bidding, is organizing the construction approach.

To enhance the overall urban greening landscape

In ecological construction, Yanqing is also a comprehensive promotion of urban greening landscape. Take symptomatic measures and policies, see seam insert green, green, green as illegal construction should be green, reasonable collocation of shrubs and flowers to enhance the overall landscape effect of newcastle. Located in the city center for the public focus, activities, various aging facilities damaged Guichuan square, the overall landscape transformation, update the flowers of 27 thousand square meters, the new plant 301 trees. In addition, also the installation of various landscape lights 374 lights, 17 seat, seat features cultural display wall 6, set the Winter Olympics and World Horticultural Exposition logo, corridor, etc. a landscape sketch 7, new music fountain and the dry spray 1, and new 160 1 square meters of toilet seat, not only provides a more beautiful, more comfortable the leisure place for people to enjoy the cool air, but also for the upcoming winter Olympics, World Horticultural Exposition provides a good landscape protection.

In addition, Yanqing in summer, the Xiangshui River, springs, Baiquan, Yingbin 5 Park plant landscaping, in accordance with the principles of what we lack, the landscape, planting 1768 trees and shrubs, creeping 10 thousand and 500 shrubs, planting flowers is 277 thousand and 400 square meters, to build three season flowers, evergreen trees, shaded landscape effect.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Li Yi

Editor: TF0328

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