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The twenty-second concourse Fair opening ceremony held in Beijing city mayor Chen Jining attended

2018-10-24 15:19 beijing evening news TF003

Today (October 24th) afternoon, the twenty-second session of the Beijing - Hongkong Economic Cooperation Symposium (hereinafter referred to as the "concourse fair") opening ceremony held at Beijing International Hotel. On behalf of Beijing and Hong Kong government and the business, financial and professional services industry with more than 1000 people attended the opening ceremony.

Photo by Yao Huilong

This concourse will be "hand in hand" The Belt and Road 'construction, compose new chapter of cooperation "as the theme, held a series of activities. Among them, the "special activities of opportunity, cooperation and development, the four sector focused" The Belt and Road "construction and construction of major projects of cooperation, city governance cooperation, high quality cooperation in science and technology innovation, city management and construction of major projects in areas such as docking Beijing and Hong kong. Representative of Zhongguancun Unicorn enterprises and high-tech enterprises will also show that artificial intelligence, speech interaction, health science and technology and other technologies and products.

It is reported that, as an important carrier of the bridge and the cooperation between Beijing and communication development, concourse Fair has achieved fruitful results in promoting the economic and trade cooperation. As of September 2018, Hongkong in Beijing has set up 15687 foreign-invested enterprises, total investment of $79 billion 580 million, accounting for all of Beijing, the actual use of foreign investment 52%, ranked Beijing Investment in the country (region) the first investment, mainly in the real estate industry, leasing and business services, financial services and information transmission, computer service and the software industry and other fields. Beijing enterprises in Hongkong accumulated direct investment of $28 billion 812 million, accounting for 44.19% of the total foreign direct investment in Beijing, mainly in the area of investment in information transmission, software and information technology services, culture, sports and entertainment industry, leasing and business services, the real estate industry.

Beijing mayor Chen Jining, Hongkong's chief executive Lin Zhengyuee and chairman of the Hongkong Trade Development Council Luo Kangrui attended the opening ceremony, vice mayor Yin Yong presided over the opening ceremony.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF003

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