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North exchange Xinda claims processing platform on-line project involving the assets of 19 provinces

2018-10-24 14:57 beijing evening news TF003

This week, China XinDa assets column in Beijing equity exchange officially launched the official website, to provide a professional platform for the treatment of debt assets.

China Cinda Asset Management Corp jointly Beijing property exchange, debt assets jointly launched, its volume is Chinese XinDa in recent years launched most of the project, the total asset size reached 160 yuan, the total number of assets of 54 households, projects located in North, Southern China, East China and northwest of China, involving 19 provinces and cities nationwide, widely distributed project involved involving industry, wholesale and retail, food processing industry, agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing, coal mining and dressing industry, civil construction, transportation, warehousing and logistics industry, the real estate industry and other industries.

With the increase of the slowdown in economic growth, downtown pressure on the economy, the effect of the transformation of economic structure to promote the depth and the interest rate market, the number of non-performing assets of commercial banks in China is rising, the rate of non-performing loans increased year by year. With the increase of the overall scale of non-performing assets, non-performing assets management industry is also increasing pressure. Asset column the North exchange line, provide a professional platform for the centralized disposal of assets. Investors can log on the official website of XinDa North exchange asset column view more information.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Fu Yang

Editor: TF003

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