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Shunyi is building the three emerging financial development platform with these resources.

2018-10-24 14:21. beijing evening news TF003

Shunyi will build a new financial gathering area, relying on the physical space of 20 square kilometers and 19 million 800 thousand square meters of construction area, and focus on building three emerging financial development platforms such as the post Sha Yu financial business district, the Ma Po financial city and the airport finance lease Industrial Park.

Zhou Jiwu, director of the Shunyi District financial services office, said yesterday that after the future, Sha Yu financial business district will use the existing 390 thousand square meters of building resources in its jurisdiction, and 4 million 710 thousand square meters of buildings under construction will be used to undertake high-quality financial resources that are intended to be settled in the process of capital function relaxation. At present, the Beijing life insurance office has been officially completed in the financial business district after the renovation is completed. The financial leasing gathering area located in the airport will feature financial leasing, and gather upstream and downstream financial institutions such as financial leasing, financial leasing, commercial factoring, and so on to promote industrial and financial cooperation. Ma Po financial city is expected to become a gathering place for functional headquarters financial institutions such as trading operations, clearing and clearing, brokerage agencies, financial research and publication.

Source: Zhang Ao, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF003

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