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Shunyi to build new financial development platform has these resources

2018-10-24 14:21 beijing evening news TF003

Shunyi will build a new financial gathering area, relying on 20 square kilometers, 19 million 800 thousand square meters of construction area of physical space, focus on creating houshayu financial business district, Ma Po City Airport, the leasing industry garden three new financial development platform.

Zhou Jiwu, director of the Shunyi District Financial Services Office introduced yesterday, the future houshayu financial business district will use their existing 390 thousand square meters of building resources, 4 million 710 thousand square meters of buildings under construction, for the quality of financial resources, to undertake capital function in ease the process at present, Beijing life office space renovation completed, has officially settled in the financial business district. Financing lease located in the airport area will gather on finance lease characteristics, financing lease, financial leasing, factoring and other downstream commercial financial institutions, promote the production of financial cooperation. Ma Po city is expected to become a gathering of trading operations, settlement and clearing, brokerage, financial research publishing functional headquarters of financial institutions.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Ao

Editor: TF003

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