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Trill with Japan's largest record company reached Avex copyright cooperation to users in Asia open 25 thousand tracks

2018-10-24 14:40 beijing evening news TF016

Recently, a short video copyright cooperation Trill and overseas version and Japan's biggest record company Avex, the first popular new 2.5 million tracks using the right to users in Asia, cooperation will begin on line 10 tracks 30 april.

(Nissy, DA PUMP and Piko in taro trill overseas edition video)

As a Japanese pop music leader, Avex Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, Ai Otsuka, has a small orchestra of thousands of Japanese well-known artists. The trill and the overseas edition since launch, many leading music trends, provides a good music, and music found interactive space for fans, is becoming a popular platform for global music promotion work. As of now, vibrato covering more than 150 countries worldwide, including in Japan may play more than 13 billion times the amount of.

Trill said, through cooperation with Avex, trill will provide users with a richer music selection and multi product experience. At the same time, Avex's music and music are also better able to find users and communication.

In fact, vibrato overseas edition and Avex's artists have been successful cases.

For example, with a magic song "PPAP" GAGMAN Piko taro in the global popularity of Japan, in July this year released a new album, trill overseas edition as he developed the custom sticker and the title song "Can you publicity see? I" m SUSHI ". Shake the audio and video Piko taro used the song to shoot, the amount of points like more than 140 thousand; the Japanese team DA PUMP opened the official account in the overseas edition of vibrato, a single video using the new U.S.A shooting points like the amount of more than 210 thousand; the pop singer Kumi Koda in 2010 released the song "better" and as of this year. The trill overseas edition once again became popular, use less than 360 thousand; popular combination of AAA lead singer Nissy to promote the new song "Toriko", shooting video in trill overseas edition, by 280 thousand the amount of points like.

Trill overseas edition in 2017 years summer landed in Japan, repeatedly boarded the Japanese App Store overall standings the first position, to become Japan's most popular App. Not long ago, Japan's Fuji television's flagship news program "TV" alarm reports trill overseas edition, said the trill of all ages by overseas users, a user with the oldest is 91 years old. In February this year, the overseas edition of vibrato by young users welcomed and loved, and 2017 in the Japanese market brisk performance, won the special award by Forbes Japan "Forbes JAPAN tour".

Trill not only become a phenomenal product in Japan, in the global scope by the user's favorite. The latest App Annie data show that 5 months before this year, the highest application of Apple's App Store downloads worldwide and overseas edition is a trill.


Source: Beijing evening news Meng ring

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