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Beijing Haidian billion fund to help listed companies over each enterprise only support a

2018-10-24 14:51 beijing evening news TF017

China has set up its first to ease the difficulties, the liquidity of listed companies support the development of high technology enterprise investment platform, the fund size of 100 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan has been put in place, currently has initially completed the project reserves and some enterprises due diligence work, there is a need to Haidian registered domestic listed high-tech enterprises can make contact.

Haidian District finance office director Liu Jianmin introduction, Haidian District SASAC owned state-owned Haidian center 3 belonged to state-owned joint stock Dongxing, initiated the establishment of the Dongxing state support of high technology enterprise development fund". The fund by the Haidian belonged to the company "Hartcourt gold" under the sea of Changyi as manager, Dongxing securities as an investment adviser, the fund size of 100 billion yuan, a period of 40 million yuan, is currently in place of 20 billion yuan, the latter will change according to the market development to expand the scale of funds.

"The establishment of this investment platform, because we found that early part of pledge of shares of listed companies a higher proportion, while the profitability of the enterprise is no problem, but with the stock market volatility, listed companies because the stock pledge problems of liquidity problems." Liu Jianmin said, in Haidian District listed companies registered in the territory of a total of 130, ranking first in the city, most of which are private technology enterprises. After this problem was found in Haidian district government at the beginning of the year, immediately strengthened monitoring and analysis and the formation of the analysis report, to study the risk solution, and get the support of the municipal government. After the establishment of the fund, Beijing jiaxunfeihong electric Limited by Share Ltd became the first investment fund investment, has signed the transfer agreement, and has completed the payment of funds, waiting for the approval of the exchange.

Liu Jianmin introduction, the fund to support technological innovation, support the real economy, state-owned and private enterprises to work together "for operating purposes, a high-tech enterprise certification only supports the principle of the listed company; not to get control of a listed company for the purpose of the agreement to the transfer of large transactions or access to no more than 10% of the total share capital of the company tradable shares do not interfere; enterprise management; single investment of more than 500 million yuan in principle, each of the listed companies only support one; the shareholders of the listed company can repurchase equity transfer. The next step, Haidian District will also be combined with banks, securities companies, investment institutions, guarantee agencies and other financial institutions and relevant industry associations, the establishment of Haidian District to support the development of Listed Companies in accordance with the "joint meeting of the working mechanism, self-help and mutual aid," + "hemostatic + blood in the work of thinking, study and formulate more support for the development of high technology enterprise policy measures.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF017

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