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Weigh! Beijing financial holding group was formally established to set four goals.

2018-10-24 13:32. Beijing daily TF015

Beijing Daily reporter has just learned that recently, Beijing Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing golden control group") was formally established, and the former director of the International Banking Regulatory Commission Fan Wenzhong served as party secretary and chairman of the board. Beijing Financial Holding Group

The establishment of Financial Holding Group in Beijing is an important measure for the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to fully implement the financial development policy of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and actively promote the construction of the "four centers".

It is reported that the formation of Beijing golden control group is conducive to deepening the reform of the financial system and opening wider to the outside world in Beijing, and constantly improving the quality of the development of the modern financial industry in the capital city. The establishment of the Beijing golden control group is in line with the policy trend of the transformation of the national financial industry from separate supervision to comprehensive regulation. It is conducive to grasping the pilot opportunity for Beijing to deepen the opening up of the service industry, creating a platform for expanding the opening of the capital financial industry, and actively introducing high-quality international financial institutions and talents to promote the opening up of the financial industry.

In accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Beijing golden control group is positioned to build a state owned gold control group with complete license, resource coordination, business linkage and risk isolation.

Specifically, Beijing golden control group will -

1., integrate the municipal financial elements, and co-ordinate various financial services such as banks, trusts, investment banks, securities, information management, insurance and funds.

2., through the establishment of a big data platform, we should establish a unified internal risk prevention and control system, unify the statistical data of various financial institutions, plan and improve the financial infrastructure in a unified way, unify and enhance the management and management requirements, promote the cross innovation of financial business, give full play to the comprehensive service function of large financial institutions, cooperate with all kinds of advantageous financial resources, enhance the efficiency and level of the service entity economy, serve the construction of the "four centers" in Beijing better, and improve the level of "four services".

3., we are committed to serving the lives of the people, serving the urban development, serving the national strategy, and building an intelligent financial system that is driven by science and technology and faces the future. Beijing golden control group will take financial technology as the engine, make full use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, and actively reform the service mode and business mode of traditional financial institutions. Through the innovation of payment means and tools, we can reduce transaction costs, improve the experience of financial payment customers, enhance the sense of happiness and sense of gain of the people; establish a financial credit base for enterprises and families, reduce information asymmetry and guard against regional financial risks; and establish a comprehensive financial service platform for small and micro enterprises and a trading platform for financial assets, so as to enhance the allocation efficiency of social and economic resources.

4. Beijing golden control group will take advantage of the financial resources in the capital area to actively build a leading and world-class financial investment holding platform in China. We must seize the important national strategic opportunities such as the upgrading of the capital area, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the construction of the Winter Olympic Games. We should make efficient use of financial resources to build a new competitive advantage of Beijing's financial industry and provide better financial services for the capital's economic and social development.

The reporter also learned that Fan Wenzhong, director of the International Banking Regulatory Commission, served as chairman of Beijing golden control group.

Public information display, Fan Wen Chung undergraduate and graduate from Fudan University in Shanghai international finance department international finance, later obtained the Yale University Yale University economics doctorate. He has worked in the following positions: the world bank division of the Ministry of finance, deputy director of the Research Bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, deputy director of the Chongqing SASAC, and director of the International Department of the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Pan Fuda

Editor: TF015

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