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Heavy! Beijing Financial Holding Group formally established the establishment of the four target!

2018-10-24 13:32 Beijing daily TF015

Beijing Daily reporter has just learned that recently, Beijing Financial Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing Financial Holding Group") was formally established, the original silver CIRC International Department Director Fan Wenzhong served as party secretary and chairman. Beijing Financial Holding Group

Beijing City, set up the financial holding group is the municipal government to fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council financial development policy, and actively promote the construction of a major initiative center ".

According to reports, the formation of the Beijing financial holding group, Beijing City, is conducive to deepening the reform of the financial system and expand opening up, constantly improve the quality of the modern financial industry capital. Beijing gold control group set up the policy trend in line with the national financial industry changed from supervision to comprehensive supervision, to seize the Beijing deepen services to expand the pilot open opportunities to build the capital financial industry to expand the open platform, and actively introduce international financial institutions and high-quality talents, promote the financial industry opening.

In accordance with the municipal government requirements, state-owned financial holding group Beijing financial holding group is located in creating the license is complete, resource synergy, business linkage, risk isolation.

Specifically, Beijing Financial Holding Group will:

The integration of 1. municipal financial elements, banking, trust, securities and investment banking, information management, insurance and other financial services fund.

2. through the establishment of large data platform, to establish a unified internal risk control system, the statistical data of financial institutions have unified, unified planning to improve the financial infrastructure, unified improve management standards, promote cross financial business innovation, give full play to the comprehensive services of large financial institutions, coordination of all kinds of advantages of financial resources, improve the efficiency and level of service the real economy, to better serve the Beijing "4 centers" construction, improve the service level.

3. is dedicated to the service life of the people, serving the city development, service national strategy, intelligent financial system construction technology driven, future oriented. Beijing Financial Holding Group will finance science and technology as the engine, make full use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other innovative technology to reform traditional financial institutions and business model. Through innovative means of payment and tools, reduce transaction costs, improve the financial payment of customer experience, enhance the people's sense of happiness and sense; through the establishment of corporate and household financial credit base, reduce information asymmetry, prevent regional financial risk; Small and micro businesses through the establishment of a comprehensive financial services platform and financial asset trading platform, efficiency enhance the social and economic resources allocation.

4. Beijing Financial Holding Group will use the financial resources of the metropolitan area, and actively create the leading domestic and international first-class financial investment holding platform. Seize the capital area of industrial upgrading, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the Winter Olympics construction of major national strategic opportunities, efficient use of financial resources, the construction of Beijing financial industry a new competitive advantage, provide better financial services for economic and social development of the capital.

Another reporter was informed that the original silver CIRC International Department Director Fan Wenzhong served as the Beijing financial holding group chairman.

Public information display, Fan Wen Chung undergraduate and graduate students graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai international finance, international finance, and received a Ph.D. in economics from the Yale University. The world bank has worked in the Ministry of Finance Division, deputy director of the CBRC, the Chongqing Research Bureau, deputy director of SASAC, silver CIRC International Department Director and other positions.

Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Pan Fuda

Editor: TF015

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