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You want Pu Shu to come! The travel show, he is still a real child

2018-10-24 13:19 Yi Zhan TF015

Pu Shu let people feel close and distant, but he seems to be sincere and sensitive and all distance. A few years ago his special love alone, he said the snake peeling is in a place not even light. In the face of passionate Havana Cuba is not comfortable night, Pu Shu had a what kind of journey?

Pu Shu data figure, the Xinhua News Agency for map

When was the last time that Yi Jun introduction "adventure life" of the show, a lot of people address him why not write Pu Shu Pu Shu's trip to Havana last night, finally aired, art Zhan Jun this is for everyone to talk about Pu Shu's trip.

At the beginning of the program, the upright Pu Shu first said before regret, said he is not in the state, with director group complaining... But when he picked up the guitar, tambourine and swing, and from Cuba band singer chorus singing, a childish innocent smile, Zhan Jun Yi again by Pu Shu infection.

When Pu Shu was invited to the program group in March, heard that the location of the travel after Pu Shu is full of expectations, because feel distant places will be full of surprises. When the program starts recording is 8 months, after returning from the ABA Pu Shu feel very tired, before departure at the airport with an embarrassed laugh: "I'm so sorry, I just want to stay at home now." A did not expect even some regret what it would be like to travel?


"I am sorry, now I want to go home to sleep"

"Think now is a great age, to nice places are not strongly affect me, where is not important, the most important is you." Just to Cuba, Pu Shu patted the left chest to say. Just imagine, if you travel to the buddy and say, is not also feel very lost.

The first half of the journey, "boring" is the most Pu Shu evaluation. Cuba met with local musicians, he said the languagebarrier didn't enter their own system, their music is not known; when Aya asked if he love painting, he also bluntly no sense of line and color; when people cut the first small Cuban reception carefully prepared a motorcycle team, invited Pu Shu and Aya added, he was rejected because of health reasons. He frankly expressed his poor state that the other very sad, but will the program is done politely seriously.

For example, "the night of Havana, this is a fantasy how beautiful to me, but I was in a strange state, not in the moment."

The program of the first half, art that you can only use one word to describe the journey of Pu Shu, is "barely". But Pu Shu also gives a solution, "my teacher told me to put myself out there, wait and see."

If time is really a good idea. Independent music Mario invited Pu Shu Aya to go home, and invited Pu Shu to sing together, at that time Pu Shu state began somewhat better, but the turning of experience is the Cuban love motorcycles.


The speed and the feeling of the wind, blowing, cool, fun than I thought "

Although the front camera hair Biao a pass, Pu Shu or to try a motorcycle. The result is still a second -- a look of dislike motorcycle boring, after the second open arms wind laugh.

"Can it be a little bit quicker? I think this is great."

"I don't take the artist car, I want to take the motorcycle."

"I know why they love motorcycles, wind, speed, that face the feeling of cool, fun than I thought."

"Today is the best day."

Pu Shu seems to have finally relaxed, also began to face filled with a bright smile. The rhythm of the program also become easy. Pu Shu Pu Shu, sometimes I really like a child!


"I thought maybe I can do music like Mario, when I was immersed in the extreme state, I found that I was enjoying"

When re and Cuba partners together, Pu Shu no longer think language is a barrier. He began recording into the initiative to enjoy travel in the knowledge from complete programs passively. He and the Cuban buddies share music brings simple happiness, also took the initiative to sing their own songs "ordinary road".

When once again met Mario and his band, Pu Shu joined them and singing their original song "No fear in my heart", Pu Shu Mario also promised to give him a computer, so that he can be their own music recording into the sample sent to him, he will be compiled and sent back.

In a simple and happy melody, Pu Shu also confesses his heart. My wife said, "I'm the best energy for the record, the worst side to her." He also talked about his wife and therefore had to break up.

"I felt no love in that position, I also don't want to do that record, I feel so bitter, so I always avoid doing in the record, do not want to enter the special kind of extreme condition, I think I can do music like Mario, just can even take. The music becomes more simple on its ground occupation. I really think so."

"But to the beginning of last year the real record, I suddenly found that when I came into the extreme state, I enjoy. I suddenly found that I can not give her a complete life. But she gave me feedback so that I feel very lucky."


"I just want to put yourself out"

Pu Shu said very want to put yourself out. "I have a few years especially autistic, friends say that I don't become a caveman. I gave them an excuse, snake peeling time, in a place not even light feeling, I don't want to have so much information in." Most of the time, he love a person, alone will make him feel at ease.

The program group retained Pu Shu freak said he is not suitable for recording program fragments. "I really don't record the program. You really got the wrong guy, I really do not love book, I can't free. We use such a big fuss? I see other people or other people looking at me? I am not a relaxed state. Can a machine, or secretly shot, I also do not have what story, I this person is special boring."

In the face of the enthusiasm of the Cuban people rushed up to the camera, Pu Shu said he was born don't face the camera, as long as the concert will be nervous. Until now may be just a little bit better, "I have found me a lot behind the behavior is to please people, hoping to get my affirmation from others, this may be my childhood lack of something, I'm a little hate myself."

"I want to put yourself to express, if I really have a bad ass if I want out of that bastard, let others and myself saw."

"I don't want to slowly, my heart has many complicated feelings, there are a lot of sad or depressed, I also have a happy, to express those things are good, as long as it is from the heart, not to cater to others, I went to see my own. To find a balance between depression and indulgence."

This journey shows "reborn" named Pu Shu, but we all know that people are not born again because of one thing, a person, but indeed, we can see changes in the eyes of Pu Shu flashing in this journey, that he may be in the journey to feel what to bring his change.

"I think I may become another person, I now have become the final myself, there is a long way to go."

He loves music always like a child.

Source: Yi Zhan

Editor: TF015

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