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Beijing Jade Spring Mountain North Hollywood Park: paddy landscape scale has rich "Beijing Xigong rice"

2018-10-24 13:59 beijing evening news TF017

October autumn, autumn North Hollywood Park Jade Spring mountain scenery in the elaborate golden rice fields, chic, scintillating.

North Hollywood Park is located in the town of Sijiqing in northeastern Haidian District, thousands of hectares of rice fields make people feel a kind of historical flavor, original taste and jiangmen.

The park on the eastern side of the Zhong Wu paddy fields, visitors in the fields selected scene pictures, and close contact of golden rice, experience the joy of harvest. In the park on the west side of the North Hollywood, already harvested paddy fields, people under the Gleaner, walking in between bundles of straw, looking for the feeling of particle positions.

North Hollywood Park to dry after harvest "Beijing Xigong rice", attracted people stop to explore.

Fifty years old Wang Fengying and 81 year old mother to pick up the rice in the rice fields, harvest little excitement. Hale's mother is low head, back to look for the missing rice harvesting time. "Cut too clean, half an hour to pick up a handful of." Wang Fengying said to his mother, "Mom, when I was a child after school to follow you to the ground to pick up the ears, remember?" "I remember!" Mother recalled the Labor Youth scene: "then cut the rice with a sickle, slow and laborious, which is now used as the rice combine harvester, cutting fast and clean!" The autumn mother in the fields of small talk, attracted visitors side smile.

Who lives in North Hollywood village residents said here is the "Garden Park", always go sightseeing fitness.

Zhong Wu, rice paddy fields late, people catch close contact with the golden rice before harvest.

Park North Hollywood to farming culture as the theme of the Sijiqing is located in the town of northeast Haidian District, here the history in "Beijing Xigong rice", is now one of the most recent landscape from field scale of Beijing City, become public leisure in the park.

A paddy field in Zhong Wu, kindergarten teacher led the children to enjoy the autumn rice.

North Hollywood, rice has been harvested, Wang Fengying (left) and the old mother to pick up the ears, looking for childhood particle positions memories.

In North Hollywood and thousands of Zhong Wu, paddy field distribution between a few reflect the silhouette sculpture farming labor scene, the content is based on the emperor Kangxi presided over the rendering of "Pei Wen Zhai farming and weaving", "a cloth seedling, transplanting, tillage, plowing, harvesting, placing two". People walk in the fields, feeling a kind of historical atmosphere, understanding the whole process of rice growth, enjoy the original ecological landscape Woye aspect, mood as heavy as brilliant golden rice.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Hu Tiexiang reported: Photography

Editor: TF017


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