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The snow in "new stories" using the possible story of how to interpret the comity three feet?

2018-10-24 12:11 beijing evening news TF017

According to the history of possible adaptation of the reality television show "possible new story" will serve as a new Chinese founded 70th anniversary gift show next broadcast. The drama of mining possible cultural essence, using about national cadres, adhere to the heart and the party struggle, borers and unscrupulous businessmen for the benefit of the masses of the story.

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"Possible" is a history of the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty Anhui Tongcheng spread, tells the story of Wen Huadian bachelor and holdsthe Zhang Ying and Wu neighborhood land dispute story, Wu to build new houses to occupy the middle of Zhang Wu two lane, but Zhang has not acceded to, when both sides of the fight, Zhang to court official Zhang Ying Zhang for help, who received Zhang Ying "let him three feet again after the words" take the initiative to give up three feet of space, see Zhang Wu in the move after the initiative to give up three feet, which made possible, but also the achievements of a story. Since then, the "possible" includes modest comity spirit widely spread, Zhang Ying's attitude of public officials as well as a model for dealing with the relationship between the government and the people.

TV drama "new stories" is possible according to the possible historical stories adapted from the realistic themes of the works, tells the story of the hero Zhang Yiwen, Kong Dan as a national cadres adhere to the original story. The play involves not only the parents love of country people, also includes the young generation to dream of brave struggle and innovative spirit. The drama starring had to sing "every" happiness "and other songs" poetic masterpiece through the ages known as snow. Conference, singer Snow said, "the drama" possible new story "very excited, to feel the pressure of the play is also full of yearning." As the 70th anniversary gift show the establishment of the new Chinese, TV drama "new stories" will be possible next month to boot.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qiu Wei

Editor: TF017

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