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The movie "you write poems" directed by Wu Ke "said Pepe Yan" Rujing wonderful participation in

2018-10-24 11:49 beijing evening news TF017

By the new director Kenji Wu directed and starred in a week, and Zhou Jianming, who was still Su Chou, starring Pepe, Zhang Benyu, Yan Rujing special movie "write for you" have to mention released on Friday. Last night, the film premiere was held in Beijing, Landy Wen, Wu Zhongtian, Ming, wake up, Yuan Chang and many other friends to support.

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A transition director, Kenji Wu first directed tube is questioned by many. In this regard, he said: "many people think that the singer to the movie, is to use their own songs to IP money, but I swear, I'm really not for money. The movie also did not use the "write for you" this song. The song can not carry all the things I want to express, but the movie can." He said, the story of the film and travel back to school, although there is no gorgeous packaging, but the film is the most sincere friendship of the most beautiful, "the movie is my own, middle-aged people to have some regret, want to go back to the past. I have experienced life and death in the filming process, the more feeling, put all your mood in the movie."

"You write poems" is Kenji Wu ten years ago to the song, but he said his movie dream as early as 16 years ago has finally realized the initiation, until now, has experienced a lot of hardships and even want to give up. "10 days before the shooting, the mother found suffering from cancer, I almost gave up, when producers encouraged me, if you don't do it now, then you will never be done." In many creative and under the support of friends, he just finished the movie. Kenji Wu and mother had agreed: "must let mother in the movie premiere, sitting in the first row to watch his movie." The opening day, he also deliberately set aside the best position for my mother, I hope their dreams that one day have a mother's participation. Although the mother is gone, but Kenji Wu's filial piety also made the audience moved.

Why not use the film "you write poems" this song, Kenji Wu explained: "you write poems" this song is the theme of love, and want to express the theme of the movie a lot, affection, friendship and love, so I have a dream, it re created the theme song "you dare silly once". The name of the movie "you write poems" in "poetry" is actually a script, is the story of the film."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Li

Editor: TF017

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