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Liu Ye's wife Anna was born for the first time a theatrical family drama starring the "Jewish city" will be staged in Beijing

2018-10-24 11:52 beijing evening news TF017

The central China drama and Beijing poly performance Co., held a theme of "students, how noble?" The beauty of life and drama about high share, performances and release action, announced that it will be staged in Beijing Poly Theater on from November 9th to 11th. The purohita by Israeli director Joshua Sobol screenwriter and director, Anas - Ma Tian, Sun Qiang, Feng Xianzhen, Yan Nan, Emily Ohana and other stars of the world classic big drama "Jewish city", that has the aesthetic height and influence in the world of great works, to impress the audience feel about "life" theme.

"Jewish" tells the story of a down breathtaking story: during World War II, is located in Lithuania of the Jews in Nazi Germany under the rule of the ghetto, the German officer here is the management of his. He is a cruel music art lovers. Once, he caught a stealing food Jewish singer Haya Kittel, impressed by her beautiful singing. So, this area of the Jewish kiter command police chief Jens organized a theatrical troupe and various performances to meet their own. Jens in order to make more to get rid of the fate of Jews were massacred actively for the formation of the troupe. But in front of the German defeat, good times don't last long, ordered to kill all the Jews, a choice of life and death in front of Kittel, and the kings of the haya......

"The city" is the longest continuous drama performances in Israel's history, but also the whole world is the greatest number of Israeli drama rehearsal. The world has more than 25 a country with more than 20 languages rehearsed "Jewish" this masterpiece. "Jewish" many times for awards in Israel, Germany, Britain, the United States and other countries, including David award and David Bing J award, the harp based plum gold medal, American Samir prize, the Joseph Jefferson prize Oliver British Drama Award etc.. The play was directed by a famous Israeli purohita level drama artist Joshua Sobol and screenwriter. Sobol is the director and playwright Chanticleer Israel's premier, won the five Israeli Cultural Arts Award for the highest David harp award. By his screenwriter drama "village" has twice staged in China, attracted enthusiastic responses in China. In the world, Joshua Sobol is revered and respected. For his outstanding contributions to the cause of Israeli drama, Sobel won the 2003 Rosen Bloom award and the 2009 annual Israeli drama lifetime achievement award. This time, he will play with central China cooperation, launched a new production Chinese version of "Jewish city".

For the "Jewish city" this drama creation, Sobel said history is really had a Jewish city theatre, he found it kept diary in carries on the investigation to the theatre when. He read their diaries, found the people inside the song lyrics, choreography, they left more than 400 songs, including a variety of popular music; they celebrate the theatre for 100 performances, the 315 seat theatre performances in the 100 in a total of 35000 tickets sold. At that time, they are facing the people have been taken from the Jewish city 12 kilometers are slaughtered every day.

Sobol also visited some Jewish survivors of the city. A year only 17 year old woman said: "after the Jewish town day through hard work, the night will walk into the theater put on their best clothes, and go to meet friends, enjoy the play, which makes them feel they are" people "." One was the creation of a lot of songs of the poet said: "at that time the situation is more creative, because no one minute can be wasted, that is the most vigorous creativity." Sobol said: in an important Jewish city art, at that time, extreme faced death people need a soul struggle, they cannot do physical struggle, even life deprived of the soul, the spirit is not deprived of, because they have their love of art.

Producer Wang Keran recalls watching the "Jewish" script, has been in tears, full of excitement. Greatness lies in his evaluation of the play: "it shows the extreme disaster under the background of people will take what kind of attitude in the face of death will die the survival time. The people choose to use art to express the life of noble and elegant, to cope with the dark and dirty cruel fate, and release their power. At first I thought it was to do a heroic drama how to face death, and Mr. Sobol was with the most simple language to tell us "what is life". The city never express tragic, it only expressed: what is life? How can the birth? I will try my best to do the film about the 'life' of the play, even in the face of all kinds of bad luck still born noble, because we are human beings."

As a famous movie star Liu Ye's wife, and a mother is love Ni Na and the Chinese are familiar with Anais Martin and the French artist, not only is a good photographer and musician, also came from a theatrical family, grew up in the theater, the stage performance as the dream of life. This will be her first appeared on the stage, as the "Jewish" Chinese version of the female star, and sang songs in the play. It is particularly worth mentioning is that Anna Ian Martin himself is a French Jewish, so she "Jewish" background and story has a special feeling, "Jewish city" script is she personally from Israel to Chinese, handed over to the central China theatrical producer Wang Keran.

It is reported that the "Jewish city" Chinese edition will also tour in the country's 12 city.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Run

Editor: TF017

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