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English opera "" Asian premiere use pain of cutting one's body of ancient musical instruments to create a "dark" atmosphere

2018-10-24 11:33 beijing evening news TF017

2012 years of French Provence - AIKE Music Festival, contemporary British composer George Benjamin "debut" pain of cutting one's body has great success. In the past six years, "continued" pain of cutting one's body more than 80 times, a whirlwind swept Europe and America major music festivals and famous opera, contemporary classical music is undoubtedly the "phenomenal" opera. Last night (October 23rd), the twenty-first Beijing International Music Festival finally this work will be brought to the poly theater. Conductor Lawrence Rhines leads Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, with soprano Georgia Jarman, baritone Jeremy Carpenter, countertenor Tim Meade five singers, presented "the Asian Premiere" pain of cutting one's body.

"Half the stage" more focus on the music itself

A theatre orchestra, and there is no scenery, six chairs placed in the seat in front of the podium by the orchestra, about five singers separated, only wearing a simple dress or skirt, everything looks identical with the concert; but in two each composed of three chairs to form a natural "space", the singer they walk through them, singing and playing, and the opera is very similar to the "" pain of cutting one's body presented to the audience, it is such a "half stage" version. "I've seen it three times" the stage "abroad" "from above can see the pain of cutting one's body, special preparation of the pit Orchestra, also can see their interaction with the actors on stage," with a sense of "the Beijing International Music Festival, art director Zou Shuang said," this time, we put the symphony orchestra the vitality brought to the stage, and singer let them interact directly, this is a very special experience."

"When we want to hear to come to Beijing to play, George Benjamin himself was put forward, hope to use 'half stage' form." This version of the director Benjamin Davis said, "of course, as a director, I hope that I can row" stage "version, but half the stage has its own unique, it can let the audience pay more attention to the music itself, but also for everyone to leave more room for imagination."

The use of ancient musical instruments to create a "dark" atmosphere

George Benjamin and Chinese began very early. The last century at the end of 70s, studying at the Paris School of music, George Benjamin and Chen Qigang are the famous composer Mei Xi'an students. In 1993, Chen Qigang invited George Benjamin to Shanghai and Beijing as a translator for his lectures. In 2012, the fifteenth session of the Beijing International Music Festival, George Benjamin also directed the London Sinfonietta playing one of his works "into the hills". Now, "" pain of cutting one's body back after six years of the Beijing International Music Festival, the pure "half stage" in the form of visible George Benjamin insisted, confidence in the works.

"" pain of cutting one's body about the ancient and grotesque story: the cruel landlord (Guardian) invited a young artist (boy) in the home to write a book, he has never felt love, has been regarded as the "property" of his wife Agnes is addicted to the boy's talent, the two quickly fell in love river. Guardian of rage killed the boy, ripping out his heart to feed Agnes. When Agnes learned the truth always obey the weak, she told the guardian, no more than her at the moment to eat the heart "delicious" food, the boy to her love will never fade from the memory of her hair. The remainder of horror, Agnes despair and resolute resistance like the dawn of the dawn, in the shadow of the cast a light.

"Legend" is inspired by the pain of cutting one's body in thirteenth Century, it is belong to the Bard's. A fantasy stories are included in the book has spread since the middle ages, the page gorgeous mystery fascinated George Benjamin, "I want to show the picture in medieval music in the colorful and beautiful, so I used a lot of timbre." George Benjamin has been exploring the potential of musical love. In his music, string shrill noise, the roar of a brass. Compared to other opera "," music pain of cutting one's body is a bit weird, but just with wins in the story of "dark" temperament perfect fit. George Benjamin also hired two ancient musical instruments - the cello and the famous scientist Benjamin Franklin invented friction idiophone glass harmonica, this also is the important reason for the half of the stage ". When the story forward to "eat heart" paragraph, in the play station near the mouth of the virtuoso Friedrich Heinrich Kern wet fingers, rub the glass harp sound, the music of ethereal distant make this gloomy atmosphere more push layer.

Martin Klip wrote the lyrics "" pain of cutting one's body with the same beautiful strange music. "Martin's works have been known as dark and violent, his words are very strange," George Benjamin said, in the numerous writers, he met screenwriter, Martin Klip is that he hit it off, "in fact, this is not my usual style of music, but our cooperation is very smooth." Martin Klip has used many wonderful metaphor in the play, for example, he will Agnes's neck as "Amethyst", "golden eye to a dotted blue iris", for the heavy and bloody tone to create a romantic and beautiful reverie. In addition, Martin Klip also introduced three stories from time to time to sit on the sidelines, a comment "angel", in the show, the three stars are often out of character to comment on his speech and behavior. This arrangement is not deliberately asked the audience into a sense, while retaining the original emotion story conflict at the same time, reduce the impact caused by the audience spirit as much as possible.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Gao Qian

Editor: TF017

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