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Beijing 452 bus trip to work an average of 18 minutes in a public air in half an hour

2018-10-24 11:25 beijing evening news TF0328

In the cold for a half an hour, but the bus did not come, this is the 452 road passengers trouble.

Recently, many people reflect, from the bus station to send Lugu 452 bus departure interval is too long to xiaoyueyuan small, every evening peak passengers have to wait a long time. Now the weather is getting cold, long time outdoor waiting people increasingly too much, we hope that the 452 road to a reasonable allocation of vehicles, reduce the waiting time of passengers.

The passengers reflect

The bus less waiting time

Mr. Shaw often take the 452 bus travel. "Arguably every evening peak, each bus line will increase the capacity to shorten the departure time, 452 Road, on the contrary, the waiting time bujianfanzeng. The other bus all walk several vehicles, 452 road is a slowly home, the longest time to wait more than 20 minutes."

"I stood waiting on the west side of Yuquanlu Road, this is the 452 Road station second, and only 1.5 km away from the station, so the waiting time and the road traffic situation is not too large." Mr. Shaw analysis.

Field experience

The car to an average of 18 points interval

4:30 yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Yuquanlu Road West Bus station. The reporter found in the observation field for nearly two hours, compared with the other line at the same station, 452 Road station interval was a lot of long trips are also not much. From 4:35 to 6 points 05 points in the 1.5 hour, 452 a total of 5 vehicles through respectively at 4:35, 5:02, 5:12, 5:35 and 6:05 five docked at the station, the average waiting time of 18 minutes. 5:12, three car 452 Lu Zha stack station, a total of three cars equipped with less than 10 passengers, causing a big waste of capacity.

It is because of the departure interval length, vehicle frequency instability, on the platform waiting passengers was more than 30 people, the tail even lined up on the road, the impact of road traffic, passengers are not safe. In an interview with reporters, a traffic platform on the guide told reporters that it is difficult to grasp the 452 bus departure time, only more luck.

look into the causes

There is no uniform grid scheduling

With passengers reflect and field observation of doubt, reporters to the 452 road team in-depth understanding of the situation. The team staff explained, 452 road bus station does not have its own fleet of 30000 scheduling personnel, so the vehicle returned from xiaoyueyuan small, when to start and there is no unified scheduling. "Generally there is a bus to turn back, but considering the actual conditions, the existence of no car or more cars at the same starting situation."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF0328

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