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"Zhengyang door small woman" "bull God" into the Qianmen Street Hao Jinming is a typical Beijing uncle

2018-10-24 11:29 beijing evening news TF017

In the emotional drama "reform and opening up of Zhengyang to celebrate the 40th anniversary door small woman" is Beijing TV hit. The day before, Beijing TV play "series of activities in the community have a joyous gathering" with "little woman" in Zhengyang under general producer and "Niu Ye" actor Hao Jinming, Xu Jingli Wu Xiaoyu walked into the front door of the street, to share the experience of creation and exchange of creative experiences with the audience, talk about the story behind the scenes.

"Little woman" in Zhengyang under Hao Jinming as executive producer and director Liu Jiacheng once again following the "Zhengyang cooperation under the door", this work led the audience into the warm inspirational little life, a female entrepreneur sour, sweet, bitter, hot heart. The community activities of an admission, Hao Jinming used a kind of "old good sisters! My good buddy!" Close the distance with the audience. In life, Hao Jinming is a native of the old people in Beijing, the big front door has a special meaning for him. Asked why would choose to "Zhengyang" in this series, he said with emotion: "I love Beijing, I walk the alley, the stone didn't break my foot, I feel uncomfortable, as saying" jiangutou "in Beijing. I am familiar with the extent of the alley, is closed to go back, so in love with Beijing at the same time, I think I'm going to do a show in Beijing, the result is the "Zhengyang door" to do it, get your love." He revealed to the audience, because the "little woman" in Zhengyang under the door hit, "Zhengyang series" third in wildly beating gongs and drums for.

As the tavern happened many main plot, entrusted with numerous old people in Beijing. When asked about the tavern in mind, Hao Jinming said: "the pub is a large community, is an old Beijing emotional exchange window, regardless of status, regardless of social class can sit chatting place." Hao Jinming said: "now the city of Beijing has a lot of restaurants, hotels, the western style bar show exotic, many exotic, but pure old Beijing tavern could not find, I think through this drama for the young generation to show our pub culture."

Hao Jinming and the Zhengyang gate fate more than that, in the first part of the "Zhengyang" under the door he starred in "Uncle" in the corner ", a small woman in Zhengyang under the door" he again appeared in Huangchenggen a typical Beijing under the old man "Niu Ye", he said: "Beijing there are five people who first integrity, and loyalty; second; third Juqi; fourth heroic; fifth is domineering, cattle man with these qualities. Old Beijing every piece with his leader, everyone respects him, because his work rules, a Juqi, everybody will respect him, he is the epitome of a typical Beijing uncle."

As a native of the "Beijing girl", Wu Xiaoyu who will address him by kindness, bluntly he walked in the front door as if to return to the home alley. In the "Zhengyang a young woman", she plays Jiang Wenli and Ni Dahong's daughter, Xu Jingli, and brave, gentle and kind, not only inherits a mother Xu Huizhen atmosphere chipper, and their stubborn and adhere to. Talked about his first met Xu Jingli feelings, Wu said: "I Xiaoyu itself is the alley girl who grew up in Xuanwu, primary school in the west, high school, junior high school in the East Beijing II, is a particularly authentic Beijing girl, so can in" Zhengyang door young woman ". I am very happy." In order to make more accurate interpretation of female entrepreneurship of reform and opening up under the role of Xu Jingli, she looked at a lot of information, serious work attitude by director Liu Jiacheng repeatedly praise, Hao Jinming also said: "this child has a big mouth to play, the play is particularly touching, when I sit beside the cut of the film look back to cry." Although this role has not yet appeared, but the audience said, is looking forward to the "tenacity" of a girl.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qiu Wei

Editor: TF017

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