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Large chorus "golden time" season will be broadcast on foreign youth

2018-10-24 11:41 beijing evening news TF017

Large chorus "golden time" season will be broadcast on the science channel BTV on November 3rd, the show "sing classic, Yi Fang Hua, expresses lofty sentiments, the spectrum of glory" as the theme, the song tells the story behind the Republic age youth, and their contribution in the forty years of reform and opening up to the country's.

The "golden time" is the Beijing science TV program center to create special "gift of 40 years of reform and opening up" series, more than 20 choirs more than 1600 Choir lovers to participate in the program recording. The chorus is a creative team drawn from more than 7000 elderly in Beijing area amateur chorus. The old scientist has an octogenarian chorus in the new Chinese at the time of the establishment of the first batch of diplomats, nine year old veterans of the New Fourth Army, the first new China old athletes, coaches, old world champion, from all walks of life old comrades witnessed the motherland, they have contributed to national construction of youth sweat and ability and cleverness.

In order to get their songs and stories to the audience, "golden time" program of the creative team take singing and combination of said, will be singing the story behind the singers, the feelings expressed by singing through the studio "collective interactive interviews" speak out, not only to bring the audience to enjoy the beauty, but also stimulate the singer and the audience of patriotism. Old comrades "golden time" in the "chorus Troupe", many old comrades of them are singing "Long March songs" the Chinese song "snow white," sings the Red Army Long March spirit to overcome all difficulties. See when Premier Zhou Enlai on the "Long March suite" education and care the old actor Comrade Ma Ziyue, tearful secret they sang "Long March songs" the untold story in deathbed Premier zhou.

The old scientist Chinese academy Choir "of Wang Guangfu, the scene in the program revealed that he participated in the" China's first atomic bomb explosion in many of the details of work ". Nano scientist Jiang Zhicheng places a "Nessun DORMA" tenor, showing the old scientist's music culture. In addition, the "iron Beijing Women's chorus of" the old train station, the conductor in the program to record the scene to change a ticket, about Chinese railway from green cars passenger to the high-speed rail development process. Their song "Sky Road" also the scene the audience back to the train running in the moving scene of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. The "golden time" copy from rolia process of each program recorded in the scene.

Program director Zheng Xin told reporters that the "golden time" first season although only 17, but from the planning of research and development to recording has been completed after a year's time. Through in-depth research, he found that the elderly chorus groups, is not only fun, it is the dissemination of mainstream values, is an important carrier of energy "". Through television amplifies the "carrier", better dissemination of mainstream culture and mainstream values, is the TV as a mainstream media to do. The program group also invited DeYiShuangXin old artists to participate in the program, and their role in the program is "green", with the chorus of the old Comrades interaction, to recall the history and development of the 40th anniversary Republic of China's reform and opening up development achievements.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qiu Wei

Editor: TF017

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